New Moon occurs at 5:05:13 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time.  The Moon and the Sun are hip-to-hip at 13 degrees and 24 minutes of Libra.  Mars is at 13 Degrees 58 Minutes and Mercury is at 20 Degrees 17 Minutes of Libra.  All are initiating a Grand Trine field of energy activating Jupiter in Aquarius and the Midheaven of Gemini in the Mountain Time Range.  It is considered an energy of Universal Grace and as Libra calls for Harmony, Justice, and Peace, may that energy spread across our world.

As we enter the New Moon we continue to experience five planets in retrograde, plus Chiron.  Pluto is at a standstill getting ready to go direct.  Phew!  Moving forward and slowly moving off its grip on my Sun Sign!  I am grateful.  It has been shaking my world in many ways.  Staying center has been more than a theme for me.  It has been necessary.

Well, let’s get into the helping and challenging ways the New Moon will help us develop our intentions throughout this lunar month.  Again, may I mention: Challenges do not have to mean a knockdown, drag you out of your harmony.  It is the energy that wakes all of us out of complacency and reminds us of the intentions we truly want to adhere to and create the best life we can have.

With that said, I will begin with the Moon, Sun, and Mars all revealing the energy of the same Sabian message as they stand in Libra at the same degree.    The Sabian statement is, “A noon siesta.”  Restfulness is obvious in this message.  Siestas are taken, especially during the heat of the day when it would be too hot to work.  One could overstress their body, harming their heart, and even their brains.  One is called to get under the coolness of a tree, drink water, and soak up any cool breezes available.  It is also a time when the bright sun can clearly show the vistas all around with the brilliance and clarity that helps one recognize all forms around them.  This truly is a reminder to sit back, observe, learn, and know consciously what you need to understand in order to cultivate your ideals for success.  The Moon will aid you in intuiting wisdom.  The Sun aids you in realizing it cognitively, and Mars aids you in moving forward with the Will to Be and the Will to Create.  All remind you to do it with balance and intent to maintain harmony; to be just in all you do, and to pause before making any rash decisions.

Mercury is also in Libra.  It is in a retrograde position, thus caution is presented.  It also enables you to stop, pause, and allow yourself to reconsider your decisions in order to make sure you are heading in the right direction.  However, it may also create a process of taking too long to think.  Changing your mind several times can create confusion for yourself and others.  Pay attention to your teeter tottering mind.

I mentioned a Grand Trine and how the stellium of planets in Libra initiated it.  The Moon, Sun, Mars, and Mercury arch a light to Jupiter, retrograde, in Aquarius.   As Jupiter carries within it the Law of Contraction and Expansion, in its Retrograde state it has contracted into the realm of Aquarius.  It is gathering the energy of new frequencies, humanitarian ideals, independent and unique traits that can be brought to humanity.  Thus, their call is to bring these qualities to others in such a way that they will be beneficial.  It is for the “we,” not simply the, “me.”  The stellium of planets in Libra and Jupiter then arc their lights to the Midheaven (again, that it is MDT) calling it to the highest state of awareness where it can be put to work for all to use.  May we all grasp it and realize the benefit is to communicate these qualities to all.  Let’s make goodness work for everyone!

The activity of Lights from the Stellium of Libra arches an agitating light to Mars in Scorpio.  They are using a prickly pinch to remind everyone to understand and honor worthiness, share it, and pull out of the darkness of fear, disease, death, and transformation.  Venus sits in conjunction with the South Moon Node, retrograde, in Sagittarius, and opposes the North Moon Node, retrograde in Gemini.  Venus is challenging everyone to open up and move to the cosmic rhythm of communication about the great changes, seeking to improve through the changes with love, compassion, and the power to achieve the healing necessary of mind, body, and spirit!  The time is now…not sometime in the future.  

The stellium is also sending a message to Uranus, retrograde in Taurus, and a message to Neptune, retrograde in Pisces.  These messages are hard to hear.  Uranus wants its way and stubbornness  can create a constant research for what already is known, but a stubborn mind, attitude, and opinion may cause a loss of clarity.  With Neptunian attitudes of being buried under the mire of false beliefs must be real, and I can’t go with anything else but what my additions believe, then the call for balance gets flipped into continued radical imbalances.

I can’t leave out the fact that the stellium of Libra opposes retrograde Chiron in Aries as well as Earth.  Oh darn.  The old wounds of early life memories may keep many trying to push for “self only.”  The same with the Earthly vibration which may keep sending the message of “hurry up” and stop the development that is good for the betterment of the whole.  In fact, the Sabian Symbol of Earth (in the perfect opposition of the Sun and Moon) states, “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.”   Ugh!  This is the symbol of many things: spiraling energy that may not be tamed; sexual energy (that is always awesome, if used wisely); shedding and transforming (also good); poisonous venom (not so good).  In opposition to the New Moon, it is a challenging energy field and calls on the “We or Me” processing.   With the quality of the Libra being the head of the month, the “We” message is the quality we all need to take to heart and utilize.

Saturn, retrograde in Uranus, reminds us how to be dedicated to seek the true meaning of being unique yet humanitarian.  Mercury, retrograde in Libra (and a part of the stellium) offers a trine (graceful and flowing energy) to Saturn.  This provides many thoughtful opportunities to assure the dedication, determination, and devotion to discover the unique and ideal ways to aid the foundation of humanity to work together to bring harmony to the society as a whole.

And, finally, may I speak of Pluto beginning its forward motion in Capricorn.  It will bring wisdom from the depth of the Earth that will aid in further revealing what is available for researchers to uncover what can create better healing methods.  It also will be teaching the new revelations of government order.  Be aware of how our spiritual languages about the dark field of creativity emerges.  (In fact, I am writing another book based on the wisdom learned in our annual workshop).  The realms of All Dimensions have much to share!