The New Moon begins its influence at 8:30:40 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.  The Moon and Sun align at 22 Degrees 24 Minutes of Aries with Venus and Mercury joining them and Chiron very near (for those of you between 49-51 you may be experiencing your Chiron return).  

Pluto is being squared by the Moon, Earth, Sun, and Venus.  We can either find this as a challenging time or the flames of creation rising within for us to use.  We can either be the wielder of the fires tempering our creations, or the tongue of destruction, mental negativity, and ego needs spurred on by emotions stimulating our fears. Anger most assuredly can rise from the essence of Aries and we might struggle with our partners, give rise to untrue thoughts, feel lost in the wilderness of living, and believe the sun shines on everyone but ourselves.  Yes, we do need to pay attention and not “flip out” from false experiences appearing real (FEAR).

Help does occur with the Moon Earth, Sun and Venus arching lights of positivity to Jupiter who is riding through the field of love, freedom, and unique joy of Uranus.  Hopefully Jupiter will expand the Light of the Sun and Moon with the flame of the Will to Be The Light that shines within the dark and cleanses with healing rays.  May it bring the soul centered reality of creativity through Venus and expand it in the field of development and growth on Earth.

Mercury and Chiron are tightly joined in Aries calling on a focus to heal or drop into wounds of self-limitation.  Be alert to your feelings, especially with your partner as these two lights beam a light of opposition toward Earth (as does the Moon, Sun, and Venus).  If we fight the ones we love, we can crash and burn.  It is important to stand in awareness, understand what is bothering us, speak openly, yet listen to the “other” as well.  The time of the New Moon is tense as well as a seed planting time.  We do not want to plant a seed of mental, emotional, and relationship destruction.  We want to learn, grow and develop clarity.

Mars in Gemini is squaring Neptune in Pisces.  Oh, another tough reality to deal with.  Mars wants to think and act fast; as well as talk fast.  Perhaps over talk someone.  Neptune wants to move slowly, in a dreamlike manner, if you will, in order “feel” what is occurring and to gather intuitive wisdom.  But, may get into the pockets of illusion.  The illusion will produce effects of falsehood, unfulfilled dreams, and drunk on delusions.

Saturn in Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus…stop, go, stop, go seems to be the essence of energy here.  They are in a tight square and regulations will seem to stifle the freedom lover.  Yet, without some boundaries, freedom cannot be experienced, deeper love can not be known, communication can not be shared, and creativity cannot be expressed.  

We start out with the tough energy of the New Moon.  It will be a personal gift to regulate ourselves with personal awareness, temper our fires so we can create positive outcomes, and discipline our thinking and feelings so we may clearly communicate with others.