We enter the New Moon at 12:59:37 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.  The Moon and Sun are joined together at 21 degrees 17 minutes within the constellation of Taurus.  Nearby is Uranus at 11 degrees 18 minutes within Taurus. By May 12th at 6:43 a.m. MDT, the Moon will be at 0 degrees 0 minutes of Gemini and begin a conjunction with Venus in Gemini.  Inner dialogue will be strong and we need to be listening.

The Sabian message of the Sun and Moon states, “White Dove over troubled waters.”  However, when the moon reaches its position over Gemini the Sabian symbol offers, “A glass-bottomed boat drifts over under-sea wonders.”  Phew, give us several hours and we will move beyond our troubling emotions that may want to stir the waters of our insecurity.   We will be able to understand what is going on within (especially if we are listening [Taurus] and willing to communicate).

Another blessing to consider is the arching of lights the Sun and Moon make to Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn.  It is as though they are asking for a LifeBoat to secure the gift of the White Dove.  The White Dove is recognized as the Holy Spirit bringing a message.  The troubled waters represent our subconscious releasing more of our concerns, fears, and ungrounded misperceptions.  Neptune in Pisces aids us in gathering wisdom of the Divine’s massive consciousness and “fishing it out” for our individual use (Sun and Moon).    Pluto will aid us in making sure we capture the sacred wisdom of our soul and the seeds of new life that are to grow in this season of renewal.  

Mercury in Gemini will aid us as this planet arcs the flow of positive curiosity to Saturn in Aquarius asking for stability yet options for opportunities.  What I find quite interesting is the fact that Mars in Cancer is sending a “whisper” to Saturn that is just about inaudible.  Yet, if we listen closely it is a call to have the will to be caring (Cancer) to ourselves (Mars), family (Cancer), co-workers (Saturn), friends, and all humans (Aquarius).  

Saturn offers a pause before we leap into anything and everything as it squares Uranus in Taurus.  Venus in Gemini squares Jupiter in Aquarius with a similar request.  Come within and listen to the higher mind (Jupiter/Aquarius), make decisions with care (Venus/Gemini), and then travel down the road that aids all beings.

What I find significant in aiding the message I feel prompted to present this month is also the North and South Moon Node, Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively.  They remind us to gain the perspective of all, not just self.  Their Sabian Messages hold something for us to contemplate as well.  North Node/Gemini:  Newly opened lands offer virgin realms of experience.  South Moon Node/Sagittarius:  The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple.  

Surely if we take the quest of riding over the troubled waters and gain greater insight of self, soul, and spirit, we will honor the respect to be given to all beings.  This in turn will open us to the “virgin realms of experience,” and we will use the lamp of “physical enlightenment…” to aid harmony 

for all.

As we will end the journey of Taurus completely by May 20th and be in the realm of communicative Gemini, may we all ponder the inner voice and present a garden of harmony to self and all others.