Cosmic Influence – New Moon November 14, 2020

In the dark of night, 10:07:02 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, the Moon joins the Sun at 23 degrees 7 minutes of Scorpio.  Mercury is at 5 degrees 6 minutes in Scorpio moving direct, but still not reaching the point where it turned retrograde (which was 11 degrees 35 minutes in Scorpio).  Thus, we might still be unfocused.  We are called to think and feel before we react.

The Sabian message of the Moon and Sun, “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man,” carries a very interesting synergy to the aftermath of our voting.  We are not going to the top of the mountain to listen to a Master.  We are coming down to listen to one human being who has their “credentials out for public display.”  My hopes are that we the “crowd” has climbed the mountain of a higher consciousness, and now come down into the valley of our living and will aid the person who is attempting to reveal achievements that we need to create an integration.  However, this cannot be done unless the mass, human consciousness has truly risen to the sacred guidance of the higher mind-heart, and descending in mass to guide the person displaying credentials to serve the greater good.  This can occur!

The Moon and Sun form an arc of light to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto (all no longer dwelling in the retrograde field) in Capricorn (sign of Government).  The arc of light is positive and suggesting an opportunity to gain from the dark experiences (Scorpio) greater wisdom (Moon) and the ability to regenerate and rebirth (Sun) the greater whole.   The soul of humanity is in the pathway of change, yet called to break free of attachments that bind us to the psyche field of fear and maintaining old patterns of living.

Mercury is calling for assistance from Uranus (retrograde) in Taurus with a strong opposition.  Uranus is a bit confused….should I let go to the darkness and go deeper into the physical field of life (Taurus)?  If I do, will I get lost and unable to be free to be me? Some may ask.  Oh my yes, bring forth the light of the Great Chaos of Change and Creativity for within it is the greater intention of inclusiveness and unconditional love.  Uranus…bring the Light into the Dark field and let us write a new script (Mercury) into the belly of our creation (Scorpio).

Venus gets into the action as she travel in a power she rules, Libra.  She challenges the Field of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn.  She asks that we open to a greater level of communication with each other,  and listen to the Soul of our Galaxy (North Node in Gemini).  Venus is revealing we are not yet done healing the wounds, but so close, as her arc of light moves to Chiron in Gemini and Earth in Taurus on the sound waves that are difficult to hear in the wind caves of blustering egos (Chiron in Aries and Earth in, stuck to the old, Taurus).    Perhaps if she agitates the 3 powers within Capricorn, she can get them to send the Light of Grace to the Earth that they are acing and the blessed opportunities the have with the Sun and Moon can grow ever stronger.

Neptune (Retrograde) is working in the isle of Grace with the Sun and Moon arcing that field of energy to Neptune in Pisces.  They are calling for the sacred wisdom of the Holy One to bring forth a greater wisdom of the Cosmic Rhythm of our Galactic Soul as it send the vibration of challenge to the North and South Moon Node (Gemini and Sagittarius) calling us to move on from here to there! It is a call to broaden our reality of the New Realm of Being.  Take up the blessing of individuality, yet bring forth the honoring of All.

Can we respond and take up this call of the Stars and the vibration of the Universe providing guidance?