At 12:05 p.m. MST the Moon and Sun join together at 23 Degrees 16 Minutes In Aquarius.  Mercury is right behind them continuing in a retrograde appearance.  Venus and Jupiter are conjoined and Saturn is a bit further away, but steadily flowing through Aquarius, as well.  Because of the time of day, all of America will find the New Moon is experienced above the Horizon…a definite highlight of consciousness.  How will we embrace it?  Will we remain in mental confusion, or will Mercury still call our mind to slow down and reflect? Will we use the reflection to review the power of Aquarius and grasp what the wave of higher wisdom offers?  More on the Moon and Sun at the end.

Saturn is actually the good guy in the flow of the initiation of this lunar cycle.  Saturn will aid the progress of correlating the flow of idealism and put ideas to good use.  Then Saturn will guide the expansion of wisdom of technology in various forms of science which will include air, land, sea, medical, and all forms of education.  Governmental systems and issues will fall apart to be restructured.  New ideas will be encouraged yet grounded for success.  Creative intentions will be thrown about until, like a mosaic, they are put together in forms that work for the good of all.

If the group of planets (with the exception of the Sun and Moon) in Aquarius appear to go off range and get a bit ditzy, they automatically stir a call out from Mars in Taurus who will send an agitational vibration to wake them up and remind them to take action, yet be grounded.  If they cannot move with a determined attention, Mars will guide them to a state of illusion with a charge of energy activating Neptune in Pisces.  This challenge will stir the energy of Poseidon to create the currents of emotional challenges, on a huge scale, if we are not willing to listen.

Mars will not be the only one charged by a lack of action.  Saturn will see to it that Uranus, in  Taurus, is agitated calling for stabilized and determined action with an intention to fulfill the ideals of research, and the love of creation.  Uranus in Taurus is a call to understand the resources humanity has, how to rightfully use them, and how to intuitively guide the cultivation of new productivity.

What is quite interesting is that on this New Moon day, Pluto is moving as a renegade.  It is not connected to any other planet.  It is running its own show.  Erupting without interference. It is at 25 degrees 21 minutes of Capricorn and will affect other planets at that degrees, especially those in Cardinal signs (give 1 or 2 degrees +/-).  It conjuncts my Sun. Ugh!

For my final review it is time to look at the connection of the Moon and Sun and the Sabian Message which reports, “A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from experience.”  At this juncture of one’s consciousness, confidence rises from the realm of experience and maturity.  Personal knowledge has turned the passions into deeper wisdom and thus a more flexible attitude of sharing can occur.  Passions can be realized as desires carrying rose colored glasses until experience teaches the truth, the reality, and the means to achieve the greatest outcome.  Passions are wonderful, but they need cultivation and the greatest teacher can bring the fodder for the cultivation from her/his experiences.  Passions may be wrought with too much emotional content of neediness and greed rocking the waves of the lower ego.  Experience channels the passions to the higher awareness that allows clarity and manifestations that fulfill the initial inspiration to a manifestation greater than the first desire and vision.  Enjoy the passion, but learn from experience, then share from the wisdom with the freedom of what you have learned..!