At 4:02 a.m. the Moon and Sun are conjoined in a new cycle.  Both are in Gemini at 12 degrees 33 minutes, and stirring the curious mind.  What will happen in your mind?  As New Moon is the time to plant seeds of desires, why not plant seeds of curiosity…what is it you want to know?   Your intuitive mind (Moon) and Cognitive Mind (Sun) will work together to sprout the seed of information.  As they are opposite Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius, they will receive support to go within (retrograde Jupiter) and seek the quiet space of your mind so you may reflect on the idea of knowledge you desire to gain.
Going within is the  helpmate of Mercury in Gemini as well because it is on its own, acting like a renegade mind because it is not receiving nor sending arcing energy to any other planet.  So thoughts can create a wondering, flitting, and unfocused event of confusing and lack of clarity for choices you will want to make.  You will want to direct your mind by creating focus or entering states of meditation.
The creative and nurturing activity of Venus in Taurus activates the energy of Grace to Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn as well as Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, and the Retrograde South Moon Node in Capricorn.  All Earth signs working in a flow, opening doors of opportunity, but none at a gallop.  When we can take it slow and easy with the foundational energy of Gemini….the talker, the “do it now”, the speak out of turn challenger, the run, dance, play energy of the moment, we can move into the observer and listener position.
The Sabian Message of the Sun and Moon position in Gemini states, “Two Dutch children talking.”  Though as English speaking people, we are not familiar with the Dutch language.  Yet we are aware of Dutch art, dance, and stories.  To have two children talking, we can notice that a sharing experience is going on in states of innocence that only they know how to share.  It is noted by writer Blain Bovee (The Sabian Symbols & Astrological Analysis), that the Dutch children also reveal the Netherlands in which the sea can be a nemesis and portends the activity of the Underworld.  Ah, the underworld within us is the shadowy aspects that trick us yet truly can lead us to the light of our soul and the wisdom of Source.  Will we take the risk and communicate that inner friend and learn more of our selves?  (I do suggest you read the New Moon Letter of Hawthorn (Gemini) on my site:
From the delight of sharing to the depths of our unconscious, the cosmic influence shows us the positive energies arcing and stimulating our curiosity, as well as the challenging energies we may use to avoid learning more of what we are curious of.  For instance, the Moon and Sun square Neptune, the sea of consciousness, a deep and fearful dive many are unwilling to chance.  Yet, with the curious mind and intuition activated, it can be the most revealing journey that directs us to the Greater Light.  Mars gets in on the challenge by opposing Saturn…trying to get it to move rather than lie around.  But the agitation may be to difficult and all the old messages of right and wrong may leave the curious mind twirling in indecision.  Yet, Mars is in a graceful flow with Neptune, thus the alchemical power of fire and water can join forces to aid in the greatest transformation and lessons of the Higher Mind.  As Saturn is in a sextile (flow and opportunity) with Neptune, the tide may turn and the Goat with the Tail of the Fish may be willing to use the power of discipline (Saturn) to go for the deep swim and learn more of the sacred self of the underworld.  Mars is sitting right beside the South Moon Node in Cancer and thus can feel that there is safety, security, and nurturing in the dive of alchemical proportions.
Saturn sitting with Pluto may encourage this field of darkness to recognize the nurturing gifts of Venus/Aphrodite as she rises from the Great Sea and brings love, nurturing, and caring into the human world.  But first, both must Dive in and release this great wisdom.
Care is needed during this New Moon Time of Gemini for Chiron is also running on its own as a renegade feature of inner consciousness.  Chiron does not receive arching lights nor send any to other planets.  Thus, if the wounds of our unconscious are not healed, the wild activity of the mind (Gemini) can get caught in challenges and make up stories of the fearful wounds within.  Or, Chiron, the wounded healer, is free to take charge and reveal the true healing one has undergone and swiftly (Chiron in Aries) guide one into their independent success.
Ah, what will you do with this energy this month?  How will you seed the moon for the journeys your mind will take in the quest for learning the story of life and the wisdom within the story?   Enjoy the journey!