New Moon occurs August 11, 2018 very early in the morning. It is in perfect New Moon alignment at 3:57:38 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in perfect alignment with the Sun at 18 Degrees 41 Minutes in Leo. Moving in retrograde motion are: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Hmm, are we getting the message? It is truly time to sit back, review, recall, release, reconsider, relax, and realign. In fact, it is ideal when we are entering the doorway of Fall. How will all of this help us throughout the Lunar month?
The Sabian symbol of each of these significant travelers is the best place to start. The message of the Moon and Sun is: “A houseboat party.” Sounds like a creation of fun, delightful conversations, a bit of dancing, lots of eating, people laughing, talking and sharing their lives. As noted, a houseboat is a flat bottom boat without a keel. If the party becomes a disturbance and too much turbulence arrives, it will be hard to steer without the keel. Ah, how might the turbulence arrive in our lives?
The Moon and Sun are conjunct with Retrograde Mercury in Leo. The retrograde can cause a bit of turbulence as our minds jut from here to there without realizing the consequences of an unfocused mind. The Sabian message of Mercury in Leo states “A pageant.” It surely shows a bit more of the party going on. It behooves all to speak with clarity for there are many who are listening and since Mercury Squares Jupiter, what they hear is perhaps statements of exaggeration rather than truth and clarity. Mercury is aligned with Neptune in a quincunx, and thus the illusionary speaking will be detected. However, it won’t be heard quite right and will create more of a judgement than just minor challenges. This often causes embarrassment in the middle of a party.
Retrograde Mars in Aquarius is in a poignant position at 0 degrees 29 Minutes. Its radical action is slowed down. It is in an easy flow and graceful energy patterning with Venus in Libra. This will help as communication with others is going on. Hopefully, anger-filled words that are nonsensical will be stopped with a momentary consideration and compassion for all people. Mars does square with Saturn in Capricorn. While both are in retrograde, they will aid the process of reviewing, recalling, releasing, and reconsidering what path is to be chosen that is for the higher good for all. Mars is also in an irritating alignment with Neptune, Retrograde in Pisces. It most certainly is calling on the challenge to reconsider actions being taken that are not for the higher good. The Sabian message of Mars is: “An old adobe mission.” Ah, this is reminiscent of old times when the mission was sacred and the intentions were born of compassion. However, it is also a message of the missionaries who entered the sacred custom of others and attempted (and often succeeded) in convincing them there was only one sacred wisdom to follow. This lacked the inclusiveness of knowledge from others’ sacred practices. This is being challenged in this retrograde message.
Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, as noted above. It is receiving challenging energy from the Moon and the Sun in Leo, as well as Venus in Libra. It is sending a positive note of energy to Uranus in Taurus, but a challenging energy to Chiron in Aries. Saturn, the task master, may be calling on the power to recognize how much time we have to flow into a positive grouping of humanity or enter into a greater challenge of inhumane acts the effect the entire world. Will we use the old wounds (Chiron) and let them fester into the need to fight, or will we use the positive flow with Uranus and diligently reconsider what we have done for centuries and discover new and innovative ways to all live together in harmony, acceptance of other’s uniqueness that can and will support the empowerment of a Human Race living in the grace of love and care for all.
Saturn’s Sabian Message is: “A party entering a large canoe.” Oh my, from the flatboat to a canoe. Still not stable when the waves and turbulence occurs. This is a primitive way to find the path of review, recall, release, reconsideration, relaxing and realignment. Ah, do we need this? Perhaps. As Saturn in a grace-filled alignment with Uranus, it may prove that a whole new way is seen from the primitive wisdom of a philosophy that truly knows how to put order into chaos, and uniqueness into every-day living.
How is Uranus in Taurus aiding the initiating symbol of the Houseboat Party? It is squared by Mars in Aquarius (the sign it rules), thus obtaining the agitation to make a move, but not too quickly, for Uranus and Mars are in the slow down process of retrograde vibrations. It is calling for the new way to find the true directions to master life before we go off into the extremes that Uranus and Aquarius can bring, especially when Mars wants to “get on with it now.” In the Grace of the energy of Saturn in Capricorn, Rx, the healing that can occur is the review of the organization of our own life, our world governments, and the plans we are all making to reach the top of the hill as successful human beings. Uranus is helping us review our worthiness and access the places in our mind and heart that may hold to prejudice, old sanctions of living, judgment of others, and false beliefs that hold us back.
The Sabian Message of Uranus is: “An electrical storm.” Ah, so appropriate with Uranus letting go of the lightening-strike of a higher level of awareness. And, as we can see, we initiate with the Moon and Sun the power to be on the water, however, without a keel. The energy of the lightening can be scary, or it can be the arousal of illumination—A true awakening. The disturbance of our minds, emotions and the actions going on around the world (Uranus) most certainly can look scary, but the illumination of the greater purpose is being challenged. What will the chaos reveal? Are we holding our self grounded (Taurus) and centered in a higher intention (Uranus)? Time will tell.
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. It has arching lights coming from Mercury in Leo, Mars in Aquarius (both retrograde) and Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury may be sending confusing messages of how to party with abandonment or messages of lies that seem little and without matter. Or, Mercury is sending a notice to review the lack of clarity and the journey that illusion can bring us. Mercury’s journey in Leo may be a reminder to get together as a team and learn how to work together. Mars retrograde in Aquarius is sending the needles and pins energy that is agitating and can create the act of anger and the “only me” as the important aspect of life. Or, it may agitate the true voice of “let go of the fight to be and become the spiritual warrior of the higher intentions to bring everyone in life into the circle of All Is Important. Jupiter in Scorpio is sending a blessing to the unconscious Neptune to continue the inner power of transformation for the world (Pisces). If we, the population of the world, get it, then we can become prolific creators of peace, harmony, love and achieve the higher good for all!
The Sabian message of Neptune is: “The Flow of Inspiration.” As Pisces and Neptune are all about water, then upon the party boat or the canoe, may we all seek the flow of inspiration from the higher realm of our existence. May we move beyond illusions and seek the clarity to create the grace of love and harmony for all mankind. May the inspiration aid us to flow in the all pervasive life-force energy that we are. That energy is the Divine and it is All Inclusive in its love for every aspect of Its Being.
How will you use the blessings of these retrograde planets? May they serve your internal review.