The Moon and Sun form their union at 9:45:45 pm MDT on October 8th. Pluto has just left its retrograde motion and now travels, ever so slowly, back to the point it started when it began reversing vibrations in our psyche. We’ve had time to review and reconsider our passion in our work, wisdom of our own reputation to reveal our integrity, and review the purpose and changes needed in governmental processes. We have had the chance to look at how willing we are to be disciplined in our search for meaning, fulfilling the cleanup and heading in new directions, and how to deal with the nagging voice inside that keeps asking us if we are doing things effectively and on time. Whew! Time to move on.
Well, of course, Uranus is still in retrograde now in Taurus, keeping our highfalutin thoughts at bay. This is a time to review and restructure the new avenues of our life before we leap into thinking we got everything strait and ready to step into action. We need to rest in our will to cultivate and earn what we desire through our inner intentions and outer actions. It is still the time to reflect on how we are using our higher mind, thus greater intelligence (intuition and logic used together).
Venus is traveling through Scorpio, but now in retrograde. We must stop and think of what bothers us in our relationships, in our ability to know our creative process is valuable, and not be jealous of another. We must look at the way we process our money. It is also a time when we must review any relationship that has pillaged our psyche and be willing to dig down deep within to choose to make the changes necessary to free ourselves. In retrograde, we are cautioned not to jump deep into a heart-and-soul union with another. Stop, Pause, and use thinking and feeling to decipher truth before taking any leap into any relationship; and truly into anything. Be smart, be deep in awareness, and be truthful to yourself.
Chiron is still in retrograde moving through Pisces. Along with Venus and Uranus, we are given plenty of time to search, seek truth, and heal. Neptune, also flowing through Pisces, is still in retrograde as well, calling us deeper into the psyche to discover our truth or our states of illusion and delusion.
Truth be known, the New Moon chart reveals a lot of energy that will prick us like pesky needles we can’t release, quite strongly challenge us to make changes we have been avoiding, and stimulate the ability to do so by using the retrogrades as the Prescription (Rx) to heal. Our thoughts need to move into balance and harmony with self and others (Mercury in Libra). We do that by examining our inner feelings and outer actions.
Saturn in Capricorn sends a flow of arcing lights of grace to Uranus in Taurus, calling for us to calm down and not to rush. We are to review the basic power of grounding our wisdom. Then we can use the knowledge, not just think we “got it.”
Mars is flowing quite nicely through Aquarius, keeping up the pattern to go forward, take action, and perhaps be involved in the intention to fight for a just cause. Venus in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius, thus sending the agitation to the world to look into the dark corners before making judgments and then move forward with the truth. Mars is receiving the guidance and grace to do that through the lights arcing from the Sun and Moon in Libra!
Yes, the Moon and Sun are halfway through Libra, calling for justice, asking that we make the transmutation in our world as it challenges Pluto in Capricorn. Will we change our personal reality as well as our worldly reality? Will we use the power of Pluto to dig into the darkness and pull out the inner truth? This is a call for us individually, and with Pluto being a planet that activates generations as a whole, our world.
“A boat landing washed away,” is the Sabian symbol message of the Sun and Moon in Libra. Sounds pretty challenging. If the landing is not there to secure the boat of humanity, then we are afloat in the unending regions of challenge. We are afloat in the ocean of disputes (Neptune retrograde in Pisces is being challenged by the Sun and Moon), and perhaps in illusion or delusion about what we are doing personally (Libra) and as a whole collective group of human beings (Neptune/Pisces).
We do have a choice and it must come by way of our thinking (Mercury in Libra). We need to form a relationship (Libra) with our mind (Mercury) and choose to think about two sides of a situation with clarity (Libra Mercury). Libra calls on Justice, Fairness, and Equality. Are we addressing that with ourselves, others, and the world? Are we seeking harmony? Are we desiring to make a difference in our world? It is up to us. This theme, in the vibration of the universe through the emanating lights of the stars above, is calling us to attention and giving us help! However, we need to grasp it in the dark of our unawareness (Jupiter in Scorpio).