Cosmic Influence – New Moon Sept 9, 2018

Before I go further, I would like to offer some insight for all readers. I have been educated in the use of standard astrology as well as esoteric/mystical astrology and have a doctorate degree in Holistic Astrology. Over the years of training (through both the human realm and the spiritual realm), I have gleaned the greater wisdom of teaching and sharing through the mystical wisdom path. Thus, you often see me write the Cosmic Influence column in this way. It is my mission to stir our conscious mind to seek and know the deeper and sacred wisdom we carry within. May it stir you and perhaps create more inner questioning for the pathway of your self-actualization to open to your higher nature of self-realization. Please know I honor all forms of Astrology and there are many using the standard teachings to aid us in gathering the more mystical wisdom within us. I learn much from their commentaries also. Enjoy my assessments and capture the spirit of the wisdom.
Mid-day on September 9th we are in the time frame of the New Moon. In Mountain Time it is exact at 12:01:22 pm. The Moon and Sun are joined perfectly together at seventeen degrees zero minutes of Virgo. They are under the spell of the second ruler of Virgo, Saturn. Saturn is also in an earth sign (Capricorn), thus allow all of us to use the power to be dedicated to health, service, and achievements at our highest order for a more harmonious life.
Although I see challenges on the chart of the New Moon, I see a blessings of Grace with a Grand Earth Trine. Mercury, also in Virgo, arcs the initiation of the Grand Trine. The light streams to Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus (Rx) in Taurus. Saturn sends a positively opportunity-filled energy to Uranus. I will speak more on this in a paragraphs at the end.
Of course, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus are still in retrograde motion. All of these call us to heal, not only our personal self, but the waves of energy that are emotions, thoughts, and ideas throughout our Earth World.
With Chiron (the wounded healer) at zero degrees 43 minutes in Aries, it is the clarion call to gather what we are learning from our deeper reviews and begin to see the greater vision so we may take action on all levels to heal our world of bullying, injustices, and malpractice in areas from our governments through our corporations, and right through all individuals. Chiron honors dual laws of the universe: The Law of Change and the Law of Destiny. The Law of Change offers us the doorway to heal: The perpetual quality of changing allows growth and evolution to bring about something new and different. In the stages of Universal change, evolution of the micro existence of life seeks it macro expression. Every soul is seeded with the readiness to alter or modify existence so it may experience what the Divine is constantly offering: the beauty of the tapestry of heaven and earth as an interwoven reality. The Law of Destiny offers: Encoded in every organism, from soul dust to quarks, cells and organs, is the motivational intelligence that incites growth and the raising of consciousness until the individual state reaches the rekindling of what is: Totality. Every soul carries the matrix of this destiny.
Pluto carries the Law of Soul Evolution within its frequency. As it resides in the sign of Capricorn, we see it provides the mystery of evolving the soul of our worldly structures. Again, our governments, our corporations, our own businesses, and more. Quite interesting is the fact that the Natal chart of the U.S. has Pluto in Capricorn. All that we see going on right now in our country is a call for dramatic, deep and abiding change. Pluto may take us to the darkest region of who we are as a people within this country and government we have created, but overall, as it takes us to our darkest point we carry the potential of birthing the Light of are True Nature. We are required to remain conscious and not simply let the unconscious flow of a collective field make the choices for us. This produces our social need to be alert and make the right changes for the Greater Good and the Greater Whole.
Neptune resides in Pisces. Whether working with Standard Astrology or Spiritual Astrology we all agree on the greater wisdom of this pair: It calls us all into the realm of Oneness and the sacred wisdom of the Divine within. It also carries the representation of Undoing our Own Self and falling into illusion, delusion, and the drugs that numb our ability to see truth, know truth, and live truth. Neptune challenges the Moon and Sun to look at the rocking horse of these two sides. Will we heal (Virgo) or will we slide into the realms of unconscious living (Pisces) and ignore the clarion call to rise into higher wisdom on this Earth (Grand Trine)? As always, each of us have Free Will and Choice….what is your choice?
As we uncover the power of the Earth Grand Tine we can move into an insight to contemplate. Mercury, as noted above, initiates this Grace given blessing of the Divine. Mercury is the voice of the Divine calling us to our healing and wholeness, as well as our service to all (Virgo). The Voice (Sound and Light of the Universe) brings the grace of wisdom to Saturn in Capricorn (no longer retrograde) and encourages a walk up the hill again to reach a higher order of wisdom, governance, and honor. Mercury’s voice calls out to Uranus in Taurus (still retrograde), asking that we slow down our actions long enough to determine what true organization we want to encourage. Uranus vibrates at a higher order of Mercury for humanity, calling on all to reach beyond limited beliefs and honor the uniqueness of everyone’s expressions. As it is the higher essence of Mercury, it thus sings the song of harmony and love to be expressed through humanitarian living. It calls everyone to understand and grow in the wisdom that all people are Divine Expressions and the sooner we can move in compassionate detachment through the agency of Love for All, we can cultivate, grow and master life in Oneness rather than the constant opinionated attitudes of one person, group, or government being better than another. Idealistic? Ah, sure. The Ideal of the Universe? YES! Let’s do it. Saturn sends an arc of light to Uranus sharing the vibration of willingness to breakdown the old structures and align in the new. It offers as well as receives opportunities that bring the greater positive possibilities to the forefront. May we all hold our eyes in the stead of the Universal Eye and see the Greater Good through the Greater Power of Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration. It is all within this trine!
Blessings as you contemplate this wisdom!