March 30th at 11:44:39 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, we are in perfect alignment of the New Moon.   Joined at the Hip, the Sun and Moon both are at 9 degrees 58 minutes in travel through the zodiac sign of Aries.  They conjunct Uranus, Oppose planet Earth in Libra, and square with both Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.    This forms a Cardinal Grand Cross, though many Astrologers do not look at the planet Earth as an active quality.  Being encouraged by inspiration of the Divine Feminine, I look deeply into the gift of Earth being a major player in our galaxy and a receiver and actor of the energy with all arcing vibrations of other planets.  A Cardinal Grand Cross provides an energy that challenges us to get going and move forward in our life quest.  It stirs the “initiator,” and provides the assertive energy needed to achieve goals.  Tension is a key word…the tension that is necessary to motivate us when we seem to be trying to quit or carry the lack of urgency.  We need the tension and hope it does not turn into agitation and impatience.  This Grand Cross is so apropos to the Aries quality of “Get Going and Move toward a desired goal.”  The Power of the Earth in Libra lends to the review of relationships that help or deflect our movement toward the goal.  Please read the New Moon Letter to glean awareness of the power of relationships:

Looking further within the cosmic field, we can continue to recognize the Power of the Great Changes that are occurring by looking at the Laws of the Universe being activated through this Grand Square and the T-Square that we have been following with Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn and both squaring the field of Uranus in Aries which is conjunct the Moon and Sun in Aries.  The laws we notice are:

Moon – Law of Wisdom

Sun – Law of Regeneration

Uranus – Law of Love

Aries – Law of Worldly Development

Jupiter – Law of Contraction/Expansion

Cancer – Law of Containment

Pluto – Law of Soul Evolution

Capricorn – Law of Living

And honoring the Grand Square with Earth involved:

Libra – Law of Cause and Effect.

Earth – Law of Completion

We can actually follow each law and reveal a mystical vibration taking place in our galaxy and effecting each of us.  Through wisdom we are regenerating our understanding of love and developing our world in that love.  We can contain the love by contracting into our inner self and expanding the wisdom from within to our outer reality of Earthly living.  This then, assists the power of causal energy to effect a completion of our intentions.  May they be the Intentions of balance, harmony, peace and above all, love.

The Sabian message of the Moon/Sun conjunction is “A man teaching new forms for old symbols.”  Ah, this in itself is an edict for our New World Consciousness.  It is time for us to review and transform the wisdom of the symbols.  Mastering the wisdom of symbols is a great work that each individual can endeavor to do.  It is the seeking of new ways of communicating the deep and sacred wisdom within symbols that have been with us since the beginning of time.  Perhaps they have lost their resplendence because of overuse of our usual language.  With this new moon, we can see we can take up the challenge and learn to look at our ancients symbols with a new eye and a refreshing quality of mastering our awareness at the deeper levels of our I Am Presence.

Helping in the heavens are the other planets at work in their radiance of energy.  Mars is retrograde in Libra.  This retrograde field allows for the warrior energy of Mars to slow down and consider what is aiding or abating the balance and harmony in relationships, particularly worldly relationships as Mars arcs light to Venus in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces.  To Venus Mars sends a message to form the power of graceful relationships with groups as She instills love, worthiness and resourcefulness.  To Neptune, Mars stirs a minor challenge of questioning purpose for the greater whole.  It asks of humanity to feel before taking action of any sort so the right quality of Life can be sorted out and reversals can take place that may be needed to create the true wholeness that humanity seeks to know and live by in the Evolution of Oneness that our New World calls us to honor.

Mercury in Pisces  will help us remain mentally alert to the holistic call of Source.  Mercury connect with Chiron in Pisces who lends a gift of remembering how to heal and to recognize the consequences of war that hampers the creative power and challenges the healing power of everyone.  Mercury forms and energy of inspiration and grace to Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio.  With Jupiter, Mercury inspires the benevolence and honor of our foundations of life.  With Saturn Mercury encourages the ideas and ideals that help old structures implode and explode for the greater good.  Mercury and Saturn form energetic patterns of light to Pluto in Capricorn opening the doorway of opportunities to be explored for the greater good in dynamic, world-wide changes.  They call for new world laws that will seek the power of Grace to unfold the potentials of all souls living through a human experience.

How are you feeling and responding to the influence of cosmic energy?  How are you participating in Sacred Intentions to live up to the challenges that call for new directions to create the harmony, peace and love for All?

Warm blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light