At 8:05:28 a.m. Mountain Standard Time, the Moon and Sun join together at 4 degrees 3 minutes of Sagittarius.  Across the time zones of Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern of the United States, I notice that within the astrological wheel the Moon and Sun come together in the 12th house.  This feels very significant to me.  The Piscean house and Sagittarius energy stir the fire and water of the alchemist and the sacred spirit of Oneness.  I recognize it is the alchemistry of Spirit and I pray the Spirit of Humanity is aroused to move to a state of presenting blessings to all, good acts seen, and benevolence known.  I pray that the secrets of our higher essence is brought forward and we have intense and passionate feelings that guide our actions into loving harmony.
The New Moon is just a couple of days before Thanksgiving and thus some of what I see is both positive and challenging as we meet in groups (family or otherwise).  Keep in mind, we don’t have to create dysfunction and the power of the Sagittarian and Piscean energy fields can be used for loving kindness, illusionary battles, or, the continual struggles of the past.
What more might this New Moon stimulate within our ability to respond to the essence of the Universe?  First, remember this: The Universe created the stars and planets as radiant lights and vibrations that can give us support and guidance.  However, we can use it or ignore it.  We can grasp it, or pass it by.  To know of the potential that is before us provides us the ability to give attention to the energy and choose to invite its gifts, use the vibrations, or transform the challenges by deflecting them with our highest intentions intact.  As I look at the rays of energy passing between planets and star formations we call the zodiac system, I find more challenges than I find the ease.  Therefore, our attention is called to the forefront.  To be a successful alchemist, attention is very necessary.
Let’s begin with the Moon and Sun, the Sabian Message and then how they are arching challenging and positive energy through the sky patterns.  The Sabian message gives us this insight, “An Owl up in a Tree.”  One of my power animals.  I love the concept of how this plays out with the Moon and Sun in Sagittarius in the 12th house.  An owl so often represents wisdom and is nocturnal, giving power to the Moon.  The Moon presents the inner power of our intuitive/psychic wisdom and, thus, so does the Owl.  Up in a Tree presents a “higher” view which is also given to the power of the Sun.  In the Sabian message, the passage indicates an established and stable branch of the tree, as well as the ability for an all-seeing (or panoramic) vision.  As I’ve noted the arching energy of challenges at New Moon, I recognize the importance for all of us to reach into our higher mind, establish a stable point, and keep a broader view of all that takes place this month.  With such a view, we are less likely to become the judge (Sagittarius) and condemn what is occurring.  We are less likely to see from the eyes of illusion (Piscean house) and dip into negative influences consciously or unconsciously. In fact, we will come from benevolence (Sagittarius) and compassion (Piscean house) and present pure love from our sacred heart of intent.
The arcing lights of the Moon and the Sun first connect with Saturn (leaving Mercury who is out of it retrograde position, Venus, and Mars to interact with other planets).  The connection to Saturn is via a minor irritation, like gnats or flies bugging us.  Saturn, of course, is passing through its most comfortable energy, Capricorn and trying to send out warning notes, disciplinarian messages, and awareness of how to align in dignity while we  are out in our every-day world.  The Moon and Sun are calling on a release of rigidity and to allow ourselves a bit more freedom so we can open our mind and heart to deeper awareness from within and perhaps the world.   As Saturn activates a connection to Neptune in Pisces (who is stationary on this day and getting ready to head out of its retrograde position and into a favorable flow), a positive effect can occur unless we get stuck in the realms of the old beliefs that may possibly be distorted memories appearing real.
The Moon and Sun make a connection with Uranus that does not lend a great power of release because the minor arc of lights is a quincunx….energy that makes it difficult to feel, hear, or understand.  With Uranus retrograde in Taurus, we may truly get stuck in illusion and the false belief that the past is our leader, guiding our unworthiness, which we may give a greater hold, and our family is to blame.
Oh, my…don’t give that old info power.  You are the strength, your are the wise one, and your are your own freedom maker.  Stand strong in your mastery (even if you think it is only minor mastery).  Get up into the power of Self Love and let your Solar Light shine and your Inner Light guide you.
