What? We are ready to end another lunar cycle and so close to the end of Summer? Oh, my, the year is rushing its way through our lives. However, there is still time to play and the gift of the New Moon is the playful energy of Leo as the Sun and the Moon ride hip-to-hip at 21 degrees, 23 minutes within the zodiac sign of Leo.
Venus is also in Leo, yet in her retrograde position. So close to the Sun, she is hidden in its light. Yet she will call you to be aware of your playfulness, creative urges, and power of relating to another with love of self and the other. She will help you explore deep feelings of your inner truth and desires for light in any and all relationships. She, along with the Moon and Sun are sitting opposite of Earth, observing the activities that are to occur all month as you manifest your highest consciousness, inner moods and wisdom, and live masterfully with the resourcefulness that guides you from the shadows to the light.

The Sabian Message of the Duo of the Moon and Sun provide this message: “A Carrier Pigeon.” Oh my, the gift of a messenger, as birds are so often noted in mystical wisdom. And the carrier pigeon always knows how to fly back home where rest, play and awareness shares the wisdom of the day. Look for the most important information being provided to you. Feel in your inner knowing and respond to it consciously from your higher mind. Take in the message and take it home (your inner self) where you may use this message effectively.

In the power of this new moon is another sacred gift that we can note as we recognize that Jupiter has just begun a year-long trek through Virgo. Jupiter is the giver of the abundance of the Universe while Virgo stirs within us the place to put that abundance to work. But, there is more. For Virgo is also associated with the Hebrew Letter of Yod, the Open Hand of God/Goddess, while Jupiter is associated with the Hebrew Letter of Kaph, the Grasping Hand. Placing the two together gives us another theme to follow: To know that the Divine Hand is reaching out to give us all we need and we have the power to grasp that hand and take the gifts into our world. The Universal Law associated with Yod is the Law of Wholeness and the Universal Law associated with Kaph is the Law of Contraction and Expansion. This reminds us to contract our hand around the Divine hand of wholeness/everything, then expand our hand and openly put the gifts into action in our daily lives. By 12:47 a.m. on August 15, the Moon will move into Virgo and the beauty of the Moon is the gift of the Universal Law of Wisdom….providing us the inner wisdom to know exactly how to use the gifts.

Jupiter’s last travel through Virgo was in 2003. What were you trying to grasp then? What was your job and service to humanity revealing at that time? What were you trying to perfect and did you use the Jupiter power to expand the grace of the universe into your world or contract into concerns and fears that you weren’t ready. Perhaps this cycle will give you the inner knowing that all is in it rightful place right now. Be blessed by the gifts of generosity, jovialness and the ability to gamble on your life quest (blessings of Jupiter).

Mercury is also traveling through Virgo, allowing you to focus your mind on what you are creating and bring your talents into a manifest reality. You may not be the perfection of it all, but that is only our human illusion. The Divine is ready to express through you where you are and help you develop further by the actions of mind, body and spirit put into action. Particularly when your expressions are aligned with humanitarian attitudes, actions and service.

Saturn is still slowly finishing its timeline in Scorpio…we are working on realizing what substructure we have created in the inner shadows of our mental/emotional realities. Yet, the power of the wisdom is how to create and recreate our substructure so that we can follow our true goals to manifest in our world in the most successful way intended by our soul. Be sure to read the New Moon Letter, also found on this page.

Pluto is in retrograde in Capricorn and calling for a review of all of humanity. Have we chosen well how to put our world governments into a more positive role? Have we reviewed our worldly actions and subtle subconscious reactions so we may guide us all to a new structure and peak of power that is partnered with true justice, new laws that provide harmony amongst all people, and the gift of assisting all to achieve the goals and ideals imprinted in each soul?

Also in this retrograde season is Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, as well as Uranus in Aries. Slow down, these retrogrades caution. Slow down so you may observe your humanitarian reality or illusion, the old wounds carrying on when they are no longer needed, and reactive forces creating unexpected chaos. Slow down, observe and change…for the gift of change is compassion, healing, and new ideals being lived through the creative processes of all individuals.

Mars is in the fresh pathway of Leo and is ready to play, create, and urge us on to think in the higher ways of our self by remembering we Are the I AM embodied and we must take self dominion to live the knowing of this inner power.

May the gift of the new moon plant many seeds of awareness that will grow all month and become the fruit of your labors throughout this new lunar cycle.

Warm blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.