By Carrie Gane

In astrology, it is said that the sweet spot between opposing signs is the middle, which brings balance and
flow to both energies. There we find a letting go of resistance, a moving into unrestricted flow.

The sabian symbol for this new moon is “A barometer”. The barometer is a tool for measuring change,
especially forecasting upcoming change in atmospheric “pressure”. But what are we measuring and how
is this gauge useful to us? I was guided to look at the wisdom of the opposite Sabian symbol this month to
add some clarity and context. The opposite sabian symbol is “An old sea captain rocking”. Someone who
has mastered shifting with the tide of change, in rhythm with the ocean.

How might these symbols, the barometer of this new moon, and the inner sea captain of our soul, help us
navigate this month? The sea captain is aided by the barometer’s steadiness, its impartialness in assessing
conditions in flux and predicting upcoming changes. A barometer is only useful if a person is willing to
rely on it and adjust their personal agenda to flow in alignment with the changing atmosphere of the

The words “atmospheric pressure” make me think of a diamond and the “pressure” it endures changing
state from coal into a sparkling, transparent gem. Are we, as humanity, feeling the “atmospheric pressure”
to change how we see and experiencing ourselves- from dark, solid lumps of coal to shiny, transparent
reflectors/refactors of Love, Light and a rainbow of Colors? I think we are. Rowan and its planetary ruler
Urania are the perfect guides to lead us into new dimensions of awareness this month.

So what planetary support do we have for all this navigating at this new moon?

First, we have the Sun and Moon in Rowan (Aquarius). Rowan is a fixed air sign, meaning it has a
steady, enduring energy. It helps us capture Universal ideas and insights and gives us the freedom of mind
to explore new territory, guided by our intuition. Rowan also assists us in the step-by-step planning to
reach our destination, holding steady the vision of our desires.

Next, we have 5 planets in Earth. That’s a lot of grounded energy! Mars, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are all
in Capricorn. We also have Uranus in Taurus, another Earth sign. This new moon has a lot of support for
the physical embodiment of newness and the step-by-step process of new beginnings.
In addition to 5 planets in Earth, we also have the support of Saturn, now conjunct the Sun and Moon.
Saturn is blending her energy in with theirs, helping us to ground the insights and ah-has that may come at
this full moon. Saturn in Aquarius gives us balance in finding our way. Saturn asks us to realize how we
(as a small piece-the individual) influence the greater whole, the Universe. We see how society benefits
by us showing up as our unique selves. We are principled and living by our ideals is supported.

With the Sun conjunct Saturn, we receive the push to persist through old limitations of feeling inadequate
so we may experience solid accomplishments. With the Moon conjunct Saturn, we can feel uncomfortable
with feeling our emotional needs. However, we can review our feeling with some self-control and see if
they inspire us to reach out to a larger causes, like volunteering for something that touches the heart.

The Sun and Moon are squaring Uranus in Taurus. They issue a challenge to not fall back into old
patterns, especially in an attempt to comfort oneself in times of stress and uncertainty. We can avoid the
Taurus shadow energy of needy, greedy, unproductive, hesitant and ungrounded energy. This will calm
our inner seas and allow us to be an example in the world of the new seeds that are growing.

This month, I felt called back to some of Urania’s key words featured in Katherine’s book The Faces of
WomanSpirit: A Celtic Oracle of Avalon. Urania was whispering an insistent message I was trying to
pinpoint, all tied back to the sea captain and the use of the barometer. Here is the language she seems to
be whispering, the rope to steady us as we each stand at our own bow:

Spirit of Oneness, Divinely inspired, destiny known and unknown, future thinking, filled with
imagination, trusting the unknown, responding to the guidance of Spirit, undaunted, explorer.
We are ripe for NEWNESS this year. We are planting new seeds of self-worth and exploring our own
Divine nature. We have come through the beginning of a paradigm shift. We may not understand how the
Divine is guiding us to a greater sense of Divinity within ourselves. We may feel unsure how these
changes are steering us towards greater peace and harmony in our world. We do have the support of our
internal barometer though. It allows us to gauge these changes in the Divine weather and flow with the
Divine current as it drops and rises, crests and falls, in a step-by-step process to keep us progressing.

One other aspect to be aware of. I see a challenge with Venus and Mars squaring Chiron in Aries. Mars
and Venus in Capricorn say be the authority of your self, of your love and of your actions. Be patient and
allow increments of progress, rest and planning. We are building a new version of ourselves and a new
world. It won’t come overnight, even though Aries in Chiron can feels overwhelmed and angry when it
doesn’t. We can’t sit down and quit though. With our tact and a sea captain’s soul of wisdom, we know
how to patiently measure and adjust to our current changes in “atmospheric pressure”. Happy sailing this