The New Moon is exact at 8:41:31 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time on August 18th.  The Moon will meet with the Sun at precisely 26 degree 35 minutes in Leo.  Mercury rides with them at 28 degree 7 Minutes in Leo.  They all initiate a Grand Fire Trine and a Kite as they arch\ their lights with Mars in Aries and the South and North Moon Node in Sagittarius and Gemini (respectively).

As we all can note that challenge remain in our lives, this New Moon Chart presents us with Grace (the Grand Trine), Wisdom to unfold (a Mystical Rectangle is noted), the flight of the soul (Kite), and perhaps more healing wisdom to unfold as the Earth journeys through scientific Aquarius, and the three-pronged fork of Neptune is digging deep within the Ocean of Divine Consciousness in Pisces.

Again, let’s start by contemplating the wisdom of the Sabian message, the Grand Trine, and the Kite.  The Sun and Moon reveal the message of, “Daybreak.”  Light emerging is another way we can speak of daybreak.  When light emerges within us, we are in a state of awareness, our minds our clear for we have gained more knowledge through the dark corridors of experiences.  Awen!  Add to this Sabian message in Mercury’s position in Leo that presents, “A mermaid.”  Ah, out of the great ocean awareness occurs.  Or, is this a fantasy, a state of longing for something wished for, but not real or to be?  Caution is the tale to render here.  We may be too quick to surmise (Moon, Sun, and Mercury are all in the fire sign of playful Leo) what we need to feel, focus on, in order to bring forth the light of awareness to our attention.

Perhaps reviewing the Sabian message of Earth moving through Aquarius opposite the Sun and Moon might aid our “awareness.”  This message states:  “An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets.” It reminds us to be quiet as the fragile violet, yet not shrink into the corner of shyness.  We need to observe, for a while, so ‘daybreak’ can be seen for what it has to offer.  Quite interestingly, in the book of Sabian Symbols by Blain Bovee, the author speaks of other flowers and the children’s song of Ring around the Rosy.  Blain reveals this was a song that was “a child’s take on the Black Death.”  If we remain introspective and observant,  the light of the sun will brighten and reveal the path out of our health pandemic, economic pandemic, and all fear-based pandemics that are overwhelming the collective psyche of humanity right now.  

The New Moon Chart brings us a promise of ease, shall we connect with the flow of energy and universal wisdom within it.  A blessing of the Sun in Leo is the power to live with a sovereign attitude of knowing we all have the inner wisdom of how to be in charge of ourselves and lead ourselves out of the darkness through a will power that holds strong to our vital internal abilities.  We carry the ability to master life.  We carry the ability to honor all life.  We carry the ability to create ever-unfolding realities for the good of self and the good of all.   The Sun calls us to this attention while the Moon calls us to this inner knowing and inner strength.  Mercury reminds us to hold our focus, listen within to the Vive Voce which will direct us to know and understand how to weave into the Rhythm of the Universe (North and South Moon Nodes) which are now guiding us through the Agency of Sagittarius (South Moon Node) and Gemini (North Moon Node).

The South Moon Node in Sagittarius reminds us that we already have the wisdom of benevolence for the greater good of all, the knowledge to communicate with others at a level befitting harmony without platitudes, and as the focal point of the Grand Trine, the Grace of a refined level of awareness that guides us into living together with the spiritual intentions to be all-inclusive.  
The North Moon Node is the cosmic rhythm of intentions to be learned.  It is the focal point of the tip of the sacred symbol of the Kite (the point that guides our world-wide-soul to soar).  This vibration is moving our collective psyche to learn how to bring forth new words, phrases, and methods of communication that will aid personal will to be guided by the Will of the Divine to express in new ways as Mars in Aries connects with the South Moon Node, completing the Kite symbol as well as the Sacred Symbol of the Fire Grand Trine joining forces with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo.

The Mystical Rectangle is lit up by the Sun arcing energy to the North and South Moon Nodes and the Earth sending her vibration to the Nodes as well.  This sacred symbol reminds us the  energy of deeper wisdom is revealed, yet each of us must be seekers, willing to take the road of the Quest to Know.  We are called to let our minds seek beyond what we already know by searching with innocence and a sense of curiosity willing to learn more by emptying out our need to immediately believe we understand and then have to teach it…nope, know nothing, teach nothing, learn everything as though you are a mental blank slate.  The Mystical Rectangle is a treasure chest of greater wisdom.

Oh, we are not without the “wake up” calls of agitation as Neptune in Pisces squares the North and South Moon Nodes and Uranus in Taurus sends rays of irritation as well.  “Wake up humanity!  Come out of your illusions and self delusion.  Wake up Humanity!  You are to continue looking deeper (Neptune/Pisces) into resources of your economic reality as well as your health crisis (Pisces and Taurus).”  Uranus in Retrograde is asking us to review our resources and not act radically and incoherently.  We must look at our health and fitness (Taurus), our money (Taurus), our Food supply (Taurus/gardens) as we review our self worth (Taurus).  We cannot simply hop into something that appears to look new and awesome (Uranus retrograde).  

Venus in Cancer opposes Jupiter, Retrograde in Capricorn, and thus activates Pluto Retrograde, and Saturn Retrograde, in Capricorn as well.  All cause us to pause, consider what we are desiring to create, discover, and achieve, if it is nurturing (Cancer), good for personal self as well as all others (Cancer, ruling sign of America, and Capricorn sign of Government and Businesses). Venus certainly rules our worthiness and the worthiness of others.  Venus is squaring Chiron, Retrograde in Aries, asking us to check on our personal Will: is it aligned with the Will of the Divine?  Are we simply working from the old story of our wounded selves (Chiron)?  

As we await the Light of Day and remain in the fragile state of the Violets, may we all know our Cosmic Soul is guiding us to higher wisdom, as the Rays of the Divine “Will to Be” call us to honor Self and Others with a Love that holds no boundaries, no judgment, no conditions other than to hold all in the light of perpetual uniqueness that is a delight to observe and behold.  May the Vive Voce speak through us with that love, creative ideas, and provide us the means to support each other in the transitions all must undergo.