The Sun and Moon join forces, again, in the sign of Cancer.  However, they are in the final degrees of this sign at 28 degrees 26 minutes at 11:32:38 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time.  This is known as a Critical Time when events that occur can be life-changing.  This New Moon carries vibrations that ask us to enter the SPA (Stop, Pause, and Allow), state of consciousness.

We all continue to be, more or less, cocooned at home (Cancer).  Yet, raring to get going into the playground of life (Capricorn and Leo) before the shadow of the year takes over again.  Haven’t we had enough shadow-based realities?  Oh my, yes!  

From the angles of light at New Moon, “red lights” of great challenge are flashing.  However, I have to honor that Mercury has given up its reign of reversal, and is moving through Cancer where nurturing experiences can offer awareness before we communicate with our partners as well as fully divulge our creative ideas. (Venus remains in Gemini and is challenged by the Moon and Sun as it challenges Neptune.)

The Sun and Moon continue to oppose Pluto in Capricorn, and thus Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn as well.  There is an undercurrent of challenges from the Sun and Moon to Mars in Aries (that is conjuncting Chiron, retrograde in Aries).  I say undercurrent, because the challenger is actually Vulcan in Cancer who is pulling the Sun and Moon into the agitation, ever-so-subtly.  Thus, we may not realize the fight until we are in the midst of reactionary arguments, frustration, and wondering why we are responding like a stubborn child in trouble.

Let’s look at the Sabian message of the Sun and Moon.  It states, “A muse weighing twins.”  Ah, this is a gift.  A muse state of mind aids us in thoughtful places of contemplation that stirs a greater awareness.  As we weigh a pro and con (twin) situation, we can discover if the agitation is worthwhile or needs to die down.  To weigh something is to find its value.  Of course, twins helps us realize there are two sides to the same point…as in any argument.  Thus, the Muse (a spirit inspiring us) can help us through the challenges initiating this month as we try to step into the time to seed dreams and desires at New Moon.  Perhaps we just go with the flow and not try to seed…or seed with the truer essence of our self: The Seed of Love for All.

We also see continued internal and external challenges are occurring (internal, Sun and moon in Cancer; external, Jupiter Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn).  We desire to go out yet need protection (Cancer Sun, Moon Mercury event).  We continue to review the value and use of what will transpire when we do go out (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn).  Will we expand or explode the structure we want to build?  Are our ideas (Mercury) truly ready to be birthed (Cancer)?  Likely not, as Mercury squares Mars and Chiron (retrograde)  in Aries.  We may be looking for the challenges and not feeling secure enough to let go of the Mother-Tit (Mercury in Cancer and not fully out of its Shadow of the retrograde until July 16th).

Venus in Gemini is not helping much since it squares Neptune in Pisces and we are not feeling secure enough to communicate with the world at large.  We continue to question if a disease will attack (and rightly so).    With hospitals full (Pisces) and questions continuing about health care being honored (Neptune retrograde in Pisces), the Venus power squaring the higher creative power of Neptune, the ability to be creative is slowed down.  The challenging configuration Venus has with the Sun and Moon in a semi-square, we have difficulty deciphering our  thoughts and emotions for clarity needed to move toward any goal.  

So, what is this New Moon Chart revealing to us?  We need the Muse to guide us through the corridors of contemplation right now.  Not action.  We need to gain clarity before planting anymoreseeds.  Time is not of the essence for we cannot hear, feel, or understand where we are going just yet (Pluto is in an inconjunct arc of light with the South Moon Node in Gemini).  Any decision we try to make may be retracted later on and a greater disappointment will occur.  Listen to the Muse as you enter the convent of contemplation.  Listen to the Lyre of healing the Muse is playing.  Let yourself bankrupt old ideas so inspiration of new ideas can form.

Time is challenged right now (Saturn opposed by the Sun and Moon), so do not worry about how or when.  Listen to the muse.