At 9:11:48 pm MDT the second New Moon of July occurs.  It is called a Black Moon and yet the Sun and Moon are in the bright field of Leo.  But, what is so unique about a Black Moon?  When we truly realize what is occurring at any New Moon, we need to realize that the Moon is not able to reflect the Sun because the side of the Moon facing the Earth is not able to reflect any light at all and appears dark.  Two dark times (or New Moons) during the month stirs the emotions with mood swings.  In fact, we may feel a bit of the emotional, stormy turbulence of responding in frustration before realizing what or why we are reacting.  Thus, a Black Moon time calls us to enter the S.P.A for a while (Stop, Pause, and Allow).  In fact, we might even consider the greater blessing of the Black Moon as a time to simply reflect upon what we have experienced during the Month of July 2019 and note the good times, the challenging times, and of course (as always), what we have learned, earned and reaped. Then we can allow ourselves a day or two or three to pass in the New Moon Cycle before we plant thoughts- and feeling-seeds for what we would like to create during the lunar cycle of creative Leo.
Here are some of the energy alignments to contemplate during the lunar rays at New Moon.  The Moon and Sun align together at 8 Degrees 36 Minutes of Leo.  The Sabian Message reports, “Glass blowers shape with their breath glowing forms.”  It reveals an artist at work and Leo is a sign that stirs our artistic nature into action.  Of course, in this artistic nature one must be quite conscious for s/he is using intense heat.  The glass is manipulated from its hardened feature in to a pliable and fragile nature to skillfully be formed into a new shape that depicts the inner view the artists has seen and now brings to the eyes of everyone to admire.  The artist must remain in very steady focus and movement, breathing with clear conscious intention, making certain the infusion of air is so exact that the vision in her/his creative mind can be precisely duplicated in the finished product.  The challenge is not to blow it out of proportion.  Such is the same for each of us when we are creating—not to blow our ideas or visions out of proportion or to be tied to our frustrating self limitations that we loose the concentration necessary to bring about the finished product of our desires.  What energetic fields challenge us to be aware?
The Moon and Sun create an agitation as they square Uranus and oppose Earth.  Earth provides the essence to take it slow and be a bit methodical, yet be willing to learn how to perfect and achieve your goals.  Earth, at New Moon, is in Aquarius, and thus creates some ideals, inspirations of uniqueness, and the freedom to be our self in our creative expressions.  Nice.
Uranus is in the Earth sign of Taurus and is Squaring Earth as well (thus the Sun/Moon, Earth and Uranus are forming a bit of a T-Square) creating enough of an agitation to be a reminder to let our uniqueness form, but be steady as we use the inspiration, sure-footed and willing to work on our imperfections as perfect creative essences.
Mercury is sitting Stationary in Cancer on New Moon.  Sort of like being stuck, yet preparing to go back through its trail it traveled on in retrograde and head in the light of it direct movement.  Thus, we are called to be aware of our mental shifting for a while yet, and do let our mind settle into focus and function so our creative work can reach fruition.   Mercury is in a favorable arc of light with Neptune, Retrograde,  in Pisces, thus we continue to receive healing guidance, spiritual inspiration, and a higher order of creative imaginativeness to use.  As Mercury opposes Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn, we may question our stability for achieving our goals in the world of “others,” but do remember that Pluto truly is a helpmate in the realm of creative power once we get beyond ego need and enter the realm of soul desires.
Another creative motivator, Venus in Leo,  arcs in challenge with Uranus in Taurus.  If we start dwelling on the old thought patterns of “Am I really good enough?  Will I get anything out of this?  Will there be any monetary value?”  We will find our selves limiting our creative process.  We may blow our glass out of proportion or cause it to shatter and have to start over again.
Venus is having a Happy Dance with Chiron, retrograde in Aries.  This gift may cause everyone to “go for it” and realize the blessings of the God Chiron revealed the healing time created for him the realization of his mastery as a healer, a teacher, a master of all sciences.  What gift will we realize of our inner talents that we can bring to bear in the time of Leo…for Leo is the time of year when we have the first harvest of our lands.  Farms bring in the wheat and corn?  We are at the time to reap our first blessings of 2019 if we look around,  we will recognize what we are reaping (and perhaps it has been happening all year long).
Mars in Leo is doing a Happy Dance with Jupiter, retrograde in Sagittarius.   Opportunities to put our creative selves out in the world are afoot and ready to be expanded.  Mars is sending a little kick to Chiron, agitating the inner self to either take action or sit down and shut up if the voice of “I can’t” is in the way.
Jupiter is sending a huge agitation to Neptune, stirring the creative power to come out of the deep ocean and expand into the arena of action.  However, if not careful, it may pull up the wrath of irritation and agitation if we are not remaining in clarity, as the glass blower demonstrates.
Saturn, retrograde in Capricorn, sits right next to Pluto also retrograde in Capricorn, and together they keep asking the same old questions, do we  have everything we  need, are we putting together the right structure, are we remaining on task, are we leaving our ego at the door, will we celebrate all that we are doing with the rest of the world…..?  Well, are we, will we?
Neptune sends the arcing lights to Pluto that offers inspirational feelings that presents the spiritual opportunities to know exactly what to do to ground our creative blessings and put them to work.  Sweet blessings of Universal Consciousness reminding each soul of its gifts and unique qualities as a creator.  Are we listening?
Enjoy this creative month….be a great glass blower.