Pause for a few moments at New Moon and set your intentions with a higher value in mind. For those living in the Mountain Standard Time, that moment begins at 2:03:17 p.m. The Moon and Sun join in the dynamic energy of Aquarius and Mercury is leading the way. Brilliant waves of energy from the Divine Mind are sending vibrations to the Earth (which is cycling through the sign of Leo), calling everyone to stand tall in Self Dominion and Illuminate Divine intention through the whirling lights of your Chakras. (Do read the New Moon Letter on this website.)

Mercury in Aquarius will help everyone hold a strong sense of conscious awareness and draw everyone to attention. Will we choose to be humanitarians of the world or will we just focus on ourselves? These vibrations can aid us in taking the high road of care and concern for all. However, as usual, we must choose the road (and yes, the often less traveled).

The Sabian message of the joint forces of the Moon and Sun presents this statement, “A big businessman sitting at his desk.” This is a call for a responsible nature to influence a wide range of individuals. As this power of responsibility is at the head of a desk, which is a flat surface held upright with four legs, this presents a power of stability in the midst of responsibility. The one who sits behind the desk has a choice to reveal matters of great importance. He has the power to bring ideas for a fulcrum that can change the way business is conducted and rich rewarding results to occur for all (or shall it only be for the responsible one at the head of the desk?). Evoking the power of harmony or the power of authoritarianism is in the hands of the one responsible for the decisions.

What does this say to ourselves? How are we sitting at our desks? Are we taking up our daily responsibilities with only our selves in mind? Or are we realizing that every decision we make effects the greater whole (seen or unseen).

Helping energy can be seen in the radiant waves of the Sun and Moon arching their message to other planets. We know that Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon and leading humanity into the ideals drawn from the transpersonal realm of our existence (Aquarius). It lights positive and opportunistic energy to Jupiter in Sagittarius, calling on the greatest expansion for compassion, benevolence, and an ability to rise to the occasion of higher wisdom in service to all.

The Moon and Sun arch energy to Venus in Capricorn, needling this field to be alert and awake to the building blocks of all relationships, including business relationships. The agitation is a call to be alert and be willing to make changes. Fortunately, Venus is arching lights to the original ruler of Aquarius, Uranus.

Uranus is in Aries, ready for a quick movements and can respond to the power of balancing the “me and the we” if we reach into the higher wisdom and vibrate with the Universal Law of Love that is embedded in Uranus. Mars sits right with Uranus and calls on the “Go Now and Do It.” vibrations. Both vibrating with the Pioneer energy of Aries’ call on the field of beginnings to set the foundation for the intentions of this New Moon….Serve the Higher Good of All!

The Sun and Moon also align opportunistically with Jupiter, expanding the power of their Great Wind (air) to stoke the fire of Jupiter in Sagittarius and increase “the heat” to serve the greater whole. In fact, this message will come on the waves of spiritual inspiration and groups of people aligned in the intentions of the Higher Will accepting and celebrating the ways and means to bring harmony to humanity…for indeed, Earth is angled in the essence of Grace with Jupiter …the King of Grace ready to present the way. May he be at the Head of the Desk.

The Sun and Moon next arch at Chiron with the needle effect calling all to awaken from their wounds and beliefs they are not capable or able to aid the changes for the good. Chiron in Pisces must feel the stirring of the greater good and awaken from a bad dream of being unable. Venus arcs a more prominent light of agitation as she calls upon Chiron to realize the authority is within, the glory of being is to take on the self acclaiming message, “I Can Be, I Will Be, I Am strong, capable and willing to aid in healing the whole spectrum of the world.”

Thus, this month, I see the New Moon initiating a Greater Good for All. May we all join in the frequencies of these rays of light delivering a message to us. We are strong, capable of taking dominion over our life, and helping others through the strength we emit. Awen!