The Moon and Sun join together at 3:14:26 p.m. MDT on November 4th, just a few days after we have celebrated Samhain.  The Sun and Moon are at 12 degrees 40 minutes in the sign of Scorpio, Mars is 3 degrees 33 minutes in Scorpio as well.

As we enter this New Moon time, we still have Chiron, Neptune, and Uranus in retrograde.  However, I know many have been delighting in Mercury and Jupiter’s release from their retrograde position.  I have, for sure.  So, what do we have in the garden of planets that can inspire us to plant our seeds of desires in this dark month of Scorpio?

As we note in the Lunar and Solar degrees via the Sabian message, we discover, “A man handling baggage.”  As the degree message is also aligned with number 13, I find it auspicious with the alignment of Scorpio to the Tarot Card of Death and the WomanSpirit Card of Reed (both reminding us it is time to let go, be within the dark corridors of our inner self, and release to something more mysterious–our sacred nature).    So, with this message, it is time to contemplate how we are “handling our own baggage,” or do we try to let someone else handle our baggage.  Very appropriate this month.  It is time to seek what is in the luggage of our inner self.  Mars, such an active energy field (and the ancient ruler of Scorpio) can use the quality of willingness to go inside and clear out what is old and unusable.  In fact, Mars squares Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, agitating the emotional psyche waters creating a field that can shake us up and make us move to transform our reality.  Are you ready to get rid of the baggage?

Mercury is in Libra and will either help you keep calm and justify your thoughts, emotions and actions; or spin a bit more.  If it works in the spin reality, you won’t be able to decide if you want another person to take responsibility of your luggage or take on the essence of their baggage.  In fact, Venus may help this assistance of another as Mercury flows well with her in her final movement in Sagittarius, dreaming of greater romance and place to go with another rather than what you need to recognize (Venus semisquares the Sun and Moon) in deeper knowing and true feelings.  

Determination is quite necessary and Saturn in Aquarius just might help as it feels an agitation from the Moon, Sun, and Mars asking for the discipline (Saturn) to gain higher wisdom (Aquarius) in the deeper regions of the psyche (Scorpio).  Saturn creates an agitation to Uranus, retrograde in Taurus, and asks for the stubborn willingness to love the change at a higher capacity of consciousness and mastery.  We can do this!  We do not need our old baggage.

Jupiter in Aquarius provides the Grace of higher consciousness as Mercury taps on it to ignite some help as well.  If listening, Jupiter will widen any gap in consciousness to help us seek the higher knowledge of the Mind of the Divine from within us.

The Sun and Moon will also be sending higher vibrations to Neptune, kindling soul wisdom for clearing old memories and revealing the most sacred regions of consciousness we all have.

Chiron, retrograde in Aries, will be feeling the agitation of Jupiter reminding us that the old wounds of self limitation can be released, but we have to listen and not ignore the message.  Saturn will be arcing energy to Chiron as well with more opportunistic qualities of showing new ways to take charge of ourselves.     

Yes!  We can do this!  All we need is Attention to our Intention!