The Moon and Sun meet at 23 degrees 53 Minutes in Libra at 1:30:54 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.  Mercury, as all likely know, is retrograde in Scorpio and began its descent into its shadow October 7th .  It went fully retrograde on October 13th, moves direct on November 13, but actually will not leave its shadow path until November 17th.  It is a long time in the realm of Scorpio in a reversed mode.  We can choose to use this as a time to delve deeper into our psyche and tap into soul consciousness, or dip into crazy-making mental-emotional challenges.   I encourage you to read the New Moon Letter of Reed for more soul awareness in the constant evolution of consciousness.

Perhaps the Sabian symbol of the Moon and Sun can help us stay alert.  It offers this advice, “A third wing on the left side of a butterfly.”  Ah, something unusual that draws our attention.  As it is the left side…it is a call to our inner self, our intuitive qualities, and, perhaps viewing from our “third” eye.  This can aid us in being aware of our inner wisdom, and to be guided by spiritual impressions that we know is “unusual” to our cognitive consciousness.

We do have a new moon of agitations that call us to attention as the Moon and Sun activate challenges to Mars retrograde in Aries as well as to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn (all direct).  Libra, of course, calls us to justice, harmony, and peace.  Capricorn calls us to see this in our careers, corporations, and government.  Aries reminds us to realize what our own self is doing with the essence and energy of this awareness.  The agitational energy will keep reminding us to pay attention to how we are following through or ignoring the message.  It all is telling us to stay alert, seek to understand that we cannot remain in the same crystallized preservation that Capricorn might want.  Mars is calling for a “break free” as it  squares the Trio in Capricorn focused on Jupiter. The Sun and Moon in Libra call on justice, mercy, inner wisdom, and guidance by the heavenly light of the Solar Consciousness to align in harmony for all.  Again, all form these energies in agitational modes, not sweet soft fields of light.  They are keeping us awake and alert.

Uranus, the freedom maker, is slowed down and retrograde in Taurus.  Mercury is “hollering at it” as it is sending the teeter-tottering effect of an opposition.  In fact, it may be calling on Uranus to sink further into the soil of earthly Taurus, so it may enter the shelter of the Underworld with Mercury (Scorpio) and discover the soul purpose of this great change we are called to undergo.  

Venus is riding through Virgo and sending positive energy to Jupiter in Capricorn, reminding it to expand the greater wisdom of truth, service, and wholeness.  She is calling on right imagination to create the new and healthier realities for humanity.  With Venus’s talent for putting others at ease, she will aid the natural enthusiasm of jovial Jupiter to reach into society and discover how positivity can be contagious in the world of darkness and change when change is arguing “I can’t, don’t make me!”

Venus is also sending a challenging, quite irritating, vibration to Neptune in Pisces as they oscillate on the teeter-totter of polarities as well.  “Don’t fall into the darkness of Poseidon,” she calls, “or you will enter the realms of illusion, destroy your world, and continue unhealthy realties.  Wake up and let the quaking of the underworld rise up in the greater changes…for in the moment of change the image of the new world is seen, known, felt and developed.  Rise up!  The Sacred changes await the human conduit to release the old for the new to be.”