Before many have awoken, the Moon and Sun will conjoin at 5:00:03 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time.  They will align in Virgo at exactly 25 degrees 0 Minutes.  The Earth will be in Pisces at 25 Degrees 0 Minutes.  With this Earth and Water energy (Moon and Virgo, Earth and Pisces), will we be feeling a nurturing event, will water flow on the Earth to aid the fires?  Will the Sun and Moon (Fire and Water) Temper the challenges?  I cannot answer those questions, but I pose them for all of us to ponder, or perhaps bring to bear as an image to allow the 25th degree of Virgo to draw on the energy of Venus (The Law of Creative Imagine and the Law of Attraction) to be activated.  Why?  Because Venus rules the last 10 degrees of the sign of Virgo.

Venus also rides in Leo in the House of Pisces at this early time in the morning (at least in Mountain Time).  Neptune, of course, continues to reign in its own sign and is the owner of the 12th house.   It is in retrograde passing through the field of Pisces.  This all feels like a stirring of creative qualities if we choose to use the blessings to go inward with a realistic (Virgo) Eye (Sun) and intuitive feelings (Moon), to discover more of what our Inner Planes of consciousness can provide.  Then the creative Venus aligned in the creative energy of Leo can take a lead and help us all move into the greater undercurrent that the Universe is stirring (vs the fear and darkness we can get caught in).

Before I get ahead of myself, I will do a review of the Sabian messages.  The Moon and Sun alignment reveals, “A boy with a censor.”  Imagine this boy walking in a temple, or simply walking around you.  As the incense is released through the smoke, its aroma is an element of clearing, purifying the air, purifying thoughts, and purifying attitudes to prepare for Divine Consciousness to emerge.  Of course, incense stimulates our olfactory system.  Odors present us with an opportunity to “recall.”  Generally, when a censor has been used in sacred ceremonies, we remember to relax into our inner being, move into devotional attitudes, and our emotional senses are filled with sacredness.  

The Sabian message of Earth in Pisces is, “A New Moon that divides its Influence.”  How appropriate this statement is on New Moon.  Care must be taken that we maintain an awareness that division is not an act of detriment.  This phrase simply reveals that each individual has their own perception of what is and   how life unfolds (as the moon unfolds in its passageway between the Sun and Earth).  Each phase of the moon offers every person a different idea for the use of universal energy and the inspiration that may come at New Moon as we recall what our sacred awareness provides and can be honored and cultivated within our own Earthly Element (Our human temple).   As we feel the great ebb and flow (Pisces, the Great Ocean) of Divine influence guiding us, what will we release through our inner knowing (Moon) and bring it to light (Sun) and activate it in our daily activities (Virgo)?

Mercury has journeyed well into Libra by New Moon (17 Degrees 27 Minutes) and our thoughts may be focused on the power of Justice and Harmony.  Ah, but Mercury is challenging Jupiter and Pluto, reversed,  in Capricorn (oh that field of Governmental systems, career, and our reputation), creating agitations of thoughts that must be reconsidered from the realm of old memories (Mercury is sending a light to the field of Neptune and thus Earth in Pisces) asking for the review; yet the energy is weak and may not be felt or heard.  Jupiter will aid the challenge as it sends a softer energy to Neptune as though to say, “There is an opportunity for us to dive in and bring out the wisdom.  Since Pluto is aligned with Jupiter, and Saturn, also retrograde, all aligned with Pluto in Capricorn, they too send this friendly message to Neptune, and thus Earth.  It is as though they are calling for assistance from the universe in a gentler way so the scales are not horrifically tilted.  However, they do have a challenging arch of light coming from Mars, retrograde, in Aries.

The Warrior energy is standing strong in the court of “Me,” (Aries), not quite hearing the wisdom of the Moon and Sun in Virgo who are sending the weaker message of “Please listen to reason and the Way to Heal.”  With the retrograde essence holding the Mars energy back into a review process, the “way to heal,” may be heard or felt. 

Since Venus is not arcing energy towards Mars, but vibrating graceful energy toward the wounded healer, Chiron, who is also retrograde in Aries, the deeper feeling to enter the energy of healing the old, letting go of the victim emotions (Mars/Aries), hope exists that the fundamental value of self will emerge.  Healing can resume, worthiness can be felt, and the rebel can turn to a greater healer.  I make that statement because Venus is sending a very challenging call to Uranus, retrograde in Taurus.  A call to enter the realm of healing through the fine art of creating something new in one’s own life in order to change the view of all of humanity as One Family and the Heal All gift of wisdom can emerge…for now it is rather hidden and inactivated. 

The Moon and Sun are vibrating the agitational energy toward Uranus also, (retrograde in Taurus), while Earth is sending a minor agitation, as well.  Are they calling on Uranus to wake up to the greater message it carries to honor all of Humanity, Bring forth the Power of Universal Love, and get it cultivated (Taurus) in the land of cultivation, commerce, and worthiness?  

Ah, it seems the vibrations of this lunar cycle are calling us inward with all of the retrogrades, so we may review the power of justice, independence, governing, healing, freedom, and the discipline necessary to make the greater changes for an evolution that brings us to a higher order as human beings with a distinct intelligent consciousness.  See if you can match all the retrogrades used in that very long sentence.  

Of course, we remain on the imperative watch of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in the realm of Capricorn.  The jostling of governments, corporations, courts of law, all laws for that matter, the breakdown of so many structures, etc., continues.  Deep within I know it is a clearing and opening as we traverse the dark corridors of mind, body, soul, and ultimately spirit.  I, along with all of you, pray for the blessing of the Light and the Heal All Grace that will emerge within us.  But we must harvest it from within our very own beings.  May it be so!

Plant your seeds of review the true nurture of you to heal and review your sacred intentions for the good of self so the good of all can prevail.  Remember, “Healer Heal Thyself”  for in doing so, then, and only then, are we able to aid another.