New Moon Graces us at 7:49:57 a.m. Mountain Daylight time on August 8th.  The Sun and Moon are conjoined in Leo at 16 degrees 14 minutes and aligned with the Sabian message, “A volunteer church choir makes a social event of rehearsal.”  Opposite them is the Earth, of course.  It sits at 16 degrees 15 minutes in Aquarius aligned with the Sabian message, “A watchdog standing guard.”  

As the heavens call upon us to sing out our praises of the Divine in a social and joyful union, we appear to want to be cautious and be prepared that nothing can get in the way and harm us that may be coming from any radical fields of energy.  May we truly all realize that all energy is the Divine.

With the Light of Leo so delightfully brilliant throughout this lunar cycle, we have a “Stand Up and Be Proud of Who We Are,” message.  I always know this means when we believe in the sovereignty of our own being, trust in our highest nature, and know we are the Divine Personified, we have nothing to fear.  In fact, we are the Glory we are singing about and the WatchDog is the strength to get on with our New Reality of creating what is intended in ways we may not even realize at this very moment. Let it develop from the Highest Nature within us.   We can be the independent Aquarius, love filled and willing to share because we found the Love of Self (Leo) and have taken on the Sovereignty of our own life.  In so doing, we can love, respect, and honor all life (Aquarius) and quit finding something wrong in all others.  Time to move forward and rejoice in the Glory of diversity.  The Earth is solidifying and grounding the Aquarius energy at New Moon.  At Full Moon, the Sun will continue to Radiate Leo and the Moon will reflect back the glory of Aquarius.  

Mercury is riding in the last stages of Leo carrying the wisdom to speak about sovereignty, the joy of loving, the blessings of being a creator creating, and not being shy about continually learning.  Mercury is part of a Sacred Symbol within the star patterns at New Moon.  It is called the Yod, “The Finger of Fate,” or the “Open Hand of God.”  It is connected to Neptune, retrograde in Pisces and Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn.  There is a challenge with the connections.  Mercury must be patient and listen attentively or the vibrational message may not be heard or absorbed.  The directions being offered may be missed.  Let’s look at the directions via the Sabian messages.  

Neptune’s message offers, “Spiritist phenomena.”  Ah, truly one must pay close attention to feel and realize the message being offered from Neptune in the deep ocean of consciousness.  One’s soul is communicating to the mind (Mercury) and Heart (Leo).  Since the channel of light (a Quincunx field of energy moving toward Mercury) is not strong enough to be felt and heard without exact attention, Neptune joins positive forces with Pluto hoping to aid the opportunity to raise the vibrations and send further notice of assistance.

Pluto’s Sabian message provides us with, “A water sprite.”  The water sprite loves the water, and thus can meet very well with Neptune and the wisdom from the deep ocean.  A sprite does not stand still.  It is a mover and is seen as an element that draws one’s consciousness to danger or ecstasy: the depths of despair or the highest union with one’s Divine Self.  Pluto is grounded in Capricorn which can help the power of intention to achieve the highest order to be served. Pluto’s foundation in  Capricorn helps, because Capricorn and Mercury can well join forces, and thus the weaker vibration of a Quincunx from Pluto to Mercury has an additional boost as Mercury is the true actuator of the Yod. 

Mercury is calling on the two planets (Neptune and Pluto) to guide the higher intentions to carry on with the power to live in sovereignty, speak the message of the Higher Self, and communicate from the Soul-Self.  It is what is stirring within each of us.  Will we grasp the hand that is guiding us?  Will we make a choice that will serve the highest nature within us?

Mars in Virgo is running renegade at New Moon.   Its fiery nature is feeling a bit confined in Virgo and it is called to be in service to gain what it truly needs.  What does Mars need?  Action!  Refinement of creative plans.  Clearing out what is in the way of its intentions.  Virgo will remind Mars that the intentions need to be of a higher good, not simply selfishness.  

Venus is also in Virgo, much further along in this sign than Mars.  It has the power to reveal the steady gift of mastering the blessings of self care, healing, and self understanding in order to be of true service to others.  It is opposing Neptune and thus challenging the shadow of the unconscious and fears of being alone or even together with others on this lunar journey. Awareness is needed in your relationship(s) so you do not succumb to being overtaken by another’s whim or desires and you get lost deciding you “must” act in what you believe are sacred ways to please them; and set aside all you need to maintain a healthy and vital personal self.  Notice how your emotional self really feels.  It is usually discombobulated when you are acting in a disproportionate reality.

Venus does arc a light toward Pluto in Capricorn that calls for the flow of transformation and right regulation of self–your soul-wisdom.  When truly connected in that flow, you will have the ability to be self-disciplined to know when to say, “No,” and when your “Yes,” occurs naturally and confidently.  In fact, Pluto nudges Neptune with the gift of awareness that “now is the time to take on the opportunity to move in harmony, understanding of the whole reality, and not just the selfish, uncontrollable need.”  

Chiron, retrograde, is in Aries still, and is being tapped by the lights of Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun.  Jupiter, retrograde in Aquarius, keeps a needling effect going on with an unconscious urge to “react and run.”  It is so subtle, that it may not stir overt reactions.  The Moon in Leo and Sun are arching graceful energy to call on the wisdom of understanding life’s painful experiences for self and others with understanding and compassion.  The Sun presents the awareness to share our experiences with the intention to regenerate the light of our self as well as the “others” Higher Self and not try to put anyone down.  Healing, Harmony, and Love, are the key points of the healing qualities of Chiron that we all can soak up the radiant energy occurring.

May everyone take on the challenging and rewarding energies of the skyway and create a balance in our personal reality.  May we seed this New Moon with Self Love, Self Determination, and Self Dominion so we may strengthen the love and harmony for all life.