New Moon Influenced by the Seeds of the Cosmos

The new moon begins at 4:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time on May 4th. As I look at the astrological chart of this day and this time, I find that most of the planets are on the right side of the chart. In fact, all but one are on the right side of the chart. Also, most are above the horizon. Thus I can immediately see, now is the time for all of us to care about each other. Now, this is nothing new. However, it is a theme that is very important to all of us in order to make our world a great place for the next seven generations to come behind us and live in a good environment.
The Moon and the Sun are together in the eighth house. This house represents the abiding change of our inner consciousness. It also represents, things we cannot change, flipping the stage of the ego, and of course that age-old statement of “we have to pay our taxes”. Flipping the ego means we end the game of trying to be the one on top of the totem pole. The ego stage of being bigger, better, and greater than anyone else can fall and the stage of interaction, support of everyone’s talents being honored for expanding the greater whole can take place. Yet we must work with this flip!
As these Moon and the Sun are in Taurus within the eighth house, they are positioned in a place of discomfort. In other words, they don’t do well in this field of energy. In fact, the Moon in this house that originally belongs to Scorpio, is in a very detrimental position. Thus, we are going to have to work hard to get out of the darkness of separation. We’re going to have to work hard to cultivate the voice of our soul; and perhaps I might say, to cultivate our nation’s soul. For now, I leave this as a contemplation for you as I move on to speak of other aspects of this New Moon event and the astrological field of energy releasing “messages” we can follow or ignore (it is always up to us).
The Moon and Sun have a connective field of consciousness recognized by the Sabian Symbol message. It states, “An Old Man attempting vainly to reveal the Mysteries.” As I read this statement I thought even more reflectively on the reality that the Sun and Moon are in a house of mysteries (the 9th house of Scorpio). I understand the message of “attempting vainly.” For in this house, and with Taurus in the opposite house of its true placement, it is difficult. We don’t want to go “inward” during the Taurus time-frame. We would rather be out in the sunlight, working in our gardens, playing in the outdoors, and blooming new realities rather than clearing the old. I so recognize the power of 2019 that is working with this very piece of wisdom. It reveals we are working with dark and light. However, we have to dip into the dark spaces of our subconscious and cultivate truth as we let go of old problems that encourage us to collide with illusions we have carried throughout our lifetime.
Surely, it gets old to keep digging in the sludge of old memories, old wounds, and old beliefs. At times, I don’t even want to write about it. Yet, as I work with many clients (and myself), I find that sludge creeps up and tries to take over the heart-mind space with negative feelings and thinking. It turns our positive steps into grinding disappointments and pointless prayer. Yet, all of this is a part of us and learning to accept, envelope, and love the challenging parts of our self can be the gift of greater change and an ability to move deeper into the psyche to discover the true and wondrous land of the Holy One within us. Thus, as I read the Sabian Message, I realize a secret is being revealed. It is time to find the seeds of soul-flowers in the peat of our unconscious. Otherwise, we only come up “empty” and do feel our search is in vain, because we keep “acting out” the beliefs, challenges, and wounds erupting from subconscious memory bank of sorrows, incapabilities, regrets, and other malfunctions.
In the challenges of the Moon (stirring our emotional essence) and the Sun (stirring our heart-mind), a Grace is given as they send light to Saturn (Retrograde) in Capricorn. The retrograde energy will ask us to work diligently with our inner being, and yet realize this inner work will provides a means to get to the top of the mountain of our soul wisdom. In fact, the Moon and Sun arc lights to Neptune in Pisces in such a manner that opportunities are provided to seek the deeper and most tumultuous levels (Neptune = Poseidon) and heal are greatest habits that have become our addiction to the old patterns. The Moon and Sun continue radiating their collective light to aspects of the heaven as it connects to the South Moon Node in Capricorn ( and thus the North Moon Node in Cancer, both also in retrograde), and the retrograde essence of Pluto in Cancer. This energy of Grace will help us heal family issues, old foundational beliefs that have corralled us into challenging attitudes of unworthiness, and rise into the awareness that it is beyond time to heal. We can, and we will, lead ourselves into the Light of Transmutation (Pluto).
In fact, the group of Saturn, South Moon Node, and Pluto in Capricorn all reach to the North Moon Node in Cancer and together, the 4 vibrations of these fields experience the arc of lights from Venus in Aries, and Mercury in Aries with the agitated energy of a square. They say, “Wake up! Feel the energy within, examine it, and bring it to light!” The intensity of the agitation stings until action is taken. Can you feel it?
Also of note in the field of agitation and flipping our conscious/subconscious states, are Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. Pushing and pulling they ask of us to keep examining, communicating, and extracting the deeper wisdom for our psyche (as they tap into a challenging energy of Neptune in Pisces also forming an expression of agitation until we take action). Using the Jupiter retrograde energy to contract and go in, we can quickly (Mars) do some questioning (Gemini) and seek (Sagittarius) the higher wisdom of our selves (personally, and as a Nation).
Ah, I shall stop here with the cosmic vibrations calling us to attention. We have the gift of agitation that opens the doorway to truly seek to know what keeps us holding back from our deeper and greater changes. We have the Grace to gain compassion and heal so we truly can live in the Light and join the field of Oneness….but our soul soil needs tending. Old roots need to be removed and our fertilizer of new directions needs to enrich the seeds of wisdom. Allowing ourselves to respond, at every more deeper levels of our selves also means we are helping others as well. We don’t need to pontificate, move them, or beg them to move. If we do our work we also realize we change the world of others near to us. There is no cajoling. We are not to “make others change.” However, when we are no longer the fuel of agitation, no one has anything to “fill up” frustration, anger, and defensiveness. Why? Because we become the fuel of self acceptance, contentedness, creative action, and delight in life. If others want a bit of this positive fuel, they will find it within their self.
May all be blessed.