At 12:41:18 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time we have a New Moon with an Annular Solar Eclipse.  We will not see this occur.  It will be visually noted in Africa, parts of the Congo, Ethiopia, Northern India, and China.  It is called an Annular Solar Eclipse, thus the moon will come between the Sun and the Earth and a “ring of fire” around the moon will only be seen as the light of the Sun attempts to be recognized.

The Sun and Moon will be aligned in Cancer at 0 degrees 21 minutes.  Mercury (retrograde) is also in Cancer.  The Earth will be aligned in Capricorn at 0 Degrees 21 minutes. The North Node and South Moon Nodes conjunct these essences of light as well, though in different signs.  Next to the Moon and Sun is the North Moon Node, retrograde, at 29 degrees 6 minutes in Gemini.  The South Moon Node in Sagittarius, retrograde, rides next to Earth at 29 degree 6 minutes.  What does all of this mean?

The nodes are cosmic rhythm and wisdom bearers of information we know (South Moon Node) and information we are to learn (North Moon Node) When at the 29 degree point, they are also creating stronger waves of energy as though trying to get their message across before moving on to the next level.  I find them interesting, given the state of our nation in crisis.  Gemini teaches the importance of communication and as it is revealing the North Moon Node, we have to realize we need new forms of communication so we may move on into new realities.  The South Moon Node of Sagittarius is trying to tell us that what we have been taught, especially through our higher education, even our sacred wisdom levels, and through our courts of law,(as it rules judges, the judicial authorities, and the judicial system), all needs an overhaul.  It is old, out-dated, and perhaps lacking the wisdom of true authority.

The Sun and Moon are pushing the North and South Moon Node toward Cancer.  Perhaps their Sabian message will help?  The South Moon Node in Sagittarius is noted as, “The Pope” and the North Moon Node in Gemini is, “Bathing Beauties.”    Perhaps we are to move beyond pompous dogma yet be blessed by honor and recognition as a bathing beauty might be.  In fact, the true suggestion is to be acknowledged as clean (bathing) and pure (naked, without shame).  Thus fully recognized as who we are and thus, be appreciated.

The Sun and Moon provide this message from the Sabian concept, “Sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one.”  Fresh and new (naked and pure) brought about.  Again, a message of changing from an old reality to a new reality.  A flag represents a country, a group with a single-pointed intention, and an allegiance to a philosophy.  The flag is only ready to be hoisted…waiting for the old one to come down.  As the message includes a Sailor, we must assume it is for a ship that is about to go over the ocean or water ways.  The Sun and Moon are just entering the watery phase of Cancer (zero degrees).  Our consciousness might have to hold court (Sagittarius South Moon Node) to change the laws and our inner judicial system, so we may communicate (Gemini North Moon Node) in a whole new way about who we truly are as a person, our alliance to our soul, our human existence, and to our partnership with everyone on Earth.  Will we use the Ring of Fire to burn out the dross of the old ways?  For surely, the Solar Annular Eclipse is offering this as an opportunity.  We will then raise our new flag, with our intention and allegiance to a philosophy of wholeness and an ability to move through the ocean of life with all on board.  Will we have help?  Of course.  Beyond the South and North Moon Nodes, we have Mercury to consider.

Mercury, retrograde in Cancer, asks us to dip further into our inner consciousness where the waters we will traverse teach us more of what we hold in memory, how we discover our true soul tribe, and harvest the wisdom of our soul to be expressed in our human endeavors.  We must take care that we don’t create the illusion of a problem when one truly does not exist.   This retrograde may not be as critical as other Mercury retrogrades can bring us.  Mercury can deal with the creative and compassionate field of Cancer.  It is a Mother Field, similar to the Field in which Mercury makes a direct connection to the Field of the Mother on the Tree of Life (Beth-to-Binah).  The Word of the Divine (Beth) expresses ITs intent to Become (Binah) a Soul Expression.  Thus, this retrograde can be used to create with, especially when we are in a higher level of integrity.  In fact, with this retrograde, Mercury will be aiding the wisdom of the North and South Moon Nodes as they call all to change and update.  We are all called to look at old rules and create new rules; and to re-examine something we thought was done and figure out if we need to give it a second opportunity to be fulfilled.  However, do be cautious…Mercury is retrograde in a water sign.  If you are not clear with your intentions, you certainly can drown in illusions.

Mars in Pisces is being agitated by the Moon, Earth, and Sun.  Impatience and irritability is prevalent.  Add a bit of being accident prone because we slip into risky actions and difficulty discerning around how we are communicating.  Whether it is at home (Cancer) or in a greater group (Pisces) we are called to be on the alert of fast action in a slippery reality (Mars in water, squared by Sun/Moon in water).  Accidents take place in that regard.  It likely will be physical in nature with Mars, but it can be words hurting accidentally (Gemini North Node).  Discernment is going to be quite necessary in order to use the principle of the Spiritual Action that Mars can represent in Pisces. 

The Moon and Sun are sending signals to Saturn, retrograde, in Aquarius.  However, the signal is weak.  Saturn is in the struggle of time leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius.  In fact, Saturn will be bouncing back and forth from Aquarius to Capricorn until December 18th of this year.  It is as though the pull of the Moon is trying to bring Saturn back to its Cardinal Position in Capricorn so they can consort on the next phase of the Laws to be established for the Greater Good of America (Cancer–sign of America).  The Sun may want to bring Light to the intention of what to build in the new order of America.  Will Saturn join the forces?  It will be at the critical degree of 29 on July 4th through July 16th.    Can Saturn hear the Call?  Will Saturn participate in calling out what new laws can rule the land?  Can We?  Time will tell (a Saturn reality).

Venus is in retrograde in Gemini at New Moon.  Oh gosh, along with Mercury Retrograde, we really have to think before we speak.  We have to pay attention to how our words do affect others.  Venus is arching a light of grace to Pluto and Jupiter, both retrograde and both in Capricorn, and they conjunct each other.  Have you noticed how often I have used the term, “retrograde?”  Yep, we do need to go within before we take action in our everyday world.  (We have five planets, plus the North and South Moon Node in Retrograde).  Venus in Gemini calls us to go deeply (trine Pluto) within and look at the greater whole (Capricorn) of the organization of our life, our careers, our government and our laws.  Hmm…just what we are doing.  We need to use the mirror of Venus to see our self in all of what is going on, to recognize how we are and can transmute (Pluto) the state of our greater reality (Capricorn).  Using the mirror pointed at Jupiter we can be benevolent and know we, and everyone, are worthy of changing the laws and reaching a new level of a higher order of thinking, communicating, and revealing.  

Neptune, the ultimate compassionate actor, is riding in Pisces, right up against Mars and calling on the sacred wisdom to be activated and used for the greater whole.  We certainly have to maintain awareness or the undercurrent of worldly events can agitate or frighten us.  If scared we will drift into the La La land of escapism.  If we rise to the higher level, we will reach into the true reality of Oneness and seek to create harmony in the midst of the darkest corridors of change as Neptune influences Pluto to offer opportunities.  

Finally, let me take a moment to honor Chiron in Aries as it is being challenged by Retrograde Mercury in Cancer.  During this initiating time of the New Moon, everyone please be careful that you don’t fall back into memories of the family of toxic realities, or the restrictions that you felt keeping you held back from your independence and natural expression.  Use the Chiron healing nature to rise into soul intentions and contain your right to flourish.