Cosmic Exposure – June 13, 2018
At 1:43:08 pm MDT the Moon and Sun conjoin at 22 Degrees 44 minutes in Gemini. Mercury, though in the sign of Cancer, is in a union of arching energy with the Moon and Sun and will help communication be more in alignment with compassion, nurturing words, and honoring the foundation of unity.
Though the pace of our mental qualities, curiosity riding high, and a desire to talk to friends and family is within the frequency of this union, the Sun and Moon arc challenging energy to Mars and Chiron in Aquarius.  Stirring the agitating spirit of opinions that flourish and trigger the desire to argue might surface.  Our nature to be “free to be me” will be active, but may cycle into the challenging belief of not being accepted within the family, friends or groups we align with.   Mercury will elicit the power of judgement as it arcs an agitating push and pull with Saturn in Capricorn (retrograde).  Old, judgmental, memories may surface rather than allowing our self to maintain the person we are today.  We may struggle with our inner dialogue of past memories of being judged because of our quirky natures and being different than those around us because we did not follow the unwritten rules of society. Yet, Mercury will also spark an arc of light to Uranus in Taurus, calling us to take the opportunity to be well grounded in our freedom to be ourselves.
I would also say, give it a week if the challenges persist.  Mercury will have moved beyond the challenges.  The Moon will move beyond the challenge in a day as it enters Cancer, and the Sun will also be moving beyond the challenge within a few days.   By the 21st the Sun will move into the Zodiac sign of Cancer (Summer Solstice).
Looking at the chart of June 13th, I notice that Pluto in Capricorn has no arcing lights activating it or it activating any other point in the sky as we note in astrology.  It is riding on its personal waves.   It is providing rebel energy in its own right.  It is intense energy that effects not just the person but the world at large.  In Capricorn we find our reputations are in change, our careers are in change, are self-authority is  in change, and our world is in change.  In our greater world it calls for people of greater authority to recognize the call to change, the governments of our world are being activated with change, and the heads of churches are moved into the greater and intense change.  Ah, what might we see in the power of Pluto intensively waving the rebellious, renegade fields of energy into action?  The timekeeper of Capricorn would simply say, “In time we will see.”
To be noticed in the rebellious field is another planet.   It Uranus as it has moved into a new Zodiac sign.   It has finished it ride in the sign of Aries and is at 1 degree 23 minutes of Taurus at the moment of New Moon.  It is time to look over the last 7 years and review what we learned and look forward to seven years of the power of Uranus in Taurus.  In Aries, Uranus moved us through a revolution of our self and called to all of humanity to bring forward new innovative ways to activate and create our world of new ideas and technology.  How did we do?  Researchers completed the sequencing of the entire human genome.  Wikipedia began to open doors of information and research in 2001.  Social media, through YouTube, became expansive. Google revealed innovative ways of communication.  Facebook became the means to “keep in touch.”   The iPhone addiction took place. We surely saw the power of social media develop into something delightful and something awful. Ah, so much more has occurred.  What has happened to you during the last 7 years?
Now that Uranus, associated to air and the vibrations of the transpersonal states of consciousness, has settled into an Earth sign (Taurus), what might we expect?  Uranus is the original ruler of Aquarius, a fixed sign, and now entered the fixed sign of Taurus.  Fixed signs work deliberately and unceasingly to obtain all the right alignments to finish a project.  However, this can get obsessive and never quite get to the end-product because nothing appears to be “just right.”    However, we note that Uranus is progressive with a risk-taking attitude.  In itself, it is a revolutionary planet, fixed on making sure there are changes.
Taurus rules money, economy, worthiness, and a stubborn and possessive will to have what it wants.  Will we see our monetary system change  into a new and more stable position (Uranus in Taurus)?  Or will we see the “radical mover” be stopped by the conservative energy of Taurus that does not easily flow into change?
Uranus brings the vibration to change the status quo.  We may see more of a shakeup in order to turn around our conservative ideals and move into a more world-wide union (Uranus ruler of group and world ideas, not just a single person).  Uranus has not traveled in the sign of Taurus since 1942.  Take a peek backward and look at the disruptions on Earth at that time.  Take a peek forward into your own personal reality and know you can either fight the change within you or move in the joyful, yet radical, vibrations of a free spirit knowing the higher realm of consciousness and guiding your life with inspiration of the Divine Mind.  Or, will you become the rebel with the pushy attitude of everyone has to do you will.  Or will you be the rebel with a positive cause for the greater good of self and the whole.  Be careful of the rebel in the midst of war—don’t create the downfall of yourself.
Of course, Uranus is a world-wide ruler of energy.  May we see radical changes that positively effect our economy, our Earth Mother and her renewing and sustaining power to increase rather than be decreased by the foolishness of earthly egos unwilling to see the need for progressive work with the vibrations of Earth, Earth’s atmosphere, stratosphere, the core of the Earth, and all the she provides for our living in healthful conditions for plant, animal, mineral, and human beings.
A greater challenge is before us if we don’t balance the past (Taurus) with the future (Uranus).  Uranus is its “fall” in Taurus and thus a struggle to exude its power for change occurs over the next 7 years.  Will the future be debilitated by a fixation on using old means of fossil fuels and old modalities of our economic living?  Or,  will the Taurus element receiving the Uranus energy (that inspires new technology and techniques) provide a positive evaluation and an ability to review, with a greater exactness, a new means of fueling our much needed power structures?  Will techniques that provide the substance for transportation, home environments, and so much more, that can sustain us for another century be substantiated and used without long delays?  Will the greater good in medicine and sciences, as well as quantum wisdom be used?  I could go on about the greater world, but what about ourselves?
It is time to enter into a new 7-year cycle.  It is time to free ourselves from the war within and discontinuing the debilitating fuel of unworthiness, entrenched in old patterns that limit us physically, financially and creatively.  This new cycle is an opportunity to work with the elements of Uranus and Taurus and deliberately choose to free ourselves from limited beliefs and honor the ability to continue taking the steps into our future expressions of progressive and positive newly recognizable  innovations of our self.  We don’t have to move fast (Uranus) or slow (Taurus).   We don’t have to move into the future (Uranus) or be stuck in the past (Taurus).  We simply need to move from one page of our script of life to the next page….without looking back and wondering if we are using what society deems as appropriate.   It is time we take a leap into our new self (Uranus) with a surefootedness for achieving our life intentions (Taurus).
May the cosmic exposure of the New Moon aid you in choosing!  May the cosmic exposure of the New Moon guide you to communicate with your soul-self, the Divine Mind and the higher intentions of the world.  May the power within guide you to a new, innovative structure of living your true self.  It is New Moon, a time to render the seeds of thought and fertilize them for new experiences for your spirit to cultivate in the land of matter.  Set your seeds with innovative ways that increase the inner power of yourself to be expressed in the material world.