Cosmic Field of Light

New Moon, June 16th at 7:05:18 a.m. PDT.

The Moon and Sun are completely connected in the sign of Gemini. Right next to them is Mars just a little less than 1 degree away. A little further back in the field of Gemini is Mercury. The Great Light (The Sun), extends over the lights of all of these planets. At times, we will not realize that they are actively generating messages. Yet, they are and what might they be?

The Sun in Gemini is reminding us to communicate with our Higher Ego and speak from our highest intention. In fact, the Sun is calling humanity to work together in small groups and large groups with humanitarian purpose, and to set new regulations that truly move us toward peace. We need it. We need to be curious about each other’s needs. We need to come out of the darkness and into the Light of Transfiguration so we may walk the walk of our speeches and lead the way to unity. May we do so, and not sit back as talkers in the backroom, hidden from the rest of the world.

The Moon in Gemini calls us to hear the inner voice of our Higher Self and respond with a dialogue with others about the wisdom we hear. Mars in Gemini is telling us to stand up without fear and take the moments and opportunities to be assertive about our higher truth and more distinct wisdom of desires to activate discussions that lead to the level of peace that is beyond wars. The Warrior of Mars stands in a position to communicate with the masses and Mercury leads the way to communicate with groups and organizations, as well as governments that can stir the activity of discussing joint needs. Hopefully assertive, less aggression.

Of course, Uranus in Aries continues to spark the need to gather that Humanitarian reality and place it into ultimate action. No hesitations, no delays. Get It Done. Uranus is slightly agitated by the arching light of Mercury—like the child (Mercury) saying to Grandpa (Uranus), What are we going to do? Why? How? When? Uranus reports back, We are on the Move….just stay planted in love, and expect the unexpected. Uranus is being supported by the Moon, Sun and Mars with positive encouragement to take up the opportunities the moment they come.

Saturn will not let the flow just happen. As the Sun and Moon send the frequencies to speak up, speak out and head toward union, Saturn sits in Scorpio with the aspect of, “I can’t quite hear you.” (A quincunx alignment). In fact, it is sitting in the darkness of Scorpio still trying to understand the shadow of humanity and the reason we are collectively stuck in the valley of war, fears and phobias. Saturn is trying to realize how we have invested ourselves collectively into the constantly re-seeding of old patterns. Scorpio is trying to give Saturn the message of transformation at levels beyond personal control….the mass has to let go, not just the person.

Mercury is just twisting out of an opposition with Saturn and the struggle to communicate with clarity what has happened in the underworld of our human reality has been going on. Yet, the Light will come within a few days. Mercury will tag the vibration of the Higher Messages of the Divine Words. For on the Tree of Life, Mercury is the manifest world of the path that reveals the Word of God/Goddess.

Pluto will help this communication level. Pluto, continuing its long journey through Capricorn, keeps receiving agitated messages from Saturn (they are in respective signs), to help regulate the journey of transformation and transmutation so that the mass consciousness can invest in new structures of living. Remember, Saturn will get stationed in Sagittarius by September of this year. This will bring to light the new directions that can be taken in a more positive manner for all. For now, these two planets are working out the new structures for Universal and worldly laws to work together. They are culling the old patterns and assisting each of us to get into the cycles of our Soul Calling, personally and with our brothers and sisters of humanity.

Neptune and Chiron are continuing the sojourn of Pisces. The process of life, death and rebirth is being aided by these two. Chiron is aiding humanity in its capability to remember to be healed from the old patterns and to help heal others in order to gain the ground of the rebirth of our new world. Neptune is reminding us not to get into the illusion that as we see life is all we get. Neptune is helping us realize the true purpose of this planetary light—to live with compassion, love with the spirit of oneness, and know that all wisdom we need is contained within us. We therefore have the capacity to creatively and positively live a new world consciousness of peace, creative expression, and delight in our diversities.

Ah, let us not leave out Venus and Jupiter who are traveling the path of Leo. They are walking in this playful field together. Sister and Brother. Creating and manifesting. Finding ways to bring the new expressions of life to the children of the world who will be our long-term generations of cultivating a loving world. Time now to play, they chirp. Don’t forget to play or too much seriousness and concern turns the tables to dread and maintenance of the belief that what we see may carry the end result of more strife and troubles.

Okay, so this month I got a bit serious, political, and hopefully stirring different thought-forms within everyone. We are always at Choice….and Gemini carries this power within us. We have our God/Goddess given right to live in this choice to make our world the Stand Up Version of the Manifest God/Goddess, rather than the sit down version of believing something else has control over us and it is dark and dank with possibility of world-ending destructive forces. Oh, my….let us look at the horizon of positive changes.