A New Moon event usually is the perfect time to plant seeds of one’s intentions to accomplish and manifest throughout the month (or longer). This New Moon I suggest letting yourself maintain an inner review and reflection, nurturing the seeds of your choice that began in January. Why? Because the great planet Mercury has been traveling a shadow path this last week to prepare for its retrograde process. On the exact New Moon Moment, Mercury is in a Stationary position, pausing before heading fully into retrograde energy release. Further, Mercury is at 29 degrees 35 Minutes in Pisces, a tenuous and important degree that calls us to contemplate the powers of our inner mind (Mercury in Pisces). Mercury will spend three weeks moving backward in the review and reflection position to learn what might still be hidden. Will it be something wonderful or something illusionary? We must discover that it is worth the search before activating a more direct action to advance our goals.
The Sun and Moon are at 15 degrees 47 Minutes of Pisces with Neptune calling them closer to its power of the deeper ocean at 16 degrees 8 minutes of Pisces. Definitely these three and Mercury form a stellium in Pisces and calls us to deliver our awareness inward before taking off into new territory. The Sabian message of the Moon/Sun is, “The Flow of Inspiration.” I like that statement. In fact, if we use the wisdom of Mercury we can move into the reflective power of the Deep Sea of Consciousness (Pisces/Neptune) and listen to the inner spaces of great wisdom delivered by the Holy One. We can use the Mercury power to focus on the seamless inner realm of the Divine Mind, release the wisdom through our intuition (Moon), and regenerate the path our soul wishes to adjust or refine (Sun), in order to efficiently plan our next steps. Neptune will help us go deeper, connect with the inner muse (our soul), and be guided to true memory of our purpose (Pisces) so we can be inspired to take the next leap (in right timing) with wisdom fully intact. This awesome stellium is in the realm of Oneness, as Pisces reminds us we are the ultimate cells within the body of the Creator and each Cell has a purpose to keep IT alive and functioning.
The Power of Chiron at 0 degrees 54 seconds of Aries reveals another power point. It is a critical messenger of taking on the strength of Chiron, a god/angel of Great Wisdom, Healing, the arts, and so much more. In this powerful position, we can use the strength of Chiron to remember we are warriors of healing and intentionally have been healing ourselves so we may live in the true strength of who we are. Chiron has re-entered the field of Aries where it has not traveled through since April 1, 1968. This was a time a revealing deep and lasting wounds as the struggles for equality were going on all around the world. Martin Luther King was assassinated during the Chiron Aries union; as well as Robert Kennedy. And many other realities of great change were occurring that made us see, directly, the wounds of humanity and the need for change. I was 24 and learning who I truly was, not who I thought I was. I was reviewing the wounds of my life and learning I had the strength to move beyond them, heal my psyche, and join the forces of my soul intentions to serve and work in the realms of healing for others. That Chiron time through Aries was an extensive journey of Self and Others for many of us. How many of you were alive in 1968 and going in the same direction? How many of you are now flowing in that direction and feeling an intensity to heal the wounds of your past. Chiron will help as will the grace of reviewing and reflecting throughout this month.
Uranus is now settling into Taurus. The last time it traveled through Taurus was in 1936 (8 years before I was born) and remained there until 1942. The great depression and World WWII were major events. Uranus is a world-wide mover and shaker. How will it affect us now as we are at a “repeat” point or a true “make it change in positive directions” point? As we are progressing in consciousness, may this be a positive event as the Heavens (Uranus) blend with Earth (Taurus). At the New Moon moment this year, Uranus will be 0 degree and 0 minutes of Taurus. Yep, another prominent energy field. How will we, as a collective humanity, use this journey that has the potential to teach us much for the next seven years? Uranus is spontaneous, using unexpected realities, surprises, and uniqueness. It is freedom electrified and ready to make a difference. Ah, Taurus is determined to keep it from moving too fast, being too spontaneous, and allowing for deeper understanding before leaping into next phases. Uranus can help us leap into greater abundance (leap = Uranus; abundance = Taurus). Taurus can help us set a long-lasting platform to use that abundance. If we use the two frequencies wisely, we will gain in world-wide and personal abundance. If we use the two frequencies as separately trying to push and pull each other, we may have great losses, be cause we will be too stubborn to move (both are energies of fixed realities). This vibration has a greater gift within this union. Uranus is the Law of Love and Taurus is the Law of Life Mastery. Put them together and we can bring forth a great flow of love for all life and master our human expressions and experiences. There will be many wisdom sharers of the power of Uranus and Taurus, so be sure to search the internet for other knowledge.
There are other planets to consider, but the cosmic wisdom I’ve shared today provides enough “food for thought.” May you align with the greater vibrations of the Universal Intention for releasing energy from our stars and planets.
Do be sure to read the Moon Mother Ash letter and listen to the monthly meditation in this website. Perhaps more insights will come to you about this energetic flow with the New Moon in Pisces (Ash).
Warm blessings for a Holy Month,