A New Moon occurs at 8:31:52 a.m. MST on February 23rd.  In fact, the Moon and Sun meet at 4 degrees 28 Minutes in Pisces.  What continues to strike my attention is the fact that the  Capricorn, Aquarius, and now the Pisces New Moon event all began at 4 degrees (and some minutes).  What perks my awareness is that in mystical searches of the year, 2020, the numerology adding these numbers together honors this as a number 4 year.  The Universal Law is the Law of Worldly Development and another connection offered within this message that a “window” is open for us to “see” through with the eye that is greater than our human perception.  As we continue to build our year, we continue to flow with this eye focused, the window of opportunity open for our use, and we simply need to ask ourselves: Are we developing our personal reality as we want it?
With a Piscean influence, we can get caught up in the influence of collective beliefs, or move into sacred knowing and focus our intentions with a desire to consecrate all for the better good.  Let’s review how the Sabian message of the position of the Sun and Moon might assist us.  The message states, “A Church Bazaar.”  Yes, this does conjure up the image of many people at a market place, and in this case, one involved within an ultimate sacred environment.  Church is a house of the Divine Presence, and thus with both the many people, selections of items, and the temple of the Divine, it reminds us that we are at a place within us where we have an opportunity to select what we want through the knowing of our Divine Essence and thus obtain what is the greatest quality for our intended manifestations.
Pisces energy is also a field of dreams.  Not only do we have the Moon and the Sun in this field, we also have Mercury (retrograde) and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) flowing through this sacred realm.  Yes, Mercury is in a position to keep the mind drifting.  In fact, it is in a sign that is most detrimental to Mercury.  There is a wonderful positive quality to the travels of Mercury through Pisces, however.  It has an opportunity to explore the fields of mystical wisdom.  If one has a “trained Mercury” seeking for details, facts, and intellectual knowledge, with Mercury in Pisces, they can loose their way, feel overwhelmed and quite mentally ruffled.  If they can allow the drifting mind to explore regions beyond deliberate focus, they are assisted in the realm of creativeness, experience insightful intuition, and have the knowingness of the Glory of the Holy Spirit.
The Moon and Sun release their arching lights of opportunity to Mars in Capricorn (which is at 4 degrees as well) providing an energy to be at attention and ready to soar into action when the levels of creative ideation and intuition join forces.  The Moon and Sun are aiding the positioning with a slight agitation to Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn.  Quite likely just enough of a sting to remind Venus to slow down, feel the love, and experience creative urges; and for Jupiter not to be in a rush to expand any big deal right now.  They also arch their lights of opportunity to Uranus in Taurus aiding the quest of unique ideas and solutions to be discovered and grounded in a state of reality that will serve all in their will to create solutions for health, wealth, and a foundation for future stability.
Mercury is also sending an agitating arc.  It is focused on Pluto in Capricorn.  Recall, Mercury is in Retrograde in Pisces.  Mercury cannot be sending an intellectual solution to transmute big business, government, or careers.  Thus, it may be sending the arch of a sting to remind all, “Make No Decisions Right Now in these areas!”
Mars in Capricorn is sending a vibration of Grace to Uranus in Taurus providing creative ideation and wisdom of its greatest use in Matter.  The team of Mars and Uranus can get into a massive dance of creative chaos and create an explosion of desires and ideas.  Their blessing of being in the foundational energies of Capricorn and Taurus is the provision of containers for manifestations to occur.  Saturn in Capricorn aids the wisdom of the right use of the containment as it sends a huge field of aggravation to Uranus, reminding it to not go overboard with its excitement and its influence of trillions of ideas, each one more unique than the other.  Saturn will guide the use of ideas into a format that can be manifested in the here and now.
Uranus in Taurus sends a slight irritant to Neptune in Pisces seeking more of the wisdom of the Holy One and the desire of the Higher Mind-Heart to provide insight for manifesting the new forms of creation in the realm of matter.  Good plan, Uranus.
Overall, this is going to be a wonderful field of creative energy.  Use it!  Use it wisely and you will manifest your desires.  Do read the monthly New Moon Letter of Moon Mother Ash (a correspondent energy of Pisces).