As we enter a New Moon we take on the vibration of the stars and planets that set a configuration of spiritedness that assists or challenges us. At 6:28: 04 p.m. Mountain Standard Time January 5th we begin an auspicious year, if we use the energy and information wisely. Since this is a year focused on Capricorn and Cancer, most of this cosmic note will review these fields.
The New Moon January 5th also is a Partial Solar eclipse. The shadow effect will be seen in Asia. The vibration of the eclipse will be felt within all of us. All eclipses ask us to go within and comprehend what our emotional self is dictating or willing to change. As the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, we will not see effects of the New Moon intentions in our Earthly realm for several months. Thus, we must be clear about who we are, what we are doing for the greater good, and what it is we want to manifest in 2019. The spiritual dimension of this new moon is supercharged by the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all in the sign of Capricorn. Plus the lunar Nodes come into play and will effect the psyche of humanity throughout the year. The South Moon Node is in Capricorn and the North Moon Node is in Cancer. What can this impressive energy field do for us? How can we consciously use it?
The blessing of a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse calls us to initiate new beginnings. Of course, this is also clear as we start the New Year of 2019. Since the focus is mostly on Capricorn, let me focus on its attributes and challenges. Capricorn guides us to achieve at our highest levels. It provides the energy to enter the realm of our careers and accomplish our intentions. It also is the field of energy in which we create a reputation with all those we encounter. It is a field that supports the growth and well being of corporations, governments, and the higher order of religious clerics (such as the Pope). Its challenges include being stuck as the authority of old beliefs, being so structured we cannot allow foundations to be reconstructed. We may believe we have reached the pinnacle of our life and not strive for positive new realities. As the South Node is in Capricorn, it holds the wisdom of lessons learned and calls us not to sit back using our old lore and believe all is in good order. We must begin new and let go of old beliefs and experiences. We must not be the boring old “parental” consciousness judging our every move. We are called to be the billy goat and start up our mountain of desires, as well as proceed and achieve with a fresh new view.
Mercury has just entered the realm of Capricorn and calls us to be quite focused and able to direct our achievements with values that aid us in reaching new heights. Saturn will either give us the precious wisdom of how to manifest our new directions, or will encourage us to be too restrictive and, perhaps, too focused on time (especially limited time). The Moon in Capricorn is in a challenging field as it flows and Capricorn restricts. This may rock our sense of inner knowing. The Sabian symbol connected to the Sun and the Moon may help us. Its statement, “Boys and girls in gymnasium suits” reminds us to be ready to train in new ways and prepare to enter into new stages of wisdom. The Sun in Capricorn will give us the light to reach for the higher values of Capricorn.
Pluto in Capricorn will continue to guide the transmutation of our world as we know it, particularly through our governmental systems. Clearing out and restructuring is the theme.
The North Moon Node is quite significant. It is the call to move in new directions and not hold to the old. It is moving through Cancer, the sign of home and hearth, the foundations we set as we learned from family, our ability to understand the power of Nature and Nurturing, and the will to compassionately direct our creative qualities. As the North Moon Node asks us to create something new, then the Cancer configuration calls us to take our foundations and set them in a new fashion, as well as form fresh and novel ways to nurture the nature of our being. This includes our personal self and our world family. It is a time to align in avant-garde ideas that can guide our lives in healthy, stable, and pioneering ways that create an all inclusive new world.
Surely, any who follow Astrology realize that Cancer is the sign of the United States and Capricorn is also the sign of Governments. Thus, we can all see that something new must happen in the United States and we cannot sit in the foundation of old government structures. We cannot be led by a Father consciousness dictating our world. We have to come into the nature to nurture new realities that can set the foundation for our World Family to grow and expand. I pray we come out of the phase of the PAC system. The acronym means Parent, Adult, and Child. The parental voice is the dictator voice, who rules with judgement. The child reacts with fear and subjugation and creates of voice of compliance. The adult voice is factual, interactive, and inclusive. May we all come to the voice of the Adult and assist our world in change for the better of all life.