The New Moon in Leo on July 28, 2022
By Carrie Gane

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Grand Fixed Cross upon us…

We have a new moon in the astrological sign of Leo (Holly) on Thursday, July 28th, 2022 at 12:55 p.m. CST. This new moon takes place during a grand fixed cross. A grand fixed cross is as astrological pattern where different planets forms a square with a X within it.

When planets form a grand cross pattern, it is a configuration of “extreme tension”. Each of these planets/lunar nodes are at cross purposes with each other, each expressing their energy very differently, making it hard to understand each other. It is felt as a very irritating energy, waking us up to necessary changes we need to make.

The blessing here is that there is a motivating factor to overcome all odds with a grand cross. We can use determination and focus to unify these different energy fields. If we become stubborn and set in our “old ways”, we will miss the opportunities to grow by being pulled into old reactions, inappropriate force or action without foresight.

Grand Fixed Cross

Here is how each end of the grand fixed cross is expressing its energy:

Mercury (thoughts/ ideas/communication) – in Leo (pride in self/talents) – in Fire (action/initiation)

Mercury in Leo asks us to express the very unique Spirit-Soul essence of ourselves that only we are able to bring to Light. There is so much room for us to express ourselves from a place of joy, enthusiasm, playfulness and pride. Each of us are a very needed and unique essence of the whole, the Divine Universe. If we hid our essence in the shadows out of fear or shame, we keep an essence of the Universe hidden from others.

We can make the choice to turn our heads (Mercury) in a new direction. To do this, we must first be in our self-dominion, conscious of our thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviors. Then we must focus on choosing those thoughts and speech that create our new direction. We must prune those thoughts and speech which cause us to fall back into the old dramas/traumas of our past.

Saturn (structure/discipline/foundation) – in Aquarius (inventive, freedom, humanitarian)- in Air (ideas/communication/speech)

Saturn in Aquarius wants us to connect with our inner light. It is the source of our creative energy and when we let this light shine, we are the creative architects of our world. We bring love into our creations, bring new ideas into being, care for our humanity and create improvements for our community. Mercury in Leo can help us be nimble and new in our expression and in our thinking, instead of stiff and rigid.

South Node of the Moon (overdeveloped talents/experiences we came into this lifetime knowing) – in Scorpio (transformation/ prolific/sexual/old reactions)- in Water (emotions/intuition)

The South Node of the Moon in Scorpio asks us to relinquish our old emotions and old dramas and traumas. We keep retelling them in the conversations we have, the movies and books we create, the controversies we embroil ourselves in. Scorpio says it is time to go into the darkness within and allow ourselves to be renewed. Allow the stormy emotions to calm, release and silence. Then we will find the Light within again, we will be guided back to Aquarius, where we can find new ideas and ahas about who we truly are and what we are here to create.

North node of the Moon (soul push to new experiences/learning this lifetime) – in Taurus (materialistic/abundant/our bodies/sensual – in Earth (grounded/practical/stable)

The North Node of the Moon in Taurus wants us to experience the Divine Light of our Spirit in our human bodies. We can cultivate a sense of heaven on Earth. We can tend our own inner garden and whatever we plant within ourselves we will see bloom in our world.

When we know our true self-worth as Divine human beings, we are able to live in life mastery. Taurus in the North Node lets us know we are the planters and gardeners of this new world forming. We must heal the old emotions (found in Scorpio) and let them go fallow. Then new, abundant, plentiful thoughts, emotions and feelings can be seeded.

Uranus (Universal love/freedom/independence/rebellion) – in Taurus (materialistic/abundant/money/our bodies/sensual) – in Earth (grounded/practical/stable)

Uranus in Taurus is “blended” (conjunct) with the North Node in Taurus. Through its energy of Universal love, Uranus wants us to feels the freedom that comes with knowing our self-worth. Uranus shows us that every person alive in a human body at this moment is so very needed. We are needed by our friends and family, we our needed by our communities, we are needed by the Divine Universe. Without each of us, we all remain incomplete. We need each other as our mirrors, our inspiration, our leaders, our followers, our teachers, our students, our challengers. “All souls are our friends.”- Rev. Katherine Bell

Now, besides the Grand Cross, we have four planets in retrograde…

at this new Moon. When a planet goes retrograde, it is said to be a time to do the R’s- review, reevaluate, revise, release, rework, rebirth, relax. None of the planets retrograde at this time are what we called “personal” planets (where the retrograde is felt most personally). All are “social or global” planets, meaning we feel the affects more on social and collective consciousness levels.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius asks us to review and possibly redefine who we think we are as a humanity. There is a new story we can start telling ourselves about how loved and supported we are by the Divine. We can start realizing how much assistance we have from what we call the other side, Heaven, the Universe, our angels. Are we asking for help? We are not expected to do this alone.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces wants us to be aware of where we fall into illusion and think that we are not enough. We impose S.I.N. (self-inflected negativity) upon ourselves and in doing so, cut ourselves off from the great womb of creativity and consciousness. Water is so healing. Take time to rest in or near a body of water, lake, ocean, bathtub. Relax the worried mind.

