At 11:56:48 Pacific Daylight Time, the Sun and the Earth join forces at 28 Degrees 25 minutes of Aries.  They are in the last field of this Zodiac Sign and ushering a boost of energy to charge into Taurus and begin cultivating and nurturing the desires of your soul.

This degree of Aries has a special Sabian Message to pay attention to, “A Celestial Choir Singing.”  Perhaps, if we open our heart-ears, we can hear the Cherubim singing a song of our soul.  They call us to live in higher awareness of our purpose on Earth.   Our gift is to listen, respond through positive action, and allow Divine Influence to guide every step we take.

As we have this vital push of Aries to guide us to cultivate the I AM purpose within our very soul, we can realize that we have the Hand of God/Goddess to help.  The Cosmic alignment does present a Yod in the arc of lights as Saturn and the Universal North Node produce the energy of opportunity as both focus on the field of the Moon/Sun conjunction as the Point of the Yod stimulates power of the Sun and Moon.  Yes, we must be willing to hear the inner voice of the North Node in Libra in retrograde and the voice of Saturn in Sagittarius, also in retrograde.  The North Node will guide the cosmic influence of right relationships, and Saturn will guide the stability to reach ever higher into our intentions.  It is most definitely a push to truly “Go for the Goal.”  Yet without the inner voice as guidance, or the willingness to hear the Celestial Choir, we may falter and live in fear of what statute of rulings we must following to obtain the higher goal we carry.  Perhaps a little agitation might help.

Mars (the ruler of Aries) in Taurus, is in a square-off with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Leo.  Hopefully, Taurus will only slow Mars down enough to take heed of the course one has to follow to achieve the quest of their soul desire.  May the stubbornness of Taurus not influence the weak link of Mars (to quit when the going gets rough).  Let this squaring be the agitation that is the “wake-up” call to follow the voice of your soul (Taurus), clean up the fears (Mars), join the forces of Self Dominion (Leo) and expand out into the world with your highest intentions intact (Jupiter).

Other irritants that might poke our awareness is Mercury squaring up with Jupiter, Venus squaring up with Neptune and opposing Saturn, and the continuing influence of Uranus squaring off (though distancing) Pluto.  Mercury in Taurus will be reminding everyone to think clearly and with good details before acting impulsively (Jupiter in Leo).  Venus in Gemini, will call forward creative thinking and will use the opposing energy of Saturn to make sure illusionary states of Neptune don’t get in the way.  However, that Venus/Saturn opposition may create a fear of the leadership of others, the patriarchal attitudes of limitations, and the concerns that risk taking may cause a greater lack.  Of course, Uranus will attempt to sway the Leap of Faith, while Plutonia may push us the bottom of fear that we will not have control of the outcome.  Be damn, the outcome of fear….take the Leap of Faith and Trust the higher power within.  It is time to truly cultivate our soul calling…don’t hesitate and let the cosmic help guide the world into Divine Right Action.

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