Cosmic Influence  – October 27, 2019
In the shadows of the evening, 9:28:20 pm Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon and Sun join hip-to-hip in the dark sign of Scorpio.  Yet is it such a dark sign?  It is a sign that rules our psyche and the underground of the Great Mysteries.  Riding ahead of the Sun and Moon are Venus and Mercury as they cross the plain of the Vertex in Scorpio.  They are the Way Showers calling us to join forces together and use our curious minds to seek more wisdom of the great and prolific powers within us.
As always, the Sun, and thus with the Moon at its hip, both oppose the Earth.  Yet they oppose the great freedom giver, Uranus who rides in a retrograde motion in Taurus.  “Pause,” they all say, “Look within, discover more, uncover your truth, lead yourself out of the jail of emotional terror, and enter the land of your true and passionate soul-self.”
The Sabian message of the Sun and Moon reports, “A massive rocky shore.”  Sounds a bit ominous as you are connected to land and water and not easy to traverse.  Will you slip and fall into the water?  Will the rocks give way to the ever eroding effects of the waves?  One must be more aware of the moment, not the past; not the old, long gone, realities.  The creative mind must surface in order to make our way across the rocky processes of our life, our emotions, and our unconscious.
As I noted, Mercury and Venus are moving ahead of the Moon and Sun.  Mercury provides a light of awareness as we dip into the inner places of our self.  It offers the ability to do the research of our inner self and ferret out the attitudes and beliefs that may frighten us and keep us from moving forward or deeper for the place of true healing.  Venus, who does not really like to be in the field of Scorpio, nonetheless can help with the essence of passion, love and purpose to evaluate the value we have of our self as we dive into our inner being and find our true talents and share them with others without fear.   Together, they can open the doors in the dark corridor that help us move into the field of our soul and its intention to evolve through our life.  Always important is to remember that our soul wants to be successful, creative, interactive, purposeful, creative, in love and loving, and so much more.  These two qualities are willing to help us find all of the qualities as we dance into the New Moon of Scorpio and plant seeds for discovering the powerful mystery within us.
The Vertex in Scorpio becomes important to talk about this month.  It rides in conjunction with Venus and Mercury.  It will intensify our experiences.  We surely will have profound experiences and if we set our circles of intentions for seeding the New Moon with our desires to unfold, this prolific and productive energy will help us go into the mystical depths of our self.  From those depths, we enter the field of fantastic possibilities.  It is a time to use our voices to produce the resonance of your soul intention and let it reverberate throughout your entire being.  This powerful field of energy can stir destiny your soul desires to bring forward.  That destiny may be healing of all levels, it may be a course of desires you want to fulfill in your career, relationship(s), a home you desire to acquire, etc.   This vibration of light is in a very positive flow with the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto who continues its ride in Capricorn.  Again, I mention, Pluto carries the universal law of Soul evolution and we all know the Capricorn energy is a vibration to achievement!  Thus, this field of the New Moon, the Vertex, and Pluto gives a power to activate a vital essence of soul movement and intentions!  I say, do ceremony, keep your mind (Mercury) and emotions (Venus) on track with passion, purpose and poise to achieve!
Plant those seeds.
With the Sun and Moon opposite Uranus, retrograde in Taurus, you won’t have the chance to just skip into the unknown without and ability to be resourceful.  The challenge is a good challenge.  It keeps a power of leaping with knowing rather than leaping into an event with fears intact that may be the leader.  We have the ability to think, feel, and respond to a higher reality of our soul voice guiding us.
Ah, I think I will leave the cosmic wisdom at this point.  It is rich enough to work with on your New Moon time.  Enjoy, be blessed, and fear nothing of the darkness.  It is filled with the fertilizer that nurtures your next soul adventure.