New Moon is exact at 8:25:42 pm Mountain Daylight Time.  The Sun and Moon conjoin at 3 degrees 24 minutes of Taurus.  Uranus is huddled up next to them at 6 degrees 24 minutes.  All arc their light in opposition to the Earth, at 3 degrees, which is riding through Scorpio.  I had three “aha’s” as I read the degrees.  The first was the number 3.  It correlates to Venus, ruler of Taurus.  The second was the Sabian Symbol meaning:   The rainbow’s pot of gold, as I have written about the Pot of Gold and its relationship to Taurus in the New Moon Letter this month, this was striking to me.   The Third was the reality that Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) is an energy that certainly influences the field of disease and has an inner, reflective message in the letter I have written.    I feel like, I am, and truly all of us are continually awakening to a deeper clarity of how the Universal energy is at work through all of ITs fields of Being and what we are observing in our daily reality now can be affirmed as a “greater plan.”  I’m sure all of you are saying that to yourself and to others.  I simply continue to be amazed to put the puzzle pieces together.  Here is what I recognize with the energy of the New Moon and its sacred initiation of the month through the astrological view.

Dipping into the Sabian message of the Sun and Moon conjunction and going deeper into the “The Rainbow’s Pot of Gold,” a caution sign comes up.  The Pot of Gold sounds so delightful.  A reward and prosperity.  Can’t wait!  The secret within the Sabian statement is the “rainbow.” This is a message that calls us to be aware of our dreams and desires for we cannot live in illusion (as a rainbow is an optical illusion).  Taurus energy calls us to dig into the soil of our soul consciousness, seek a higher region of understanding (Uranus in Taurus), as well as be practical (Taurus) during our transitional state (New Moon and the state of our world).    

Recall, the Sun, Moon, and Uranus are in opposition to Earth.  A tug of war is going on!  A challenge to be sure.  Will we succumb to the illusion that nothing is happening to “me,”everything is great and we can simply jump into our dreamy illusions and get what we want?  Or will it be clear to all of us that we have to move through challenging awarenesses?  Can we be aware that we move through the challenges,  transform the way we address our lives, and restructure the way we maintain our health, reveal our talents, obtain our jobs, and advance our careers?  We see that we are in the midst of a pandemic that is changing the whole world and we do have to handle our lives in new ways.  It is time to take great care not to live in illusion.  It is time to dig in, clear out, flourish the core of our soul wisdom and let the Higher Voice within guide us.  

Saturn is at 1 degree 41 Minutes of Aquarius.  The Moon, Sun, and Uranus all are agitating this field of energy with their arcing lights; and so is Earth.  The Sabian message aligned with Saturn is, “ An unexpected thunderstorm.”  This is another call of “awareness.”  It can be violent, noisy, and filled with impinging disturbances.  Saturn is a stabilizer, and though there is a T-square trying to form with these angles of light, it may be the gift in the pathway of the storm.  Saturn will aid in setting the boundaries for all to use to quiet the storm, gather the higher wisdom from it (Uranus, as well as Aquarius) and aid in the currents of the Higher Mind infiltrating the minds of scientists and all people interested in the better good for all.  For the individual, it will help us get out of the “lofty mind” that may be filled with the illusion, and enter the realm of knowing “exactly” what we must do to put our personal world in order.

Mercury is nearing the end of its ride in Aries at 20 degrees 42 minutes.  However, it is still providing the flow of quick and new ideas.  New ideas are great.  Quick sounds too fleeting.  Mercury is squaring Pluto (24 degrees Capricorn) and Jupiter (26 degrees Capricorn) creating challenging thoughts.  Connected with Jupiter, too many ideas may be bouncing around, creating grander ideas, but we are not quite ready to solidify and use them.  Connected to Pluto the field of obsessive thinking takes over, and it gets dark in that field.  Who wants to be there?  Especially now?  We have to be aware of our thinking. Copiously aware.

The Moon in Taurus can help us.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus and can bring us a higher level of feeling.  It can release the intuitive qualities within us, especially if we allow the higher awareness (Uranus) to be captured rather than the fear.  It can also trick the mental capacity to form illusions.  Care must be taken to be grounded (Taurus) as well as connected with the Divine essence of our self.

Venus is the star of the month as I’ve noted the #3 associated to her.  She is the Ruler of Taurus.  At New Moon, she is in Gemini at 15 degrees 0 minutes.  She sends a grace-filled energy to Mars who is riding through Aquarius at 16 degrees 10 seconds.  If we do remain aware, the curious mind can become quite creative and actively stir wisdom from the higher realm (Aquarius) that will serve the greater humanitarian cause.  Reviewing the Sabian message of the position of Venus in Gemini, the statement reads, “A woman Suffragist orating.”  Hmm.  We know that the women who were suffragists were turning the fate of other Women to be able to vote!  Furthermore, the wisdom behind this is to speak up and be a voice for social issues that required changes for the better good.  We don’t need to be quiet, we need to be clear and speak the truth and work with clarity for social justice.

Venus challenges Saturn (semi-square) to lift up the veil between the human consciousness and the higher mind.  Venus also challenges Neptune (19 degrees Pisces 59 minutes) to come out of the depth of the great ocean of consciousness and reveal the secrets of healing the earth (as Neptune arcs a challenge to Earth at 3 degrees Scorpio).  

As human beings are seeking greater answers, the energies of the galaxy are stirring the pathway of awareness as doorways to the Higher Mind.  We are in a huge phase of transition.  We are being tested.  Yet, if we can attach our consciousness to the vital channel of Oneness and know that we can, will, and are enduring the challenge, we will also bring about a greater wisdom for how to aid humanity.  We will see a positive difference in the areas of  health, economic restructuring, and the clarity to wisely cultivate our new world (All Taurus energy!).  We are called to avoid fear or illusion.  We are encouraged to be unyielding to our higher knowing, compassionate in our nature, and fully aware we are One.