Christmas night at 10:13 pm Mountain Standard Time the Moon and Sun connect at 4 degrees 6 minutes within the Zodiac sign of Capricorn.  Beside these two is Jupiter and quite a bit ahead of them in the same sign is Saturn and Pluto.  Five planets are activating the foundation of achievement that is established by resourcefulness, patience and discipline, practicality and dependability, and of course, success as the goal (Capricorn).  In alignment with Humility (South and North Moon Nodes: Capricorn/Cancer), this is a time when the goal can certainly be for self and our larger family, humanity.
The Sabian message of the Moon and Sun is “A party entering a large canoe.”  Though this may sound like a wonderful event, a canoe is truly unpredictable and can be easily toppled with too many people partying.  However, as it is a group in celebration, it also means there is the gift of like-minded people joining together.  As we are ending a year and preparing to enter a new year, we are called to stabilize our goals in the family of humanity so we may refine the direction we are going in order to achieve what we all likely want.   Do we have the wherefor all to be resourceful, patient and disciplined in a like-minded way?  Are we going to stay the course to reach the goal in our sight?  May we climb the mountain together and realize as we initiate intentions in this New Moon, we have supporting elements in our village!
Jupiter entered the field of Capricorn on December 3rd.    When on the move, Jupiter initiates positive events, stirs new ideas, and projects can seem doable without loss, especially when Jupiter moves into the sign of Capricorn.  By now many are feeling uplifted by the movement of Jupiter.  The mountain of dreams and desires to climb in 2020 is not looking or feeling like it will be too hard to accomplish.  Within the sign of Capricorn, Jupiter provides the feeling that perseverance is a delightful dance, obstacles are not a problem, and opportunities are abundant.  Passing through the corridors of challenges can be done when one keeps their sight on the goal and their attitude motivated with positive beliefs.
Saturn in Capricorn provides the ever efficient will power to keep on projecting the vision of the goal and knowing success is ours!  Pluto in Capricorn continues to move us through dark corridors and moves the masses to make the changes necessary to truly understand and transmute whatever has kept us from gaining the true resources of making our life and our governing systems work for all.
Mercury has not yet reached the field of Capricorn at New Moon.  It is in the field of Sagittarius (the sign Jupiter rules and has just left).   Mercury is aiding this lunar initiation to keep our inner and outer sights on the higher goals.  Focused on Right Order for our World, we can be benevolent because we know what is good for all is good for one.  In fact, Mercury in Sagittarius truly shines a positive light on Freedom of Speech and allows everyone’s voice to be heard and taken into consideration.  As we listen with an open mind to family, friends, and others, we stand to learn much and discern a greater truth that will help self, family, and humanity.
Yes, when we are in the field of Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius (Venus is in Aquarius at New Moon), we are in the conscious state of community.  It is not just about “me.”  It is about us!  In fact, all planets except Uranus are in signs that are about the “we”.   Uranus is a planet that activates the caring consciousness of humanitarian causes, thus, this New Moon chart is reminding us to “come together” and find ways to master life as a worldly community.   Uranus helps us know, feel and act, not as a world of “mine” but as a world of “we are in this together.”
Venus, the planet of connections with earth and those on the earth is positively expressing through Aquarius.  We recognize this Venus as the planet of love and feel the magnetic pull to share, care, and create.  As Venus is in Aquarius we have the opportunity to bring all of this into our humanitarian attitude.  Through open communication and humanitarian care, we are feeling the urge to create a world with an unconventional bent on making changes that encourage relationships that allow love and friendship to occur without being encumbered by old and stagnant beliefs.
Of course, Neptune continues its ride through Pisces and thus keeps the movement in our inner realm of moving beyond illusions of what we dreamed was to be and recognize what we can do to establish a true Oneness.  If the Uranus (retrograde) in Taurus energy wants to be overly independent it releases a slight agitation to Neptune which sends back a message to remember to plan for the whole not just the self.
Chiron, of course, is in Aries and is finally in direct motion (in fact, the only planet in retrograde is Uranus).  However, it is being challenged by the Moon, Sun, and Jupiter.  This is a message to not move too quickly or the old muses of abuse may want to trample the spirit of change in the range of self acceptance.  It is a call to understand there is a positive way to relate self to the world and allow the world to relate to self.  Let the agitation simply be awareness and not a message of “here it is again.”  We all need to stand strong in Self so we may be strong as the World Family.
As we  move into the New Moon of Capricorn, it is a time to remember we not only have a chance to set our sights on what we want to accomplish, but we are an influencer of the sight of the World Family.  May we all find a way to weave harmony into our communities that overflow into our nation and all the nations of the world.  Let us not tip the canoe.  May we help it glide through ocean of change.