Cosmic Influence – New Moon August 30, 2019
Before the Sun rises at 4:37:01 a.m Mountain Daylight Time, the Sun and Moon conjoin in Virgo.  Mercury, Mars and Venus are all aligned with them.  That is half of the “planets” we honor in the zodiac system.  Phew!  It is clean up, shape, up, and reap what you have sown time!
Yes, we honor the cleanliness of Virgo and with this stellium, why not?  So, what area of your world needs the “fall cleaning?”  Clean up.  We also honor Virgo as the sign of health and healthy living.  Ah, what areas of health needs your attention?  Or, are you looking to the field of health and fitness as a field you want to work in?  Do something about it. Seems to me that this stellium will help us all put our keen mental abilities into the analytical process (Mercury/Virgo) and well as the creative Process (Venus/Virgo) and come up with practical solutions to take action in field of work we want to do, enhance, or expand into a more worthy adventure with this stellium.  We do need to be easy on our selves and not try to be a perfectionist.  I love using the words be the perfect imperfection for our journey in cultivating all that we do provides golden threads of trial and error that provides the greatest rewards in all of our achievements.
The Sabian Message of the Moon and Sun provide us a piece of wisdom to ponder as we set the field of another lunar month.  “A harem.”   Surely our minds enter the field of the Arab region of the desert with tents and women cloistered there.  These women were there protected from public exposure, taken care of, yet confined and isolated.  There appears to be safety and yet confinement.  Thus, we might consider how we confine ourselves yet think we are safe from view, judgment, and harassment of others.  Perhaps we are only fooling ourselves and need to use a bit of the Mars in Virgo and clean up our image of staying put and take some action to be the individual we are (Mars).    With Venus we may want to remove our veil and reveal our true self.
The Moon, Sun, Venus and Mars all arc a very positive light to Saturn (retrograde) in Capricorn offering a release from false perceptions of authority.  They also arch a positive light (including Mercury) to Uranus (retrograde) in Taurus, offering the freedom to make decisions of ones personal value and ability to come into the world with our own means and talents to be used to make our way through the pathways of our own choice.
As in all realities, challenges are presented so we cannot sit back and forget our own abilities and wait for someone else to “do it for us.”  Venus arc a great irritation to Jupiter in Sagittarius.   Perhaps this is the asking for help to remove the veil and understand what we must learn or where we need to travel to in order to gain the insights of our inner wisdom and tools to make it through the world with our strength and talents.
The Moon and Sun form irritating energy to Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn asking us to make sure that we can make that deeper change in our life, even if it means the change can and will shakeup others sharing life events with us.  It asks us to make sure we want to move from a job to a career level and change directions as to how we reveal ourselves in the world, make our income, and accept our success.
Saturn forms a union with Pluto, thus each help us review (they are in retrograde) our greater plan and simply make sure we are following the deeper truth, not just a whim, not just acting from outside irritants and reactions.  These fields of energy are helping us listens to irritants, question, observe, and work with the Neptune energy that they connect with easily to discover what our higher nature is guiding us to respond to in a gracious and compassionate way.
The Sun and Moon are arcing opposing energy to Neptune and thus an irritation that causes us to look, listen, feel and dig deeper.  What are we feeling?  What are we hearing?  What are we needing to do in order to allow this lunar cycle help us clean up, clear out, an allow clarity to let go and create something new…..hmm things to ponder before setting seeds for a new lunar cycle.