Midday, 11:38:42 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon joins the Sun at 2 degrees 4 minutes of Gemini.   Venus (retrograde) and Mercury are at 20 degrees of Gemini.  These four planets reveal the potential for the Heart and Mind to be conjoined.  I say potential because we have the right to agree to allow this to occur.  Since all are in the mental sign of Gemini, we may flit about trying to make a choice.  What is your choice?

Care must be taken in relationships with Venus retrograde.  We may not hear nor communicate well with our significant others.  If we have siblings (Gemini) we may not clearly express well with them either.  Since Venus squares Neptune in Pisces, we truly have to consider our illusions, or past beliefs, of what someone else is saying, rather than listening well and understanding the communication being provided.  Mercury won’t help much as it challenges spontaneous reactions of Uranus in jealous or possessive Taurus, and squares Neptune as well.  

The Moon and the Sun challenge (square) Mars in Pisces, thus stirring the emotions of the world (Pisces) in a fight or flight position as mental machinations persist.  The Moon and Sun are in an open flow with Saturn (retrograde) in Capricorn (hip-to-hip with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius).  Oh my, the rebel field of trying to decide who is right and who is wrong continues (our brothers and sisters of humanity – Gemini; or the Government – Capricorn; or rebellious groups – Aquarius).  I pause here and encourage you to read the New Moon Letter of Hawthorn and make your decision with some contemplation.  There is a Grace of opportunity between the Activators of Gemini (Sun and Moon) reaching out to the field of the Government and governing Laws (Capricorn); thus, perhaps we can all come together and love one another (Aquarius).

Allow a few moments of observation thinking as we review the Sabian message of the Sun and the Moon before I examine a sacred symbol in the New Moon Chart, the Finger of Fate.  The Sabian message states, “The Garden of Tuileries.”  These were the formal gardens of the Queen consort of France,  Catherine de Médicis, noblewoman of Italian descent, whose French husband preferred another woman. Associated with this Queen, as well as the garden, is relationship, communal, social, and revolutionary principles.  A great call for change!  Yet, the change then, and now, requires a stable maintenance of “order of rule.”  This aids in maintaining a balance, inspires new ideals, harmonizes communal welfare, and offers grace in the midst of challenge.

The Finger of Fate within the chart is initiated via the light frequency energized by Earth moving through Sagittarius and sending a signal of to Jupiter, retrograde in Capricorn. Together they send light frequencies to the North Moon Node, retrograde in Cancer (who in turn sends an opposing light to the South Moon Node, retrograde, in Capricorn).  Earth is acknowledging a willingness to cooperate with Jupiter as it expands the awareness of integrity and traditional values that are in a reflective place (retrograde) for consideration and review of what works for the success (Capricorn) for the structure of humanity.   As the world seeks awareness of what is the career status and working capabilities for people and businesses, concern with the letter of the law is occurring.  As both of these planets angle their lights toward the cosmic rhythm and soul push of consciousness (North Moon Node), their lights are not strong enough for the world to hear, as they form a quincunx to the North Moon Node in Cancer.  However, the moon nodes are in the “critical” degree of 0.  Cancer, as we all know, is the ruling sign of America, and is the sign of emotional intelligence, being family oriented, reliable and protective.  Nevertheless, it can also create the dysfunctions of being fearful, moving into emotional extremes that stir selfishness, and becoming hyper-sensitive to what we cannot reason and feel, thus being overwhelmed.  As a North Moon Node quality, it is a call to establish something new rather than use something we know (that is the essence of the South Moon Node, Capricorn).  In this finger of fate, we are called to learn to serve humanity.   However, we must let go of possessive and dramatically emotional needs in order to carry out the higher nature of compassionate detachment in order to serve humanity. 

As we enter the Full Moon of this Month (June 5th) we will have a Lunar Eclipse, followed by the next New Moon at 0 degree Cancer with a Solar Eclipse.  We are going to feel the depth and breadth of intensive emotions trying to overwhelm or aid everyone in making a choice to serve all.  May it be in a more humane manner than fighting each other because we are afraid.