At 3:20:59 a.m. Mountain Standard Time we connect with the New Moon.  The Moon and Sun both join together at exactly 23 degrees 3 minutes of Pisces.  Neptune and Venus are right behind them in Pisces, while Mercury is falling quite behind in Aquarius.  We are likely feeling dreamy, creative, loving, and a desire to merge with the Universe at the greatest reality of our self; but certainly with a lover.  As you awake from sleep on this day, I hope you are able to recall inspirational dreams for surely the foundation of dreaming and soul wisdom can occur with this combination.

What can we discover with the Sabian message of the Moon and Sun’s conjunction as well as their opposing partner, Earth, who is at 23 degrees 3 minutes of Virgo? The message of the Moon and Sun report: “ Tiny inhabited island,” while Earth’s messages states, “ Mary and her white lamb.”  Though there is a challenge, these opposing energies share the quality of, “The miracle of childlike innocence,” and “The influence of a light touch.”  Hidden messages are to be uncovered in these seemingly gentle quotes.  

As we look to a tiny island inhabited by a community of, likely, a few people, we can conjure in our minds a place of rest, a collective group of people who have their own rules and source of community, caring, and sharing.   They may, in fact, have an innocent outlook on life. However, we can also see a place of isolation and separation from the grander reality of life.  How often do we need a place of isolation to recoup and regroup in our mind, emotions, and physical reality so our Spirit is free to express creatively?  How important is it to our psyche to revisit the wisdom of a community caring about each other and sharing resources?  It is not a place to stay, for isolation for an individual who is use to activity, creativity, and productivity may create “cabin fever” and boredom or depression takes its toll.

Many connotations can be noted from the children’s nursery rhyme of Mary had a Little Lamb.  It surely bespeaks of innocence.  Yet, it carries religious messages within it, so apropos as we will celebrate Easter through this lunar cycle.  “Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow,” may tell us that the Mother Mary birthed the lamb/Jesus, whose fleece (embodiment) was white (purity) as snow (yet to be seen).  Every where that Mary went the Lamb was sure to go.  Of course, the mother cares for and takes the baby everywhere.  The innocence is not only seen in this message, but so is a greater wisdom.  There is within the story that the lamb was not to be brought into school for it was against the rules.  Hmm, does this indicate that the lamb (Jesus) was not to be taught in the ordinary school but via the sacred schools of wisdom?  We truly have no documentation within the bibles of today that tell us what happened between the age of 2 and 12 and 12 and 30 of the man, Jesus.  There are studies made that he went to the Eastern regions of Tibet and other regions of ancient masters.   What more are the secrets within us?     

Just ahead of the creative collection of planets in Pisces is Chiron in Aries.  This jolt of energy may assist us in not getting too dreamy, illusional, or stuck in fantasy.  But, it has a two-way street.  If we bump into the challenges of Chiron, which is “to get into wounds of our past or present,” we may choose to fly of the handle and get angry when things don’t seem to go our way and we don’t appear to have support (Aries, being alone), or an ability to identify and have a reflection of who we are.   We may try to run away from our circumstances rather than “listen within,” and gather the wisdom of the rhythm of life guiding knowledge our way.  Chiron is sending and receiving blessings from the South Moon Node in Sagittarius (retrograde) calling on the memory of higher wisdom and the way to journey out of false beliefs, mental flurries of negative thinking, fear of being violated, and overcompensating to prove who we are.  Instead, the blessings call us into an active communication with creative qualities embellished by Mars in Gemini as it taps on Chiron’s ability to think at higher levels of the I AM.  

Mercury in Aquarius is not arcing its energy to any planet at New Moon, and for three days afterward.  It is running free.  What does that mean to us?  Oh my.  It can be a positive reality and a challenging reality.  First of all, riding through Aquarius (for which Mercury is its second ruler), and in a sign of uniqueness, quickness, inquisitiveness, and enjoys intellectual research, Mercury can bring about the mind seeking the message of the Divine Mind by stirring curiosity and analyzing each insight.  However, the challenge can be a spinning mind, detachment from feelings, dipping into more negative opinions than true wisdom, and selfish ideation.  An insight can come, however with this combination, and particularly with nothing to ground the knowledge, the unpredictable coupling of Mercury in Aquarius, can flitter on to other thoughts before thoroughly using the wisdom provided.

Not even Saturn in Aquarius, nor Jupiter in Aquarius, can assist Mercury because they are not close enough to hook into Mercury’s field.  But, they can help us if we use their energy when we discover our minds are not at rest and are spinning.  Of course, Saturn can help us build a structure for the higher wisdom of the Aquarian mind.  Jupiter can help us expand that wisdom.  Jupiter is also running renegade as there are no planetary connections happening.  Thus, we have to be quite aware of how we might be letting our minds ramble on and on into what “we think” are the avenues and channels of the higher mind.  We could be tricked into false perceptions appearing real.  Jupiter rides without connection to another planet until March 18th.  Between Mercury and Jupiter, our mental activity may be darting all over the place.  My advice?  Be aware.  If you are experiencing insights that stir the feeling of Divine Wisdom, write them down, allow creative urges to come forward.  Be aware if you are at all in the realm of illusion because you “just want to have insights, and want to be a knower.”  

Saturn does offer a challenge that aids the ability to not let the mind just rush off.  It squares Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) still riding through Taurus (Saturn is the third ruler of Taurus).  These two frequencies will ask for a slowing down (Saturn/Taurus) in order to receive the Divine inspiration (Uranus/Aquarius) and use an ability to collect it, ground it, and utilize it. Then Mars in Gemini can give a greater boost of energy to Saturn as it sends the flow of grace to be active in writing or speaking about what has been gathered from the Divine Mind.  

Pluto in Capricorn is also a helping in grounding the wisdom of the Piscean group.  As the Sun Earth and Moon send positive vibrations of creative energy, unifying love, and Oneness consciousness, Pluto will help us transform anything that is keeping us from grounding it (Capricorn) and nurturing the wisdom with a deep compassion and desire to let all grow in the ways that brings harmony to everyone.

Well, that is my take on what I can see in the cosmic influence of the New Moon.  May we all use it to create a bridge of change that is more cohesive of Love and the honoring that we truly are One.