The New Moon occurs at 10:00 p.m. Mountain Standard time.  The Moon and Sun join together at 23 minutes and 13 seconds in Capricorn, they are also conjoined with Pluto who moves through Capricorn at 24 minutes and 35 seconds.  Venus is at 5 degrees 4 minutes of Capricorn, and thus, not directly affecting these planets but definitely is arching lights to Mars, Uranus, and Chiron.  More on this alignment later.

The Moon and Sun are, as always, opposite the Earth which is riding in Cancer.  The Sabian Messages of the Moon and Sun may be in conflict with the Earth in Cancer.  They are sending a message of, “A woman entering a convent.”  A message of leaving the world of struggle and turmoil and entering a place of sacred safety.  However, the Earth resides in the message, “A woman and two men on a bit of a sunlit land facing south.”  The woman has a choice to make.  Facing south provides the ability to see things clearly so a choice can be made.  Will it be this one or that one?  Perhaps entering a “safe place” where one can contemplate, meditate, and hear the inner voice for an answer is the gift of “here and now” as we venture into the Capricorn power of a New Year.  As the South represents the Sun or the Higher Self, it is wise to look up rather than down (to the higher self rather than the mundane reality of the lower ego) in order to gain clarity before moving along with one’s intentions for the New Year.

Venus in Capricorn is in a Trine with Mars in Taurus and thus the inner and outer self can make some great decisions about how to unify mind and heart (Moon and Sun, Venus and Mars) in practical ways (earth signs).  Venus and Mars are consorts of love, creation and creativity.  Venus is also in a Trine with Uranus (retrograde) in Taurus, and thus more apt to think things out rather than jump to emotional conclusions.  

Helping the decision process is the fact that Mars and Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, as well as Mercury.  Again this helps a “stop and feel what you are thinking” before dashing off into a reactive and possibly false reality.  The Taurus element will aid the “stop and think” while Saturn will cause a pondering reality for “is everything in order?”  Of course, Jupiter might want to send exciting feelings to expand everything beyond ultimate truth by exaggerating an idea that may be fleeting and not stable enough to utilize or survive.  

Chiron in Aries gets into this mix as it is squared by Venus in Capricorn.  Venus will try to regulate the feelings and ideas of memory, “Don’t you remember the last time you tried to take the lead?  Ya, got hurt.”  However Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury are providing a positive arc sending ideas for opportunities to set a new order, advance the ideas, and expand in new ways.  Caution and opportunity can work together.

Neptune in Pisces is getting some gentler irritations from Mars and Saturn.  It is subtle memories like some needling of the emotions to recall what has happened before and not get lost in the illusions and entrapments of the old addictions of desires that appear to ultimate fulfillment.  So subtle are the illusion, one may cross it off as fear rather than listening to the warning; and move into the action anyway.

So, what are we called to be aware of?  Don’t leap into this year without some contemplation of the true foundation of yourself.  Be willing to venture into new ideas, but with regulation of the mind so it does not wander into the realms of dreamy illusions.  Set your goals with awareness and a grounded reality as well as with a whimsical desire to get into new experiences.  Be guided by your Higher Self…enter the convent: the place of sacred contemplation, before you leap into an answer of choices before you.