The New Moon is exact at 5:05:57 pm Mountain Standard Time. It presents moments to influence our intentions for another month of spiritual growth and human endeavors as Aquarius calls us to Rise Above and meet the Power of Light. It is the doorway to transfiguration, if we are willing to take the risk for such a great change.

The planets at this New Moon are all (except one) posting in the realm of the field of Helping Others. Oh, so appropriate for Aquarian energy. It is not all about “me,” this field calls out. It is about the “We” that makes up the whole. The Moon and the Sun are jointly flowing together at 8 degrees 15 minutes of the field of Aquarius, situated in opposition with Earth on the access of Relationships and Love. It calls us to be attentive to our Ego. Will it reach into the higher realm of our self, or be the reactive field of personal, egocentric needs? Will it reign in a higher order and honor all our relationships?

The grouping of Mercury and Pluto is occurring as Mercury descends to the meeting place of Pluto, both in Capricorn. This stirring activates a subtle pressure to re-examine personal opinions, personal processes, and suspicious beliefs. Deeper sharing of ideas can occur that may lead to sharing of insights that can revolutionize old conditions of living and open the doorway to new ideas for self and humanity. In fact, these two planets are in opportunistic lights arcing the auspicious gift of Pisces–the gift to know oneness, through the planets of Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars. Mars is at intense vibrations of change as it prepares to leave Pisces..the spiritual warrior may prevail if we listen to the gifts and opportunities of change for the advanced good of all.

Pluto and Mercury arc challenging lights to Jupiter in Libra, the planet riding alone in the corridor of “me, talking about me.” This planet is in Critical Point at 00 degrees 23 minutes of Libra—a clarion call of communicating with others from the basis of mercy, and the willingness to grab their hand and help, or let the hand go and allow the growth of another to occur without judgment of their changes that are necessary. Mercury says, “be sure you know where you are going,” while Pluto says, “keep making the changes so you may govern yourself at a higher level in order to truly assist in the world of changes.”

Saturn sits in Sagittarius and offers a positive connection to Jupiter in Libra. The call between them is to rise into the next level with the knowing of the power of balance, the wisdom of cause and effect, and the ability to be One of the Many with a structure that guides the next level of growth to be available to all.

To finish these thoughts, examine the message of the Sabian symbols of the Moon/Sun, “A flag turned into an eagle.” Animation is the action of a waving flag. As we live the ideals of Aquarius – to remember we are humanitarians supporting all life while living our individual nature–we will soar into the realms of the majestic qualities of life. We can live the ideals of a higher mind and wave the flag of independence that releases the ideals of the Divine Mind-Heart into the realm of humanity. We can be noble: magnificently living the intentions of the Grace of the Divine.


Blessings of Love,


Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.