Fortunately, we have further energy of the Sun and Moon to help us dig out of the old stuff.  They are radiating the flow of Grace in the energy of ease, harmony, and opportunities, toward Chiron (a minor planet), retrograde in Aries.  This will assist the grace of calm when irritation wants to rise and communication seems to be heading toward an argument.  In fact, the Sabian message of Chiron provides a hint of what can occur, “A comedian entertaining the group.”  We may have the gift of entertaining family, friends, and others to soothe communication challenges and guide the energy toward healing.  One piece of advice, if you are the family comedian who has done that all your life to escape from challenges….don’t be that person….you only continue to aid the dysfunction.  Let it come from another.  But do remember that Chiron is the power to heal the old wounds and direct the healing of the moment.  Within the essence of Aries, it can be done quickly if we are aligned with our higher mind (Sun) and our inner wisdom (Moon).  As noted further in this write-up, Chiron is challenged by Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter…so attention is needed.
Let’s look at Mercury.  It is in the realm of Scorpion still as we enter the field of the New Moon.  Deep thinking, inner and thought provoking awareness is the key for using Mercury in this sign.  It is sending irritating vibrations (the gnat/fly event) to Venus who is at 0 degrees 45 Minutes of Capricorn.  This prominent degree calls on Venus to stand strong, energy of worthiness to come forward, and to relate to others in a practical yet meaningful way.  Mercury will be asking for deeper insights than Venus may want to provide.  Relating to others may be a push and pull during this holiday month, and this will be supported by Mercury’s gnat event to Jupiter as well.
Jupiter is in its own sign at 28 degrees 38 Minutes Sagittarius.  It is may provide the gift of going within and gathering some insights, but as it is in its final stages of its movement through Sagittarius (it will be moving into Capricorn December 3).  More of a philosophical nature will be used.  We may find our minds in search for greater meaning and that can be great.  However, with the irritating activity of Mercury wanting us to go into the deeper psyche (Scorpio) after just coming out of Scorpio events, we may not like that.  We might want to use Jupiter’s powerful rays activating Uranus in the arc of Grace to seek the opportunities to reveal the Just realities of our life with all who have challenged us and move on into more positive expressions as a human community than stuck in the dark memories.
Mercury, if listening to the greater arc of lights from Jupiter, will more likely use its own energy arching Grace towards the ruler of Pisces, Neptune (remember Neptune is stationary), and call for the thoughtful presence of recognizing the karmic wisdom of all life, whether with family, friends, peers, etc.  We are all in this together and we are causal being in thought and feeling…thus have the power to direct more thoughtful and intelligent directions toward benevolence for all.
Mercury may have one more stickler from another minor agitating field it arcs toward Chiron Retrograde in Aries….just wanting to make sure there is not one more argument to make toward the wrong-maker of the wounds.  Well, review the wounds if need be, but heal them, don’t tear into them again.
Venus may help in the healing as She conjuncts Jupiter.   Venus in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius, the courtroom, the judge, and the law all come together.  May the ruling within all of us be, I and You are important because We make up the Wholeness of the Holy One.  Every aspect of life is very important and all are healed through compassion, unconditional love, and an understanding that faltering seems to be the playground of duality in which we live.  Let us make Whole.
Venus sends rays of greater agitation to Chiron asking for the deeper healing of anger through right justice, right ruling, and right alignment with worthiness and love.  May it be so.
Mars gets in the action of arcing lights from its field of Scorpio.  Its intensity is strong as it opposes Uranus in Taurus.  Will it light the flames of deep anger or the curative power that stirs Life Mastery within everyone?  Will it call on the Freedom of Self Love to open the prolific doorway of Love for All?  I must say, it is up to each of us to use the energy for the higher purpose or we will discover the Fight and Flight routine.
Saturn’s rays of light arch sweet blessings of flow to Neptune as it stirs the qualities of Pluto siting side-by-side it.  Staunch responsibility to the nature of all life is called forth.  Remembering the Sacred wisdom of Oneness and the perpetual intelligence of this knowing within each soul, these three planets work together to call on the greater purpose of this month.  Remember, we are One Family and gratitude for all brings honor, love, and humanities recall to serve one another, for in doing so, we serve the Divine.
Happy Thanksgiving to all in America.  Peace to All around the Earth.