Pluto in retrograde in Capricorn. This is deep, transformative, excavating work taking place in our world. We are seeing many of the old structures our world has been built upon start to crumble and fall. This upheaval won’t last forever. However, we are at a point in our human evolution where some structures no longer serve our highest good. The “Me Too” movement is an example of an outdated structure of violence against women and the secrecy and shame that can follow. As a collective consciousness, we are now saying “No more”. In many areas of our world, we are creating fresh, uplifting structures that better suit our needs. But those new structures can’t not be thought of, evaluated, and put into place if we’re all racing along in a mode of constant business in our daily lives. It’s healthy to take some time for self-reflection and world-reflection during this time of so many retrograde planets.

Chiron (an asteroid not a planet) is retrograde in Aries, pointing to the deepest wound we feel right now. Do you know what it is? Our individual uniqueness. Any and every place that we are different from others is a place that we typically have been taught to feel shame or embarrassment about. When will this end? When will we embrace ourselves as wonderful, quirky, Divine and unique just as we are! There is only one of us in the whole Universe, never to be copied or repeated again. We are each priceless! Remember this!

On July 29th, Jupiter will also go retrograde in Aries. Now Jupiter is a social planet. It is a planet that is always giving all we need to us for this life’s journey, as long as we don’t dam up the river ourselves. How do we dam up our own river? Holding a poverty consciousness, being stuck in guilt, taking care of everyone else. It is a time when we reevaluate our philosophies and our connection with our Higher Power, whatever that may be.

What are our metaphors for this New Moon’s wisdom?

The Sabian symbols are metaphors for our journey towards self-realization, viewed through the lens of astrology. The Sabian symbols for the new Moon and Sun at 5 degrees and 38 minutes in Leo on July 28, 2022 are “An old-fashioned woman and a flapper”. The Sabian symbol for the Earth in the opposing position at 5 degrees and 38 minutes in Aquarius is “A performance of a mystery play”.

“An old-fashioned woman and a flapper” speaks to the image of different generations viewing one another from their own perspectives. A flapper brings to mind a young woman, hip, in tune with the new, setting the trend, behaving in a manner that stirs excitement. Flappers wear floppy clothes, hats and enjoy being at the center of lively excitement. An old-fashioned woman is generally not the center of attention, wearing a toned down wardrobe that is easily dismissed or forgettable. Yet she carries traditions with her. She may have an inner sense of self that is not dependent on outer appearances. Both woman may be conforming to their lifestyle, yet be intrigued with each other on a deep level.

“A performance of a mystery play” speaks to the image of the dramatization of an alluring unknown “mystery play”- a medieval enactment of scriptural events and characters that convey ancient wisdom but have become stiff and stale over time. There is a call here for rejuvenation in a lively, contemporary fashion.

This begs the question: Where have the stories we tell and hold in our collective consciousness become old, stale and stiff? Do we even “hear” the ancient wisdom they once conveyed? Is it time for us to freshen up our collective stories, to tell them from an empowered state that rejuvenates us? Can we express their wisdom in a way that ushers in new energy and contemporary ideas? We can learn from the very young, who are nimble in body and MIND. They are quick to grasp a new take on something old.

During this month of Leo, we can develop a sense of wonder and mystery of our new world that is forming. We can think of how the old wisdom informs the new Us, while the new Us refashions and enlivens the ancient wisdom.

Can we tell a new story, with a fresh sense of personal expression? Perhaps one were we each chose these journeys, difficult and heartbreaking at times, to lead us back to this very place, this very moment, when we finally realize and accept that we are Divine masters?

We each took this soul journey to explore and discover our mastery. Our mastery now guides us to the inner tools we can use to heal ourselves, build a more joyful, prosperous life and live in harmony in our empowerment. We no longer need to take power from another or be the victim of another. We have all the power we will ever need within us. We can choose to tell our stories in a new way, as the hero/ heroine who has obtained mastery and can now play and create this new world of ours in wondrous ways, supported by our ancient wisdom of what works well and what no long serves us.

Leo is here to remind us, “Hey, can we infuse all this ‘adult wisdom’ we’ve gained with some frolicking, some energetic expressions of fun and delight?” Imagine that we are children again and this is all just a play’s performance. Conjure up yourself as the lead character and act out a story that brings delight and joy to your soul. Act it out and you will find you have just gifted others with your unique expression of being yourself, and the whole world is a little better for it.