At 7:12:44 a.m. Pacific Daylight time, we enter a New Moon Phase. The Sun and Moon stand side-by-side at 2 degrees 18 minutes of Virgo. The call to heal, serve, and hold cooperative attitudes is called to our attention. It is personal, interpersonal, and international as it radiates the vibration of the Sun and the Moon in opposition to the Global Zodiac sign of Pisces where the Earth will ride during this Virgo Cycle and Neptune rises out of the Great Waters of Consciousness in Pisces.

We may seesaw in our choices, but will we return to the sacred center of a higher order of living? Will we find the center-point of love, compassion, peace and rebirth the higher intentions of Source residing within us? Of course, our Free Will gives us the power to make a choice. What will our choice be?

Mercury is riding through the cycle of Virgo as well. Mercury will help us make a choice to be guided by the Higher Mind, the Pure Mind of Source. Mercury will instigate the opportunities to negotiate rather than fight and create more murderous actions (Mercury sextile Mars in Scorpio). As Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio, a greater wisdom for governing ourselves emerges out of the ashes of destruction.

Mars and Saturn trine Chiron in Pisces and encourage the continued healing of the great wars and attitudes of separation. The Grace of the Divine creates a flow between these planets and the asteroid of healing power. Yet Chiron must listen to the sounds that are being dictated through Mercury. Mercury and Chiron are in opposition and thus may cause a delay in listening, negotiating, and recognizing the power of cooperation.

Fortunately, the underworld sign of travesty and evolution, Pluto, forms the Graceful alliance with the Sun and Moon, an opportunistic alliance with Neptune-Pisces, Saturn- Scorpio and Mars-Scorpio, and the agitation of challenge with Uranus in Aries (retrograde). Pluto, the great transmuting energy of the Universe is creating the doorway of open communications that can change the world forever. Are we listening, living and Being the Great Change of Harmony, Peace and Love? Or will we believe that War is everything, annihilation of others is power, and self righteousness is fulfilling?

The benevolence of Jupiter and the resourceful and loving energy of Venus continue their travel through Leo. May we all stand in the pride of being human, benevolent to each other, honoring our resources and holding the power of grace to present loving and nurturing qualities to all.

May we embrace the changes without fear and may our brothers and sisters of humanity live in the understanding that we need each other. The Cosmic Cycles noted in the South and North Moon Node (Aries/Libra respectfully) helps us to be aware of what is feels like to be alone in our endeavors as a warrior protecting our personal turf (Aries) or partners in life building a society of Love as our Cause and Union as our Effect (Libra).

These are influences gracing our reality. How will we individually and collectively use them to the betterment of all?