….From My Soapbox

New Moon is exact at 6:51:36 p.m. MDT on September 6th.  The Moon joins the Sun at 14 Degrees 38 minutes in the sign of Virgo.  It is moving on the downside of the mountain, we might say, of this sign as it enters the last 15 degrees.  We can carry the wisdom we have been gathering and use it, hopefully with some ease.  

We have five major planets and Chiron in Retrograde, another call is occurring to enter within ourselves.  Slight indications of Fall are being noted in some areas across the Northern Hemisphere and Fall always reminds us of endings and finding quiet time.  Although some of the planets are sending challenging signals, right now there is ease with the outer planets, to some degree.  Even the Mars challenge with Neptune is separating and reducing tension; as is Venus’ square to Pluto.  Take heed while you can and allow inner reflection to be used with some calmness rather than tough emotional upheaval.  Just before the Full Moon this month Mercury, in Libra, is going to enter its Shadow Period on September 19 as it prepares to go Retrograde on September 28 – Oct 19.  The shadow period will be felt once it turns direct again, and that second effect won’t end until November 3rd.  Time to tend to thinking and speaking, particularly in relationships.  Also time to watch the realm of Justice–will it prevail or not?

Let me dive more into the New Moon chart and what it has to offer, allowing us to pay attention and plant seeds for further development of our goals for this next month.  Of course, our awareness turns to Virgo.  This great sign provides us the urge to clean up, focus on right food, health in all areas, and to realize how we are in such a stage of cooperation that we serve all life.  

The Sun and Moon lead the way in Virgo.  The Sabian message is, “An ornamental handkerchief.”   Beauty and refinement is presented and something else as well.  Such a presentation also reveals one who may have rank in society and therefore power.  However, it may be used to hide one’s face; a coverup if you will.  Virgo is a sign of refinement and thus, how are we refining the way we are living with the covering of our faces?  Will we allow it to be ornamental and reveal a refining attitude of health and healing?  Will we honor the gift of care and service for all?  Will we hide our faces in hopes we keep others from seeing our disdain for a world in shatter and breakage?  Always, the choice is ours, yet the Universe is asking for the refined energy and the higher ranking of consciousness that moves us into union rather than division.

Mercury can help us with union as it forms a long lasting alignment in Libra.  The New Moon is at 10 degrees 22 minutes in this sign.  It, as mentioned earlier, will move into the retrograde field, calling on all of us to reveal our relationship with “others” and how intimately and separately we remain committed to a higher level of expression.  Venus is also in Libra at New Moon and will call for transformations that require harmony in relationships.  

While Mercury will send an arcing light to Jupiter (retrograde in Aquarius)  that places stressful thoughts about how there is a greater good to occur amongst people, Venus is sending a positive arc of light bringing forth a contagious attitude of putting everyone at ease.  In fact, one who does display this attitude will show such enthusiasm it will be contagious.

Mercury may keep up the fight of trying to maintain separation as it opposes Chiron in Aries and the battle of who has the most intelligence, who has the most proof, who has the most….becomes the arguments.  Ah, let go of the arguments; they fulfill no one and do not create healing.  

Fortunately, Mercury sends light to Saturn (retrograde in Aquarius) and obtains a reasoning power to understand what is the greater good for all.  Common sense wins out, plans come together, and that Aquarian power meets the Libra power of how everyone is important; not just one faction over another.

With that, Mercury reaches into the North Moon Node (retrograde in Gemini) and opens to the higher order of communication where the Messages of the Universe flow with ease and the choices to be made are in rhythm with Cosmic Order (not just simply me vs you).

Looking back at the Sun and Moon in the healing and refining sign of Virgo we can see where their assisting energy is guiding the world as well.  They Trine (bring Grace) to the energy of Uranus (retrograde in Taurus).  I want to bring out the Universal Laws associated with these qualities.  The Universal Law of Love vibrates within Uranus and the Universal Law of Life Mastery vibrates within Taurus.  Thus, we can see both of these lights (Sun and Moon) are boosting the energy of the healing and refining energy of Virgo and activating the energy of unconditional love through the foundational earthy energy of Taurus where all who live on the earth can take up the intention to master life, develop confidence in the evolution of healing, and refine the consciousness of humanity.  

Mars is getting into the picture as it is at 24 degrees 41 minutes of Virgo and quite actively reminding all to move forward in the healing process.  Along with the Moon and Sun, all oppose Neptune in Pisces and are lending a message, “Don’t get stuck in illusion or the delusion that your desires, your needs, your wisdom, your….whatever, is the most important, or the only important information that the world needs.”  They are encouraging integration, not exclusivity nor living as the lowliest of the lowest.    In fact, all three are in a trine (Grace sending energy) with Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn.

As the trio send light to Pluto we are seeing even more of the message for everyone to honor their own distinguished nature and honor the distinguished nature of all others. It is time to apply our energy to the job at hand: transform, transmute, and transfigure (get to the Light of all).  We can be assertive, but assert our creative efforts to find a way to heal the imbalances from all directions by remembering: We all are the Divine embodied.  We all are a channel for the wisdom to flow through and be expressed.  We all are a ray of healing or destruction….we are the one who can choose and imbalance in our own mind-heart will not aid the healing and refinement that is called for now in the massive, or Great Transmutation, we are undergoing by the Mystery of the Universe.

The cosmic rays are helping us wake up.  The nice thing I see, at least until December, is that the nudging is a bit softer, the needles can be felt like the healing needles of an acupuncture session, and this month we can begin the descent knowing it is time to Fall into our inner being and do some soul searching.  When we search for the higher good for all, we will realize we are the healers and quit waiting for someone, some group, or something to create the healing of all that ails us.  Then we will work together, after all, we are creators creating.