Cosmic Influence
July 12, 2018
8:47:46 p.m. MDT

The Moon snuggles up to the Sun where both align perfectly at 20 minutes 41 seconds of Cancer. The New Moon is at its peak and the blessed moment to pause in the shadow of the evening. In the favor of this time, many of us perform a ritual to honor the cycles of each month and a new beginning occurring. It is a time to envision with our heart and mind, feelings and thoughts that are aligned with the most sacred union of all: Oneness with the Holy Spirit. In this Oneness is the power of “planting seeds.” These seeds are the ideas, desires, and prayers that we want to manifest throughout the month. At that moment in time, the New Moon, we are aligning with the vibrations of arcing lights in the stellar sky. They are like radiant pathways taking our prayers and visions to the highest dimension where creation takes place. How does this months New Moon and star patterns aid us?
Let’s begin with the Sabian Message of the placement of the Moon and Sun. “A prima donna singing,” is the caption of this message. Of course, within our vision we see the singer whom the audience has the highest regard for her talent. She is on top of the list of the most refined singers and because of her great gift of voice, she is given all of the leading roles. Ah, what is your leading role? Will you reveal your most refined gift? There is a warning with this message: Pace yourself so you may be ready for the most difficult aria you may experience and present. Know that you have a village behind you, supporting your every move and helping you extend the beauty of your talents for all to see. This group will point the lights in just the right direction, aid the scene to be purposeful, and bring the backup sounds that aid your performance.
Let’s look at the village by looking at the planets arcing lights like the lighting crew, and activating the parts of the players in your village so they may provide you the support or activate the challenges so you may excel in your most important performance in the theater of life. The Moon and Sun are the initiators. Let’s see all whom they are calling to for help and action.
Venus is called by an arc of light carrying a small energetic field of agitation. She travels in the sign of Virgo, the foundation of perfection and service. The Sun and Moon are asking Venus to stick a pin into our psychic sensitive area to remind us to perfect our performance and revere the tone and timber that comes through our voices. The Moon and Sun also ask that Venus continues to activate the quality of love for what we do with the power of knowing we are worthy of being a Prima Donna.
The next villager the Moon and Sun arc lights of attention to is Neptune. So perfect in this song of our life. The advancing vibration of Venus is seen in Neptune. The dreamer, the creator of revealing the most beautiful art-form is called upon through an arc of grace. It continues its journey in Pisces, the frequency in which it holds great honor. However, Neptune is presently in retrograde and may fall asleep on the job. Or, worst case scenario, may leave us thinking we are singing our best song, but illusion (or perhaps delusion) has filled our belief system and allowing us to proceed when we have faltered and slipped away from our prima donna position. Ah, but fear not, another player in the village is here to help.
Uranus is activating a wake up call through another needling energy field. Uranus is now in Taurus and is creating a field of jolting waves to wake us up from any laziness of consciousness or belief in being less than we truly are. Helping Uranus in this message are the pings of grace coming from Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn (though Saturn is retrograde). Recall, Venus in Virgo is arcing vibrations of creative talents to be perfected and hold their perfection (prima donna). Venus is moving vibrations toward Saturn and Uranus in a manner to call forth the use of this perfection and service oriented quality calling all three to present the vibration of a Grand Trine, the grace of the Divine, presenting the way to ground the talents we have and bring them into use, perfection, and revealing to the world the glory of our song revealing the talent that we are. Saturn’s retrograde may slow this action down, but Uranus is so impetuous in an attitude of “Just Do It”, that we may not hold back and will let that vibration strike the tone of perfected talents within us and let them take center stage.
The Moon and Sun send another message for assistance to Pluto, who is holding an oppositional position in Capricorn. This creates the challenge of dancing back and forth in the realms of do I simply enjoy my talents in my own home (Cancer) or do I take my talents out to the world (Pluto in Capricorn) and perform with the great intensity that my position asks of me? Well, Pluto is in retrograde, so we may question if this aria of our life is truly our soul call and purpose. Venus may not help well in her conversation with Pluto, because she is in a squaring position and will keep the message of “Am I good enough?” rolling through our mental-emotional attitudes.
What do we do with the challenges? We must use the pick and axe to get through our inane arrogance that reports we are less than the phenomenal reflection of the Divine. We must get past our inane arrogance of being unworthy. We are being called to be the prima donna of our life and reveal our talents! Just Do It! The waves of challenge are only a “wake-up” call and a vibration of movement when we are stuck in our arrogant belief that we are less the Divine. Accept the wake-up call and reveal your most special talent.