January 24, 2020 at 2:41:51 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, the New Moon occurs.  The Moon and Sun meet at exactly 4 degrees 21 minutes within Aquarius and the journey of our minds are free to explore and focus on the designs of our new year is occurring.  The Sabian Symbol states, “A council of Ancestors.”  This auspicious note reminds us the wisdom does abound from ancestral wise ones.   Time to pause, listen, and learn.
Listening and hearing what is said from the cosmic message of the South Moon Node in Cancer might be a bit hard to do as the Sun and Moon arc a light frequency we call a quincunx. We don’t easily feel/hear the vibrations. The soul rhythm message calls us to be calm, nurture our dreams and desires, and allow them to develop in the home of our higher mind.  Will we rush into action (the gregarious and renegade nature of Aquarius may cause this to occur)?
Mercury is in Aquarius and sends a vibration to Mars in Sagittarius.  Can this help our mental condition to slow up a bit?  Possibly not.  We must be attentive as we come into our New Moon seed planting time.  The discipline of the field of Capricorn might help.
Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and the South Moon Node all continue their passage through Capricorn.  Saturn will be the reminder to be disciplined and dedicated to our intentions.  Pluto will continue to remind us to clean out the old field of junk, and Jupiter will help hold us back while still joyfully creating our dreams.  The South Moon Node activity will help us remember what we know to set the foundation with the discipline necessary to achieve and succeed.
Venus and Neptune are in Pisces and our creative field is wide open to dream, design and fulfill sacred soul intentions.  They are in squaring (agitating) action with Mars and may aid in slowing up the need to jump the gun.  Dreaming is still to go on for at least a while so we may feel the creative urges and design our year ahead with deeper intentions that just a fleeting thought.
Venus arcs a flow with Jupiter and thus will help the dream develop within the field of discipline and aid in the adaptation of the dream-form to find the channel of manifestation.  As Venus is hip-to-hip with Neptune in Pisces, the sacred intentions of creativity rise to the surface of our imaginations.  We feel the desire to be the creator creating.
The Moon and Sun arc agitating energy to Uranus in Taurus causing us to pause before we spend too much, try to obsess and possess too much, and move actively into the world before we have all our wisdom grounded and useable.
The Moon and Sun arc a positive flow of light to Chiron in Aries and also help us move forward with our intentions to reveal what we know.  As Chiron does arc agitating energy with the North and South Moon Node, we are called to listen to the cosmic soul rhythm and intention so we are jointly creating for the Good of All