At 3:28:04 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon and Sun hook up together at 4 degrees 12 minutes of Aries.  Along with Chiron, they stand alone in this Astrological New Year sign of Go For It!  They all form a square to the North and South Moon Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn (respectively) and the nodes receive and arc of light that creates a square from Earth.  All together we have a Grand Square subtly effecting our beginnings of the lunar month. It is challenging and yet empowering as it will cause all to strongly motivate themselves to overcome life challenges and meet the achievements of  soul intentions.
The Sabian message of the Moon/Sun conjunction calls our attention to realize, “A Triangle with Wings.”  Sacred Law is seen in a triangle, providing us the wisdom of the true nature of the Universe.  It asks that we honor all things with love and devotion to the Great Creator.  It asks that we do not judge and understand all things have a purpose in the realm of Universal Creativity.  It honors and respects all life and holds all life sacred.  Sacred Law is the Law of Laws:  LOVE.  Wings, of course, remind us of flight and the freedom to soar as we move forward in our adventures throughout this lunar month.  Together they calls us to live with four T’s in mind and action in our lives: Transform, Transmute, Transfigure, Transcend.  As we do this, we live through the inner knowledge we carry, see through the Divine Eye, and allow Source DNA to emerge.
The power of Aries gives us the intuitive knowing (Moon) and the cognitive qualities (Sun) to utilize our creative abilities and enthusiasm to develop our dreams and desires without hesitation.  Ah, but wait, I did talk about the Sun and Moon initiating the energy of squares to the North and South Moon Nodes.  Thus, agitation occurs and hesitation may prompt us to stop before taking action.  I also noted that Chiron sits right with the Sun and Moon and will either bring up the limitations of old wound memories or aid in the wisdom of healing that has already taken place and now presents intentional action to achieve.  Along with these active challenges, it is important to look at the North and South Moon Node receiving an arch of agitating light from Earth riding the waves of Libra. Thus, we are called to look for insights that remind us to stop, pause and allow an observation to occur before rushing into a pathway we may regret latter.    The Moon, Sun, and Chiron are asking for action with awareness.  To the North Moon Node in Capricorn (Rx) they call for awareness already known within us.  They are reminding us to realize we do know how to achieve, yet with the retrograde field, we are called to review how we have achieved our goals in the past and decipher whether or not we did it successfully, and what lessons we did learn in our journey toward reaching our highest goals.  They also remind us to understand where we are heading through the essence of the South Moon Node in Cancer (Rx) as well as the Earth, sitting in opposition in Libra.  These arcing energies vibrate the message of care, compassion and concern for how we will bring our journey to its completion with success rather than commit a faux pas because we won’t use lessons already learned.  Chiron will surely aid this alignment, reminding us how we have experienced the wounds of false beliefs of our limitations and remind us how we have healed and reclaimed our true self.  The Earth will support our will to sit in observance until we create the balance in our mind and intuitive reasoning to activate our knowledge and will power to reach our goal.  Then we will use the Law of Cause and Effect with cognitive attention to manifest as we really desire.
Mercury, as you all know, is now direct in Pisces.  It offers the creative gifts of spirit to be in our awareness.  As it is in a semi-square to Jupiter in Capricorn, thus we will experience a slight agitation and wonder if we can ground our creative ideas and get them produced in the world where we wish to be noticed for our knowledge and capabilities.  Mercury is in a sextile to Uranus in Taurus aiding opportunities to bring our unique and unusual ideas into the realm of matter.   It is also arcing light to the North Moon Node in Cancer, and thus striking the Grand Square, Since it arcs with the energy of a Trine, it presents the blessing of Grace that ideas can be used in new ways that cultivate nurturing, compassion, and completions that may heal the earth family.
Venus Taurus is in a semi-square (prickly agitation) to the Sun and Moon, trine to Mars (Grace) in Capricorn, trine to Jupiter in Capricorn, sextile (opportunity) to Neptune in Pisces, trine to Pluto, and a semi-square to Chiron and the North Moon Node, and a sesquisquare (irritation and provocation with unwillingness to work together).  The sour note coming from Venus is, “have you earned your way to your success yet?” or perhaps, “do you recognize your value?”  It can present the gift of reminding us that now is the time to open the door to expansion offered to use our creative talents and let the world see them!
Mars in Capricorn is quite active at New Moon.  It sits in an off-sign conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius (at zero degrees).  Saturn is just getting to know this energy again since having left it in 1994.  Mars, a mover and shaker, in the sign of “make sure it is right” Capricorn. is exalted in this sign and aids its movement toward a higher goal in creating new foundations of government, corporations, and our individual intentions to succeed in life.  Saturn in Aquarius is testing the outward field of setting our boundaries in a whole new way and feeling the freedom to explore an unequaled and unparalleled existence of our self and the world at large.  Saturn will just be feeling this field of energy for a bit of time as it will go into a retrograde position in July, return to Capricorn until December 17th (making sure the old is finished and the new is ready to set fantastic new patterns) when it move back into the field of Aquarius to remain until March of 2023.  So, we are exploring and experiencing a new field. Mars will ask us to clear the way, act, and use the creative powers within us to set a new foundation for Saturn to use.  Mars also sits hip-to-hip with Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn.  They gather at the collective table of humanity to configure plans for a greater leap out of the darkness and deep psyche changes with the expanded wisdom of a higher quality of living together.  Preparations are going on and have been since 2008 with Pluto in Capricorn and will fully complete its journey in Capricorn in 2024.   In the meantime, Mars and Jupiter are giving some light to opportunities that are and will be developed for the next journey into a grander position of change for the soul of humanity.
Looking into the far reaches of the planets, Saturn irritates the essence of Uranus in Taurus, always asking for right assessments to make sure the greater ideas of the Universal mind can be fully cultivated and used in the realm of Earth.  Uranus arcs a light to Neptune in Pisces with a little irritating nudge as though to call for a reflection from the Universal Consciousness to offer an answer to the regulator, Saturn.  All looks good…we are on target even though the challenges appear to bring fear and illusions of great loss.  Cause and effect is stirring our consciousness in such a way we are questioning the way to bring positive outcomes and balance.  Great!  Question and move the power to change through the will of a Greater outcome for the Good of All.

With so much of this wisdom being directed to the greater whole, I hope you are able to decipher your own individual manner to work with this energy for planting the seeds of your New Moon desires.