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Cosmic Influence – New Moon – November 7, 2018

The New Moon begins to embrace our psyche on November 7, 2018 at 9:01:56 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. When I first saw the chart, I realized that the Sacred Geometry of a Kite was visible. What does a Kite mean? It is a vibrational invitation for our souls to soar via the grace given by the Universe. Obviously, I think we should take note on New Moon and honor the power of the blessings that I can share in this note.
A Kite comprises a Grand Trine (Trine is 120 degrees of arching light from one planet to another; a Grand Trine forms a union with 3 planets or other components all connecting via the 120 degrees) that also connects two of the “actors” of the heavenly stars with one more component via a sextile (60 degrees of energy forming the union). The vibrational effect offers the free flight of our soul as it responds to Higher Consciousness. Creative energy and creative potentials are activated. This vibration does release the realization within us that we can do more with our talents. This Grand Trine is considered minor since it is composed of one planet activating arcs of light to a Vertex in Cancer conjunct the North Moon Node and these arcing lights two Chiron in Pisces (Rx), thus forming the Grand Trine. Jupiter and Chiron arc the lights of a sextile to the South Moon Node, thus creating the tip of a geometric figure that looks like a Kite.
What then is being called into our attention? Jupiter is at a prominent degree of 29 degrees 48 minutes with Scorpio, preparing to leave the dark spaces where grasping wisdom of our deeper unconscious has been occurring. As Jupiter is moving toward Sagittarius, the expansion of light is occurring and what we have learned from within our deeper self we can now use in ways that encourage our highest and best use of wisdom. As Jupiter arcs to the Vertex in Cancer, we remain in the blessings (or challenges) of emotional learning around our family and what, perhaps, has been hidden until now. It is an energy field that helps us grow in compassion and artistry that is encouraged by our soul to bring it forward. (People who do have planets at 29 degrees 48 minutes, or within two degrees back or forward, will quite likely feel the messages of the Grand Trine.)
We also must note the blessings of the North Moon Node that is conjunct the vertex. It resides in Leo (Rx) whose vibration in retrograde is showing that we are still reviewing our creative powers being learned in the realm of Cancer from our family and our own intuitive processes. It is encouraging us to take Self Dominion so we live our talents and not those that may have been dictated by family, social expectations from teachers and peers, and those who simply appear as the director of our attributes that will be used in our life. We are called to claim what we know!
Chiron is also influenced by Jupiter in Scorpio, thus completing the formation of the Water Grand Trine, that is on the edge of alchemical changes (Jupiter is Fire in a water sign of Scorpio; and we see the Water and Fire connection of the conjunction of the Vertex in Cancer and North Node in Fire). This is a valuable message to all of us for we are going through the alchemical changes within our psyche! I always ask myself, “How am I responding to the wisdom?”
Chiron and Jupiter radiate their arcing lights to the South Moon Node in the realm of Aquarius! Freedom to be our true self with wisdom we already know (South Moon Node). As it is in the transpersonal field of Aquarius, it is best to realize that our freedom is given when we are connected to our Soul and the realm of True Spirit. When we are connected, the gift of the kite provides the flight of our soul as it responds to the Higher Consciousness of the Divine Mind and releases creative potentials that we may only have dreamed of many times, yet did not manifest. Now is the time to bring it all to fruition.
Now let’s look at the Sun and Moon both joined at the hip at 15 degrees 11 minutes of Scorpio. Energy of Light (Sun) and Darkness (Moon) join our consciousness to our inner wisdom. We may feel the intense need to truly act upon what we have been learning from our deep psyche. It is time to ultimately clear the shadows of our emotional selves. Is it to use the creative power that is hidden in a field of a creative force that is quite similar to a black hole? Is it to truly gather the wisdom of our soul and live it with the verve and power with all intentions of challenges and rewards without labeling ourselves good our bad? Well, how about a bit of all of it?
The Sabian Message may give us some wisdom of how to use the vibrational exchange of the Sun and Moon. “A girls face breaking into a smile,” seems quite appropriate. For just as we are coming out of the shadows and into the light of higher wisdom I quite imagine smiles are imminent. Finally out of the discontent, we come forward with what we have learned and are breaking ground for new developments. From the mysterious realms of the darkness we learn and bring forth mystical wisdom (Scorpio). The Moon gives us the feeling and intuitive qualities to be used as the Sun brings it to our conscious Mind-Heart and together they release the joy of comprehension and use of the knowledge gained. We smile because we know we have “broken a spell” of the saboteur!
Ah, there is more to share as the planets give way their light source. Mercury is in Sagittarius at the time of the New Moon. Squaring Neptune in Pisces, it has us questioning what we are learning in the depths of our unconscious. In fact, it will call us to note our illusions or delusions vs clarity in our intuitive wisdom. Further, Mercury is on a track to call us deeper within as this wonderful challenger will enter a retrograde period quite soon. November 18th is the note of Mercury retrograde. However, several days before we enter the shadow quality of the retrograde (often more challenging than the retrograde itself) will occur. Mercury’s moment of retrograde is 13 degrees 25 minutes of Sagittarius. As it apparently moves backward, it enters the realm of Scorpio, thus drawing our minds right into the realm of the caverns of our unconscious and helping us with the review of what we have cleared, learned, and will use from the ancient wisdom of the mysteries of the Universe. Mercury will be in this retrograde process until December 7th. However, the shadow effect (adjusting within the energy of change) continues until December 24th when the Light of Mercury is right at the same place in Sagittarius when it went retrograde. I’m sure you all know that it is important to “double” think before you act while Mercury is Rx.
Venus is retrograde in Libra (Oct 5 through Nov 16), still asking us to be aware of what we are learning in all our relationships and to realize we will take what we learn during this time and use it for at least 18 months before Venus move into another retrograde cycle. Yes, Venus may shake up relationships, particularly our intimate relationships (Libra). However, at New Moon she is arching energy to Mars in Aquarius with a Trine (nice), to the Vertex in Cancer with a square (yuk, challenges), and opposing Uranus in Aries (oh, flip-flopping challenges), and squaring the North and South Moon Node (oh, oh, Soul challenging). What is see in this configuration is a deep look at our self, our needs and our awareness of how we relate. With the squares and opposition, we are surely questioning our position in relationships that are most intimate, our friends, and our family, and more deeper yet, our soul. We may feel we need some freedom (Uranus in Aries as well as Mars in Aquarius). In fact, we need a reconsideration of how we do honor our self in all relationships and how we honor others. We need to tame our lower ego so we are not in the stream of judgment, but the stream of learning. Then we won’t destabilize good relationships (including that with our soul). Or, we can see what relationships truly need to be harmonized and realize that change is for the best of all concerned.
Uranus is retrograde in Aries, thus giving us the power to slow down and review our intentions and allow ourselves to transform the structures of our impressions that have held us prisoners of our own belief in who we are. The blessings will continue with the wounded part of our self we note with Chiron retrograde in Pisces and Neptune retrograde in Neptune, as well as the North and South Moon Node in retrograde. These are all blessings of review that allow us to seek the higher wisdom, come to a true inner balance of care, concern and love, and release our personal harmony into the world of others.
Our disciplinary planet, Saturn in Capricorn, sends grace to Uranus, allowing the flow of stamina that will guide us through our true inner review. Then, we will have the strength to climb the mountain of a new reality of how we relate publically and privately with others.
Pluto in Capricorn is receiving lights of grace from the Moon and Sun, thus aiding the deeper transmutations to occur in our personal life and in our world.
May the signature of this New Moon create the soaring consciousness of the souls of humanity reaching much more of the creative and loving nurturing for all!