New Moon – Total Solar Eclipse
July 2, 2019 at 1:16:05 p.m. MDT the Moon slips between the Sun and the Earth, concealing the sunlight from our earthly eyes.  The total eclipse will be most noticeable in India.  And of note, we have not had a total solar eclipse for two years.  This year the eclipse occurs during the cycle of the zodiac year known as Cancer.  This is a time when our inner most emotional and sensitive self will be stirred and what has been hidden will be rumbling to be noticed.
This impact of energy is strong, and during this eclipse we have a challenging  influences of the Moon and Sun in Cancer arcing opposition energy with Earth, South Moon Node, Saturn and Pluto (both in Retrograde)  in Capricorn and a squaring (agitating energy) with Chiron in Aries.  An opposition asks us to look at a different view and assess how we might work together.  It is disconcerting in the beginning, but can truly bring two point of view into an incredible blend of useful insights.  As we are looking at the Power Points of the Moon and Sun in Cancer, we look at the power of home and hearth, dreaming and creating, feeling and touching, as well as resting and nurturing.  The opposing power of Capricorn wants to be out doing and proving, achieving and succeeding, as well as being reputable and recognized.  Keeping them in separate actions creates agitation and disagreements.  Bring them into their blend and the union presents more harmony in  the contained arena of home as well as the expanded arena in worldly experiences.
There is also an influence with Alhena, a fixed star at the foot of one of the twins in Gemini.  Yet, this fixed star is 9 Degrees 2 Minutes of Cancer and conjunct the Moon and Sun, and silently presents the same opposition to the group in Capricorn.   This star releases artistic inspiration, emergence of spiritual concepts, and one may find a greater interest in Science as well as Science of the Mind.  I say it is almost silent because we don’t give a lot of credit to the energy of Fixed Stars. Yet this one “jumped out” at me this month.  It is as though it is quietly influencing something quite wonderful within a challenging opposition.  If we use its power to emerge into spiritual concepts, artistic inspiration and dip into greater interests to research, we may pull off a more positive quality to plant stable and fertile seeds for positive outcomes through this lunar month and for several months as an eclipse will initiate.
The agitation of the Moon and Sun to Chiron in Aries is a call to attention.  If we are running (Aries) into the world with our wounds in tack (Chiron), then our emotional memories (Cancer) are going to limit our intentions to fulfill goals.  Our agitations will come to the forefront through the activity of struggle and fighting with others, hoping we can heal.  However, it will only be a bandage covering the wound if it is all done with anger and agitation.
A gift of healing for the challenge to Capricorn group of Earth, South Node, Saturn retrograde, and Pluto retrograde comes from Neptune retrograde in Pisces sending a sextile arc of energy.  Neptune is sending healing, nurturing, and a higher order of loving energy calling for a higher order of memory to be used.  Ultimately, the memory of the Holy One and the mirror that will present the wisdom of what blessings are occurring from the challenges in our lives.  The sextile energy will begin to present opportunities to make changes and to follow new directions.
The gift for understanding and healing the challenge presented to Chiron in Aries comes from the arcing lights of Mars and Mercury in Leo as they radiate grace to Chiron.  Mars is at the prominent degree of 0…just entering the field of Leo.  Playfulness, active creativity, and realization that your talents are important to display will be felt and activated.  Mercury will aid in the stimulation of those creative ideas and help you “see” your talents.  You may also realize that you are part of the team you thought you were separate from and you are a needed part.  Just in case you might need to contemplate that reality, Mercury will head into a retrograde period (and in fact at New Moon begins its week of the shadow) on July 7th.  It will head back into the field of Cancer for a deeper contemplation of your inner being and review of your true healing and inner wisdom.
Important to look at is Venus in Gemini.  She is not arcing any light to any other planet.  She is running contrary to any established customs in the sign of decisions and indecisions, thinking and speaking, writing and story telling.  She is a field of worthiness, love, intimacy, and union.  “Will I or Wont I?”  I think this dance of a rebellious one will be very interesting, especially as Venus heads into the critical field of 29 Degrees of Gemini and 0 Degrees Cancer.  My suggestion: Make no decisions for a while, especially since we see that Mercury is going to murk up the way of clarity as well.
We also find that Mercury and Mars are arcing agitating light to Uranus in Taurus.  There is a blessing in this agitation.  Even though Uranus wants to move out and not be stuck in the energy of the fixed vibration of Earthly Taurus, Uranus does vibrate with the Universal Law of Love.  Thus, I think this agitating light may be the encouragement to release the Ultimate Light of Love throughout Earth, All our Relations, and may we succeed in cultivating it throughout our Earth as Uranus arcs the Light of Grace to The Earth as it travels through Capricorn!