As the afternoon takes charge, 12:26:14 p.m. MDT to be exact, the New Moon occurs.  The Sun and Moon are conjoined at 5 degrees 20 minutes of Libra.  The sign of relationships also has Venus and Mercury flowing through its zodiac pattern.  I pray they all bring inspirational energy for loving and thoughtful consideration into all relationships.
As we look at the Sabian message connected to the Moon and Sun, we uncover wisdom within the universe for us to use.  “The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized.”  The power of focus is called for in order for the truest desires to be manifest.  To have this occur, we must be willing to be thoroughly intimate within our own self.  Our mind and heart must form an authentic union.  Then the most positive qualities of the sum of two conditions can occur and the greatest ideals come to fruition.
Oh with this New Moon activation, we are not without challenges.  The Moon and the Sun oppose the wounded healer, Chiron who is nestled in a retrograde position (until December 24th) within Aries.  “Poor me” is the lamentation, as we may declare “He or a she does not understand me, and continues to criticize me and fight my very existence.” (Mars in Virgo is also opposing Chiron).  With challenges, it is a bit hard to crystallizes our ideals and recognize the abundance of worthiness that is all around.
Instead of calming down and redirecting the challenging attitude of old wounds, we may find ourselves impulsively acting out with opinionated attitudes that flush out greater imbalances.  However, we will not quite understand how or why it is occurring as the Sun and Moon form a qinqunx to Uranus, retrograde in Taurus.  The agitation is at such a level, no one hears or understands each other. The two year old child comes out within all of us and we stamp our feet and declare no one likes us or “I’m not going to be your friend any more.”
May we feel the action of the peacekeeper Venus in Libra spark the benevolent energy of Jupiter in Sagittarius as they meet in a sextile…an energy of agreement, encouragement,  and harmony.  May Grace come into action and the state of war within our minds and emotions calm.  Her energy will move the Jupiter field before stirring a challenge with Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn (no longer retrograde) is willing to climb the mountain to the next level of achievement (but may just do it alone).  Neptune (in retrograde until November 28th), may instigate an illusionary belief system to navigate an old, negative memory. Pluto (in retrograde until October 4th) in Capricorn may remind us that we are not yet finished with an old grudge and the deepest wounds of harm.  We are called to be mindful and join the peacekeeper and the benevolent energy so we do not get caught in the old ways of reacting and believing in the wounds rather than the ability to create our inner balance and outer reflection of a more positive way of living.  (Be sure to read the New Moon Letter within the website)
May you find many ways to create harmony, positive relationships with your inner self and all people around you, and may this month be all about your ideals truly being crystallized in the fashion of positive expressions being manifest.