New Moon comes with the additional influence of a Total Solar Eclipse at 9:16:26 a.m. Mountain Standard Time.  Yet there is a cosmic timing that appears to be at a standstill, as though waiting for a decision to come forward from the Divine, as the North and South Moon Nodes prepare to move into a retrograde position on December 15th.   Furthermore, Uranus and Chiron remain in retrograde while all other planets move forward.  Saturn is in a critical position of 29 degrees 44 minutes of Capricorn, ready to finalize its journey through this prominent cardinal sign and reenter and remain in Aquarius until March 2023. 

At New Moon the Sun and Moon are at 23 Degrees 8 minutes of Sagittarius.  Its Sabian message tells us “A bluebird stands at the door of the house.”  A bluebird is known to bring wisdom from the angelic real revealing new beginnings, joy, glory, and happiness.  We are not only ready, but we are at the doorway and wanting to cross the threshold of new attitudes, feel joy, and return to the happiness we know when honoring each other.  Ah, but wait, the New Moon comes with a Solar Eclipse (seen south of the equator, mostly).  This eclipse is occurring during the last 10 degrees of the journey through Sagittarius.  Dark is the new moon and thus the challenges of navigating through old challenges are still with us (read the New Moon Letter of this month that calls for a bridge to cross with the dark tree, Blackthorn and the Goddess Cailleach).  We are called to travel through the briar patch in the shadows of our self and the world.  We may still deal with some scary features of our psyche and life in general.  We may push ourselves with the challenge and find more weariness, or perhaps use the bridge to traverse with confidence and awareness that we awaken to a new stage of self that will guide us to the post of a positive new era to be revealed on Winter Solstice.  Patience and perseverance are great partners.  Don’t move with the edge of quickness or nervousness.  Gently guide yourself through the first 7 days of this lunar time.

Use the slowing down energy of Uranus retrograde in Taurus.  Turn the rambling mind inward and seek to listen to your soul voice guide you as it is attempting to guide the world.  Let the essence of Chiron, retrograde in Aries, also guide you to use the slowing down qualities to discover the inner healer that can use the fire to cauterize the old wounds.  Great wisdom can be learned and new ideals and domains of knowledge can be discovered.

On the day of the New Moon it is clear we can use the pause of the Moon Nodes to rest the journey of our Minds (South Moon Node in Sagittarius, stationary) while we allow the inner mind (North Moon Node in Gemini, Stationary) gather some guidance to make wise choices.  Where will the guidance come from?  The nodes square Neptune in Pisces.  If we are without agitation, we can enter the Great Ocean of Consciousness, use the Neptune fork to capture sacred wisdom of the Divine (Pisces) and patiently wait for it to surface and become useful.  If we are in a state of agitation, our minds will travel to the palace of illusions and dive into the realms of monsters, piercing them with the tips of the fork causing them to rise in the need to fight to remain the clan of our distorted realities.  

Our group of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto remain in the last stages of Capricorn.   The land of our government structure is reaching final stages that began to change in 2009 when Pluto started its journey through Capricorn.  What other structures are ready to end?  What are ready to begin as Saturn and Jupiter edge into Aquarius?

December 20th the Sun in Sagittarius will be at 29 Degrees Sagittarius, crossing the field of the center of the Milky way Galaxy and often noted as a point of a Black Hole… a place of a New Universe to be developed.  This occurs the day before Winter Solstice: The Celebration of the Return of Light and the very moment that the Sun is perfectly at 0 degrees 0 minutes of Capricorn while Jupiter meets up at 0 degrees with Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius.  This is a huge celebration!  This conjunction, along with the 0 Degrees of the Sun in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn may be a foretelling of a renaissance!  The dawn of a world ready to meet the intention of human beings honoring each other, supporting the love of honoring all life, and ready to meet a positive new order of living in accordance to the Higher Order of our nature.

What do we have to consider?  Did we use the journey through Capricorn to understand what it means to be responsible, be patient, follow rules that aid the ability to mature and present the fertile ground for healthy and vital growth?    Did we learn that all life matters?  Have we reached a new level of integrity?  If we have then we may be ready to enter the revolutionizing Aquarius without the need to harm each other any further.  

We can enter the realm of the new age on December 21 when the Sun enters Capricorn and Saturn sets the boundaries of the New Tomorrow and Jupiter expands the glory, the benevolence, and the willingness to enter a place of true democracy, caring for all life, and the ability to contribute to the whole…not just the “me.”

We are at the doorway, with the bluebird, ready to announce the opportunities of new scholars, new agendas, new art forms, and new ideas to be brought under scrutiny for use that brings humanity onto the pathways that will support a healthy, vital, and unique lifestyles that supports a signature of life for generations to come.  Individuals and groups of great thinkers can be respected and applauded for insights and thrusts of creative ideas that can be dangled, scattered, and reordered for right use.  Are we ready?  The doorway is about to be open.  Let’s join hands, wisdom, and an open heart and go through the door together.