The New Moon reaches its exact moment as it connects with the Sun at 12:20:15 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. Together they are at 15 minutes 7 seconds in the realm of Sagittarius. Also approaching their field of energy is Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter has returned to its “home” after traveling through all other signs. I fact it was November 2006 until December 2007 when it last was home. Consider what you were doing in the latter part of 2006 and throughout 2007 that was a turn of events in your life, and lead you down a path of expanding your spiritual quest, educational processes, travels throughout the world, perhaps, and most especially may have moved you into a greater training in Shamanic ways of living. Just a thought, to provoke your inner wisdom recall the experience of Jupiter in Sagittarius.
On the New Moon chart of December 7th, I notice another Kite configuration. Another opportunity to let our Soul Soar. The tail of the Kite is configured with the North Node in Cancer, while the Head of the Kite is configured by the South Moon Node. That in itself is an oxymoron as we generally say the South Moon Node is the Tail of the Dragon and the North Moon Node is the Head of the Dragon. This may very well mean we must look at our perceptions and not get stuck in them. The teeter totter effect of the North and South Moon node will continue to play out in 2019. They will be “rocking” our awareness of our pathways of family and our work in the world. To gain a balance with these realities will aid us in releasing our soul’s mission as we honor the power within the New Moon this December 7th as well as the year ahead of us.
The North Moon Node (Rx) in Cancer is the head of a Grand Water Trine as it sends light waves to Chiron (Rx) in Pisces and another ray of light to Mercury (S) in Scorpio. Mercury is about to turn Direct and head back to the position in the heavens that it appeared to have slipped away from during its retrograde occurrence. These two signs send light waves to the South Moon Node (Rx) in Capricorn that form the lights of the head of the Kite. We can receive blessings as we honor our family (Cancer) and balance our journey with our work in the world. As these vibrations in the heaven are both in retrograde, they are sending wisdom to each other for the gift of balance of the two worlds (world at home and world at work). As the North Node is the head of the kite, we will be guided to achieve the higher wisdom of our Watery Nature by making note to start new (North Node in Cancer) with our intentions to nurture, live with compassion, and follow the drams of our soul to balance all activities of our outer world. The Grand Trine with Chiron (the wounded nature) and Mercury (the ability to be cognitive of what we are doing) presents us a way to go deeper within (Chiron in the realm of the Great Ocean of Consciousness, Pisces) and Mercury in the realm of our deep unconscious (Scorpio) with an ability capture the sacred wisdom of our emotional, creative, and inner realm of our most sacred state of being as we touch into another realm of our soul as it evolves from the year 2018 to the year of 2019. This allows us to review the nature of our self, and let the continuing flow of healing our wounds and the feelings of being caught in the dark night of our soul be delivered to the Light of what we already know (South Moon Node) and achieve what we can call our higher aims in life (Capricorn South Node). The south moon node (or Tail of the Dragon) provides us the wisdom that we have already stored in our psyche and now can be used. In this chart of the New Moon, it is energy to be used by our entire world, our United States Government, and ourselves. We can soar into the nature of compassion, caring, and creative nurturing of our home (our inner self, our family, and our brothers and sisters of humanity). Remember, we are given a Grace, with the Grand Trine/Kite. Let us use the power we have to grasp hold of the gift of the Divine and expand Its Light of Grace as we honor all life.
To complete this short look at the New Moon, I would like to honor that Sabian symbol of the Moon and Sun. The Sabian statement is, “Seagulls Watching a Ship.” They surely represent the power to remain focused on a goal before us. The Seagulls, of course are likely looking at the provision of food. What focus do you have to obtain what can nurture you? Keep your sights “high,” for that is the way of Sagittarius. Keep your “eye on the prize” might also be a slogan to use in the frequency of the New Moon, the time we set goals for the month ahead. This is a call not to loose your sight for the desires we want to accomplish as we come to the end of this year. The seagulls can offer a message of sacred wisdom of Sagittarius. It is the time of Silence and inner focus. The seagulls remain in silent vigilance for the moment when the goal is to be captured. As we enter the full moon, silence is complete and we may sound the trumpet of what goals we are to reach as the continuance of the cycle of the moon expands and contracts to help us birth, from the realm of silence, that which we are ready to achieve!