The exact timing of the New Moon is 12:38:18 p.m. Central Standard Time (yes I have moved to Middle America).  The Sun and Moon make their exact connection at 12 degrees 20 minutes in the Capricorn zodiac star pattern.  Venus and Pluto remain in a conjunction with each other in Capricorn as well, though separating.  Mercury and Pluto are also pinched together, however Mercury is at 0 degrees 38 minutes of Aquarius (helping us keep a positive view, especially with its very prominent energy flow) while Pluto is at 25 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn.

The Sabian message encourages us with the Sun and Moon as, “A Fire Worshiper.”  Ah, I found this delightful to read after just finishing writing my Moon Mother Musings of Birch (associated with Capricorn).  I found it befitting as it continues the flow of thought (for me) to the clarion call to empower passion, joy,  and ecstasy.  Yes, do read the Moon Mother Musings.  It is time to worship the Fire within us.  Fire is the flame of our sacredness.  It is that which is our Life-Force energy.  We are called to activate the fire, not bank it.  Capricorn is a field of determination carrying the ability to use the inner authority to achieve.  The spiritual flame within aids that will to achieve as long as it is not used for burnout, blame, or anger.  

The polarity of the Sun and Moon is Earth which travels through Cancer to the New Moon at 12 Degrees 20 minutes and the Sabian message it exudes expresses, “One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb.”  Thumbs up is a gesture to use with this message…a sign of approval.  Yes, let us approve of our Earth…the more we do the more harmonious it becomes.  This is also a symbol of “sign language.”  I find myself using it more and more with my husband who has limited hearing.  May we show signs of approval with each other and aid in turning our “wicked rivers of challenges,” into a flow of positivity.  Cancer is a loving, nurturing sign.  One that wants to “feed” the world and touch everyone with love.  Well, Thumbs Up!  Let’s feed it with hearts that feel the worth (Cancer) and use Eyes that see the worth (Capricorn).  

Venus is in retrograde in her journey through Capricorn.  This allows our eyes to turn inward and begin to recognize the true beauty of self, if we allow that to occur.  Venus forms an arcing light to Neptune that is a positive flow for opportunities.  Applying this energy of the water of Neptune riding retrograde in the energy of Taurus (whom Venus naturally rules), these two planets can join forces to slow down, be within the chambers of the soul consciousness, heal anything remaining, and move into the inner feelings of the soul that are calling for the rooting and nurturing of the seeds of renewal.  

Pluto is called on by Venus to continue the transmutation and bring forth a greater will to generate a new life and a new state of consciousness.  This is aided by Mercury in Aquarius!  Yes!  Let’s have that energy of fresh and unique ideas arise. Not only will Mercury aid us in capturing the ideas, but share it with others.  Mercury will increase the vibrational intentions to remain on the path of the renewed direction of our ideas and let the old fade.

Saturn is now at 12 degrees 5 minutes within Aquarius and settling in.  As the ancient ruler of Aquarius, it is enjoying the ride and pulling strings as Mars in Jupiter sends it messages and Saturn translates and sends more on to Uranus in Taurus.  Mars says, “Take the action necessary to put order to the new ideas and educate the world.”  Saturn moves to take that message on and challenges Uranus to put it to work and not allow it to get lost in the land of Airy-Fairy drifting, but sacred truth woven into the very fabric of body, heart, and spirit of existence.

The Moon and Sun challenge Jupiter that is at 0 degrees 53 Minutes of Pisces at New Moon.  This prominent point of degrees is even more effective with Jupiter being the ancient ruler of Pisces.  A similar message is seen here.  The Sun and Moon are in the grounding, directing, reality-based Capricorn while Jupiter is in the realm of non-reality, illusionary Pisces (if lost in the lower frequencies).  Thus, the Moon and Sun are vibrating the intentions to call on the Jupiter fire to activate the waters of passion in Oneness and move the awareness in the very fiber of Earth (Capricorn) and all Earthly existence.  The vibrations are like a plastic tag stuck in our clothing irritating our skin until we pay attention and do something about it.  Will we raise our consciousness to the work at hand?  Will we respond to the reality that we are in charge of changing your reality and allowing our highest nature to blend into our heart and body?

We might need a little more help.  Chiron, the healing planet, continues its ride in Aries and it is receiving strong, challenging, “wake up” messages from the Moon, Earth, and the Sun.  “Wake up!  Take Action! Get Moving! Know Yourself!  Use your Will To Be!”  Mars in Sagittarius is aiding with the trine energy of Grace saying, “Reach to your Higher Awareness…you are very important and your individuality is very needed in lighting the wholeness of All Being.!”

May we all be guided by our sister and brother energies we call stars and planets.  All are a part of us, within us, around us and supporting our new levels of awareness.  Enjoy contemplating the New Moon energy seeding our lunar month.  May you seed your month with positive elements of your intentions of living Oneness.