At 4:52:28 a.m. we enter the New Moon with a Solar Eclipse.  That is, of course, Mountain Daylight Time.  The Moon and Sun will be at 19 degrees 47 minutes in the stars of Gemini; and not yet over the horizon.  Mercury is just ahead of them at 20 degrees 41 minutes, but Retrograde.  Slowing us down, just a bit. 

As I view the chart I also notice that Jupiter is not arching lights with any other planet, thus bouncing energy wildly.  Noel Tyl would call that a “renegade” planet.  I will speak a bit more on Jupiter in Pisces later in this article.

First, let’s look at the quality of the Solar Eclipse and the Sabian message of the Sun and Moon.  The Solar Eclipse, and for that matter, the Lunar Eclipse we experienced at Full Moon on May 26th,  are impactful to our psyche.  They are revealers of 19-year cycles.  Thus, look back at 1983 and 2002 and what occurred for you.  The strength of these cycles have encouraged major changes through endings (1983 lunar eclipse) and entering into new beginnings we may not even have planned for (2002).  Those years were very important to me.  The year 1983 brought the death of my father and the entrance of the most sacred teacher, Malachi, into my life.  The year 2002, began a series of new beginnings in the way I taught and brought wisdom beyond my normal circle of California, circuits of talking to large groups in other states,  and into the realm of 15-years of teaching in Texas.  Amazing changes, growth, rewards, and personal evolution enhanced my life and I pray, others as well.  What are you aware of that occurred as endings (easy or disturbing) that you are seeing from the lunar eclipse (sometimes not even recognizable for 6 months)?  We are now about to experience the Solar Eclipse at New Moon and new adventures are lining up.  Take a deep breath and seek the Inner Solar Light to direct the positive outcome.  This may be apparent within the first two weeks after the Solar Eclipse; and yet, may not show up, fully, for another year.

What may the Sabian message offer to aid our journey?  “A cafeteria.”  Many choices come to mind immediately, a symbol of Gemini.  However, this is also a message of efficiency, warmth, communion, and creative genius!  To place many varieties of food in a cafeteria for choice to those who want to eat is obvious. However, there must be efficiency to keep some food warm, some cold, and some at room temp (such as breads or condiments).  There must be utensils that are appropriate for each type of food to eat, as well.  The color, aromas, and placement of the food must be done to entice the eater (creative genius).  As people gather round to eat, they come into the moments of sharing (breaking bread together), talking about their day, life, plans for the future, perhaps (choices, as well).  We see this “spread” as a wonderful place and time for opportunities to be considered.  Awesome message when we have a Solar Eclipse enticing us to consider the Inner Solar Light revealing what is next on the menu of our soul.

The Sun and Moon are meeting Mercury, retrograde in Gemini.  Mercury is in a reflective mood, calling us within to seek the Inner Solar Light for higher wisdom, if we allow our mind to settle down rather than spin.  Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces who sends opportunistic signals to Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn.  What do these three planets offer in the inner communication portal of wisdom?  Mercury may stir confusion in the agitation of Neptune’s deep psyche and cause us to enter states of delusional beliefs of old familiar addictions or behavioral patterns.  Neptune might ask for the help of deeper darkness to remind us, the seeker, how  best to “behave” from the old directions of  dogmatic lessons of childhood.  Yet, if we pause and allow our mental essence to turn more to the Divine Truth, Neptune can lead us to the One Truth.  Pluto can lead us to the deepest and greatest wisdom of soul evolution, and the power of our inner labor will bring improvement to our outer reality.  This will aid the promise of the Solar Eclipse: To start fresh in a new reality.

The Solar Eclipse is near, but not right on, the North Moon Node.  There is a nine degree difference.  However, close enough to realize that this destiny point is being stirred.  The North Moon Node is in Gemini and does ask us to listen to the communication of our Soul and the Inner Solar Light (Divine Self).  It calls for us to move forward in our rightful discernment and make the choices that will enhance the next 19 years (at least).  It also asks us to take bold action and speak up with a proactive intent that stirs our inner rebel to go in the direction our soul intends, rather than being stuck by the bondage of old beliefs.

I mentioned Jupiter earlier in this article.  It is moving through the sky with no energy flashing  at another planet or being received by another planet.  Renegade, as I called it, can cause a bit of havoc, or be in the field of vulnerability.  Why vulnerable?  Without the light of another planet, it can feel like there is no support or guidance.  With nowhere to let its light aspect with another planet, it can also feel insecure, left out, a bit woeful.  At first experience with Jupiter in Pisces, we might feel like we are swimming in the vast ocean without a life jacket, no raft nearby, and no shoreline in sight.  Oh, my, disconcerting for sure.  There is a saving grace within this connection, however.  If we use the wisdom of Jupiter in Pisces and our spiritual wisdom, we can survive this challenging energy in the midst of an eclipse.  Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, thus, it is comfortable in this sign.  Jupiter looks like it is on fire by scientists.  Its moon, IO, is fiery.  Thus, it can be seen as an element of fire (though in water, it is watery).  But let’s use this fiery nature in the water of Pisces.  Together, Jupiter with Pisces, they work with the power of Alchemy, the great transmuting field of consciousness.  When in the position of no contact with another planet, then Jupiter must enter the field of transmutation.  Perfect!  We are moving through the time frame of eclipses and the Solar Eclipse asks for new beginnings and Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius (where the South Moon Node resides and is activated by the North Moon Node at the New Moon/Solar Eclipse).  Jupiter has a “deep dive” to do in the Piscean field.  Let it not be disturbed by other plants or disturb others right now.  Let it enter that ocean of consciousness and soak up the wisdom.  When it is ready to connect with other planets, it will be radiating a field of knowledge untouched, and thus without other influence that would disturb the pure knowledge of the Holy One.  It can then, benevolently, expand that knowledge and we can receive it with pure Grace.  By 1:25 p.m MDT, June 10th, Jupiter will receive an arc of light from the Moon giving it the first opportunity to shed some wisdom from the expansive consciousness it is beginning to rise out of (one cannot stay in the depth of the ocean for too long).

Venus in Cancer is arcing light to Uranus in Taurus.  They are having a pleasant conversation about opportunities to help stir our creative processes to discover enterprises that can present financial outcomes.  Venus is shining a light to Chiron in Aries to make sure no old wounds of limitation are not still agitating us, but rather leading us to using our creations to aid others.  Saturn, retrograde in Aquarius, is reminding Uranus to use greater wisdom to understand if the business plan will work for the greater good of humanity.   Saturn is also having a very nice talk with Chiron revealing the opportunities that can occur if we don’t rush into or through doors that appear to be opportunities, but may truly only be diversions.  

Thus, this New Moon/Solar Eclipse time is full of new beginnings, yet not without the Stop, Pause, and Allow (SPA) we can give ourselves.  This enables us to review and observe what might work for the greater good of ourselves and the world.